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If you are consultant, or a coach, this letter could change your financial situation forever. The material I’m about to share certainly changed the game for me.

But I want to get something out of the way right up front. The offer I’m about to make you goes far beyond just knowledge. My goal is to actually equip you to make moves with what you’re about to learn. To take action.

That’s why this offer also includes:

  • A free entity / LLC set up, we’re covering the legal fees – all you pay are the filing fees (for a business or entity of your choice – we recommend going through the training first so you know what to name it and for what purpose to create it)
  • A free module on “creating corporate credit” (aka restructuring of your credit from your personal name to your business) AND a 1-hour consult I’ve already paid to secure for you; this will help you apply for actually getting the credit)
  • Plus, several pieces of asset protection material that I have (a) never shared anywhere before and frankly (b) do not want in the hands of every person with internet access

There is no greater competitive edge in the world greater than how you treat (and grow) your MONEY.

In a controlled environment, with two exactly equal businesses, the one with more capital wins.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that comes with capital:
Better Talent & Team Retention
(which means more output, and less labor for you as the owner)
Better Products
(research, development and engineering takes time and money)
Better Marketing
(marketing is the collection & integration of DATA, collecting data costs money)
Better Clients
(it’s amazing what happens when you’re not taking clients for money, but rather, for service, passion, or upside — you can’t make this shift if you don’t have money)
Longer “Time Horizons”
(long term decisions are only
possible when you aren’t crunched in the short term)
Etcetera… You get the point.
I want you to properly utilize the frameworks I’m about to show you because they are dependable. And predictable. And can enable small businesses to operate securely through good times and bad times.

There are three unique concepts to my “Cashflow for Consultants” model:
If you can nail each of these, you will be light years ahead of many of your peers and competitors.
My goal with this letter (and in this new course) is to show you how I do this, and enable you to model it for yourself. I have only taught this to private clients and a few folks who paid 5-figures or more for the information. Many of them paid the fees quickly & easily because the ‘feast or famine’ rollercoaster their business had them in had completely exhausted them.

These 3 elements arm you with the necessary firepower to go from “mom and pop” to enterprise-grade asset, and if you stay with me you’ll discover exactly how to make the leap.
Accrue the Benefits of a Stable, Secure, Defensible Consulting Company
When I got my first consulting client, I was ecstatic. 

Then I got two more in rapid succession and I felt the now familiar feeling, “I am rich!” Of course, I wasn’t rich… it was simply the first time in my life I had experienced getting paid to TEACH and CONSULT, rather than getting paid to “DO.” My fees were paid directly into a bank account, and then rent came out.
Then the car payment. Then food & groceries. And lo & behold the next thing I knew, my account was right back where it started.

There was “feast”… And then there was “famine”

It took many years and (to be completely transparent), tens of thousands of dollars on advisors, planners & educational resources to figure out for MYSELF that my “business” was fine — but my financial processes were broken.

There are all sorts of books and courses on the internet, promising to teach you how to “pay less taxes” and “run better operations.” But to be honest, they just exist to upsell you into more stuff. I know because I bought many of them.
They sound good on paper, but when you go through them they repeat themselves over and over and talk about how complicated everything is.
The cashflow engineering system that my private clients and I are benefiting from is the result of almost a decade in the trenches, building multiple businesses.
I’ve gone from cash strapped… to cash rich… to ASSET rich by following the contents very few people in the world know how to teach.
This letter will teach you more about the subject than many of the paid books and courses — and THAT’S how you know how good this product will be 🙂


A Private, Customer-Only Notion Dashboard…

A private, customer-only “Notion” dashboard, which means every asset, explanation, training & calculator will be easily accessible for instant usage any time you want.

