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Meet the makers

From a young age, we both knew we wanted to be doctors, so grades were very important to us. While we did well in high school, college was a different story…

We dedicated more hours to studying than our peers, often to achieve similar or even lower marks. Despite the challenge, we persevered, sometimes spending over 10 hours a day studying. This diligence eventually paid off, as we were able to gain admission to medical school. We finally made it!

Or so we thought…

Once we started medical school, the workload more than doubled. We had to learn entire semesters’ worth of material in just a couple of weeks. Working harder was not a viable option. Studying 20 hours a day was impossible. Soon, we realized we had hit a wall. We knew something had to change, or we would end up failing medical school. And that’s when we discovered the one subject often overlooked in school: learning how to learn.

Fast forward a few years, we became so efficient at learning that we were able to create an education company and grow a study Youtube channel to 800,000+ subscribers, all while working as doctors.

What was the difference?

How did we go from struggling in school to teaching others how to succeed in school?

The secret was discovering the science of learning, productivity, and self-improvement. Rather than studying harder, we learned how to study smarter.


Learning how to learn is not easy. It doesn’t help that school doesn’t teach you how to study, but it’s unrealistic to expect students to teach themselves while they’re already overwhelmed with their usual coursework.

We’ve taught thousands of students, and we’re not going to sugarcoat it: learning how to learn requires significant time and effort. However, if your current methods aren’t working, then doing more of the same won’t change things. School inevitably gets harder, and sooner or later it will catch up to you.

From our experience, students waste much more time having to relearn material because they didn’t learn it effectively the first time. The truth is, investing time now to study smarter will save you much more time (and stress) in the future.

Learning how to learn changed our lives, and is the reason why we created Study Quest.

It gave us peace of mind that our efforts were not going to waste. Imagine not having to spend long hours studying. What would you do with all that free time? But most of all, imagine falling in love with learning again, and using it to build a fulfilling life.

What’s Inside?

1. The Study Course

Discover the tools and principles for building a study system based on how the brain naturally learns. This study course includes:

📚 Study Quest Curriculum: 20+ video lessons and guided tutorials taught by Dr. Mike and Dr. Matty. Topics include learning science, evidence-based study techniques, note-taking, time management, goal setting, focus training, beating procrastination, self-reflection, personal growth, and much more.

📝 The Rookie Manual: a roadmap with workbooks and objectives to help you apply what you learn to your current classes

🌲 The Skills Database: a searchable database of the best evidence-based study and productivity techniques. Watch guided demos on how to apply them and customize your study system.

🚀 The Community: stay motivated and accountable with an academy of students. For a deeper experience, match into one of the three prestigious clubs based on your brain type and compete in focus sprints and leaderboards.

2. The Study Smart Score
We use the Study Smart Score to evaluate your proficiency with learning, productivity, and self-improvement. (Your data is kept confidential). You’ll take an assessment at baseline before you start the course, and periodically thereafter to track improvement and identify your next plan of action. Below is an example from one of our students:
Baseline Assessment prior to starting study quest

Sam had always been a hardworking student, but when she started college, she felt like a fish out of water. She was drowning in schoolwork and struggling with time management. The further she fell behind, the more burnt out she felt and she could feel her grades starting to slip. As the semester came to an end, Sam ended up with 2 failed classes. She felt lost and discouraged, unsure of how to turn things around.

When Sam joined Study Quest, she took the Study Smart Score, a baseline self-assessment to help identify which areas of studying she struggled with. She was shocked at the results of her initial assessment.

Sam never thought about studying like this before, as a system with moving parts that all work together. Her go-to strategy before had always been to spend more time and work harder, but she never considered how.

Through Study Quest, Sam learned the ins and outs of what it takes to build a strong study system. She learned how to think critically about what she learned, how to stay consistent, improve her focus, and stay relaxed during periods of high stress.

With each new skill acquired, she was able to see improvement on her Study Smart Score.

As Sam’s confidence grew, so did her grades. To her surprise, she was seeing improvements not only in school, but in all areas of her life. She was excited and inspired by how much progress she was making. She no longer dreaded going to class, she was enjoying the process.

Now as Sam looks back at her journey, she can’t believe how far she’s come. And neither could we. The Study Smart Score helped her identify her pain points and focus in the right areas. By the time Sam graduated, she had transformed from a failing, struggling student to a confident and successful one, even making the Dean’s List!

3. The Notion Workspace Template:

We’ve integrated the Study Quest framework into an actionable Notion Workspace Template to streamline your learning, productivity, and self-improvement. What’s inside:

  • 💬 30+ Guided Video Tutorials on how to plug in your own coursework and syllabus. We’ve built our template to mirror the curriculum of Study Quest to remove all the guesswork and help you apply the lessons directly to your daily studies.

  • ⏰ All-in-one Life Planner, Task Tracker, and Time Management System

  • 🧠 Second Brain Knowledge System

  • 🎯 Personal Habit Tracker

  • 🌱 Motivational Journaling

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