The Courageous Heart by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)


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This 37-minute meditation was uniquely created for men to harness the power of their first three energy centers – and move all that energy into their heart. By tuning in to love, joy, kindness, compassion, and gratitude, men can develop the courage to open their hearts – and begin to lead with love in every area of their lives.

The purpose of this meditation is to encourage men to have the courage to activate their heart center and live from a new level of consciousness.

Our culture teaches men to act primarily from their first three energy centers – focusing on the powerful drives to reproduce; to create a family; to provide stability and security; to accomplish; to compete for success. But when we live only in our first three energy centers, we tap the body’s vital resources by living only in survival – and, as a result, there is very little energy left for our hearts to open.

With this meditation, men will develop the courage to overcome the messaging from their outside environment – to be a certain way as a male – and go against thousands of years of built-in programming. They will learn to take all the power and energy of their first three energy centers and turn it inward. They’ll use those powerful drives to move the energy from the first center … to the second … then to the third … and, finally, into the fourth, where that energy is transformed and channeled to activate their heart center.

It takes a courageous man to open his heart – to channel that primal energy and transform it into love, joy, kindness, compassion, caring, and gratitude. With this transformation, a whole new life becomes possible.

1. Introduction (18:10)
2. Meditation (36:59)

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