Swing Trading Lab – Set and Forget

Swing Trading Lab – Set and Forget


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Everything you need to start investing from your home (or anywhere with Wifi)

We managed to create a university-like educational structure with the simplicity of a preschool education, combining it with Alex G’s half a decade in trading experience creating The Full #setandforget Strategy


Once a struggling student working at Dunkin’ Donuts, I strived to find a successful career path without a college degree.
Since my parents wanted me to become a police officer, I enrolled in Miami Dade College for Criminal Justice, but soon realized it wasn’t for me. Seeking a new direction, I joined a forex trading Multilevel Marketing Scheme, gaining a foundation in forex trading but eventually leaving to pursue my own trading strategy.

After initial struggles and losses, I analyzed my mistakes and achieved success, which I shared on Instagram. A stranger thanking me for teaching him forex trading sparked a realization: I could impact people positively. Motivated by this, I decided to teach others my strategy and help them achieve financial freedom.


My profitable strategy

After helping thousands of traders, we have found the exact formula it takes to go from a lost trader to a successful one.

Continuous Follow-up

I will not only teach you everything I use for my trading, but I will also work with you on a weekly basis to hold you accountable to when you make a mistake and make sure you are following the full #setandforget strategy

Be part of something bigger

The internet is saturated with diverse trading information, but for a trader, being part of something bgger and meeting people with the same goals is one of the best ways to achieve those goals.

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