Four Modules of Video Content…

Four modules of video content so you can me work through the templates, the spreadsheets, and the frameworks necessary to organize your assets & create instant clarity in your cashflows

Two Exclusive Audio Script Trainings…

Two AUDIO training scripts, designed to be listened to multiple times, that will ‘re-wire’ your mind to attract, rather than repel, wealth & abundance

A BONUS Live Version of the Training…

A bonus, “Live” version of the training where you can see me answer questions & audience feedback, so every small nuance is addressed & covered for you


(… and oh boy… are there a lot of them)

Passive Income Empire

In 2021, I did a ~12 part series called “Passive Income Empire.” We walked through in-depth training on inflation, macro and micro economics, the types of debt, asset management, and “time value” of money. This is a DENSE training covering almost everything I knew at the time about economics & financial education.

It was taught via live event, and we later broke it up into modules and categories. Each training is roughly 10-20 minutes long so they are organized in bite-sized pieces; but the total training is roughly 3 hours long. This is a HUGE addition to add to your training library. We later sold recordings for $1,500 each — you get it for $0, included as a bonus today.

Luxury Arbitrage

What if everything you wanted in your life could be made available to you for free? When I started buying real estate in 2019, I learned a lot about “arbitrage,” which is the process of paying for one thing through the capital allocation of another thing.

During a paid event in September of 2021, I walked through how I purchased two exotic vehicles and two bespoke timepieces all for “Net $0.” How? Luxury arbitrage. If you want to be financially savvy & frugal — but still enjoy the finer things of life — this training will change your life. I don’t remember how much we sold this for I know this is the first time we’ve EVER shared this outside of those initial event attendees. You can’t buy it anywhere — but I’m throwing it in here, for free.

Assets & Net Worth

I operated a mastermind called “ELITE” for several years. Clients paid between $16k and $45k depending on when they entered and how long they stayed. One of our private events was all about assets and net worth. In this training, I showed clients how I bought ~$20M worth of real estate in 2020 and the resulting cashflows that came from it.

When we talk about financial independence, you want to understand how to get your “lifestyle” paid for entirely by your passive income — and this training is a hallmark MASTERCLASS in how to set up financial independence. I walk through several frameworks that are still in use today for my portfolio. You don’t need to pay $16k to join a mastermind and get this training… it’s included for free today when you purchase “Cashflow For Consultants.”

Done-For-You Entity/LLC Set Up

I understand that sometimes, the “information” can make sense, but actually doing the work can be a barrier for many.

We have created an agreement with Prime Corporate Services (PCS) whereas they will provide the LLC documentation at no cost.
However, it is important to note that each state/country has different government related filing fees and requirements for registering an LLC. Those costs need to be paid to your state/country are not included in your purchase of Cashflow For Consultants. Documentation and filing fees will need to be submitted to the proper offices, which PCS can guide you on.
You should watch the training first, so you know what to name it, what it’s for, and how to use it — but this is something that I wanted to do so you could have ZERO obstacles when implementing the material.

Corporate Credit Modules

We’ve included special training modules from our entity & legal partners that will help you make the transition from “personal” credit, to “corporate” credit. We’ll go into more depth in the product — but long story short, you want your business to begin growing it’s own credit rating.

Your “credit worthiness” is important, because it gives you access to capital that is usually reserved for the “big players.” When you implement this properly, a small business can have similar access to capital & credit to grow your business faster. In this bonus module, we’ll walk you through how to prepare yourself & your business to make the leap. My partners have secured TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in corporate credit, and have made themselves available to help you secure private, corporate credit if you follow the material (we’ve made it simple).

And one more thing…

Until we “wise up” and take this page down, I’ll sweeten the deal by throwing in a bonus that is so friggin’ cool I can’t even tell you about it here… but I’ll tell you this much:

  • In 2020, a room of people wired $10,000 to sit for six hours with me
  • ​I offered refunds if any of them were unhappy – nobody asked for one
  • ​We covered the following, via in-depth training & keynote slides

How do I set up my businesses so there is no liability incurred in the event of legal trouble? Many people do this wrong and they are incurring massive exposure and risk because of it.

As an owner, I should own everything, right? Wrong, you probably should actually not… a billionaire secret: own nothing, control everything — I show you how in this training.

Which kinds of assets should be acquired first based on personal risk tolerance? Impossible for me to say for you, but I show you how I set up my portfolio (and why) in case you’re interested in modeling.

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