Tanner Larsson - Physical Product Showcase + Product Page Optimization

Tanner Larsson – Physical Product Showcase + Product Page Optimization


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  • 12 Video Modules (+3 bonus modules)
  • ​153 ‘Winning Product’ Case Studies
  • Upsell, Cross Sell & Bundling Training
  • [BONUS] Private Training On How To Source, Test and Launch Affordably
  • PDF Product Diagnostics Action Plans
  • Private Label Product Secrets
  • Drop-Shipping Product Secrets
  • Custom Manufacturing Secrets
  • Product Metrics Evaluation Calculator
  • Scaleable Profits Calculator
  • Print-On-Demand Product Secrets

Let Me Help You Crack The Product Code, So You Never Have To Struggle With Finding Profitable and Scalable Products Again!

Dear Friend,
My name is Tanner Larsson and today I want to do something for you that no one in the ecommerce industry has ever done before…
I’m going to show you the exact best selling products we’ve been involved with over the years.
Almost all of these products have sold over $1 million in sales, some of them have done multiple millions and a few of them have done over $10 million in sales.
I’m also going to show you WHY they worked as well as the good, the bad and the ugly of each of these successful products.
And then after you have all all the inside information, I’m going to show you HOW you can find, create and scale your own winning products.
Before we get into that, let me help you make sure you are in the right place, by telling you…

Who Is This For

People who sell or want to sell physical products through online stores, sales funnels, or Amazon FBA.

If you don’t sell physical products, then this training won’t help you at all.

People that are sick of wasting tons of money “testing” products to see what works.

Why not learn how to evaluate a product before you spend the money.

People that realize there is more to finding profitable products than just browsing Aliexpress.

Guru’s have told you that all there is to it, but clearly something’s missing.

​People that want to go behind the scenes of proven winners to learn what it takes to find winning products.

The best way to learn is by seeing what has already been successful.

Now, that you know you are in the right place…

Let me give you the backstory so you understand how all of this is even possible…

I started selling physical products online back in 2001 and one of my biggest frustrations back then was…

How Do you Find Products That Not Only
Sell Well, But Are Also Profitable?

I quickly discovered that finding winning products to sell in your store is a lot harder than the “Guru’s” made it out to be.
I spent thousands of dollars buying courses and coaching trying to find good products to sell.
I did the product research, I did giveaways, I tested out products with ads to see which ones took off, just like all the courses told me to.
My results… Mediocre at best.
I struggled for years to get ecom to “work”. I built stores, funnels, FBA listings, tested hundreds of products, and spent money I didn’t have all trying to figure things out.
All while watching other stores have the success I never seemed to be able to achieve.
It was frustrating to say the least, but I stuck with it and over years of trial and error and way more costly mistakes than I care to remember…

I Cracked The Product Code And Discovered What Separates Winning Products From Duds

I learned that there is a whole list of criteria that needed to be met, that would determine whether a product would be a winner or not..and all of that was before you even got to marketing or advertising.
Skip one of those criteria and the product would flop.
Check them all off and even with half-assed marketing the product would sell like hotcakes.
I’m not saying that the product is the only thing you need to get right, but it’s a lot more important than most people realize.

Without the right product, all the marketing and optimization in the world won’t help you reach the coveted 7 or 8 figures in sales.

And since starting in ecommerce I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of physical products on my own stores, through funnels as well as through Amazon FBA and even eBay.

Over the years, I’ve also shared my winning product methodology with friends, family and students to help them find their own winning products.

And today…

Inside The Physical Product Showcase
You’ll Disover …

  • The good, the bad and the ugly truth about all aspects of each product.
  • Why they sold, how they were sold, what worked and what didn’t.
  • ​How much they retail for and what kind of promotions have been successful with each product.
  • ​How much they cost to produce, what the minimum order quantity is and where they were sourced.
  • If they are private-labeleddrop shippedwholesale or OEM products.
  • How each product was bundled, upsold or cross sold with other related products.
  • And much, much more …

I’m going to be spilling the beans about what made each of these products successful…

… while at the same giving you tips, tricksstrategies and ideas to help you figure out your own winning products.
I know that sounds amazing, but I’m sure, you might be wondering….

Why Am I Sharing All These Winning Products?

Listen, I’ve been in your shoes, I struggled for years to get ecom to “work” and I know the frustration it creates…

  • I’ve spent money I didn’t have trying to find a winning product.
  • I’ve had to face my wife and listen to her tell me to get a job after yet another failure.
  • I’ve been ridiculed by family and friends who didn’t believe in me.
  • I’ve felt the fear and the uncertainty that comes from not knowing what to do next.
Just like you, I know what all of that feels like and how it can weigh you down.
I’ve also bought all the same ecommerce courses and training that you have, and just like you, I’ve been disappointed and let down by almost all of them.
All the Guru’s talk about how easy it is to find winning products if you follow their system…but their system is nothing more than telling you how to dropship from Aliexpress.
And they NEVER show you the actual products they sell.
Finding the right products to sell is one of the biggest things people struggle with in their business and yet there was not a good solution out there to help them overcome this issue.
I wanted to change that.
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