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Tired Of Trying To Unravel Brand Strategy Alone?

You’ve consumed content, taken courses, and tried to add “brand strategy” to your skills.

But the puzzle remains unclear, unsolved, and overwhelming.

It’s time to lift the fog.

Fed Up Of Feeling Like A Strategy Fraud?

Positioning yourself as a “Brand Strategist” feels daunting without real-world, big brand experience.

How well you’re able to help clients to define their brand is not dependant on a star-studded portfolio.

This Bootcamp will show you how valuable you really are to the market.

Time To Get The Experience And Confidence You Need

What Is The Brand Master Bootcamp?

This 12-week immersive program guides you through the brand strategy process, one week at a time.

The Bootcamp environment is developed to support you through the process, step-by-step, to build a brand strategy your clients will pay a premium for.

Hands-On Guidance, Feedback And Support

Gaining brand strategy skills in a supportive environment is crucial and overcoming challenges fosters essential confidence.

This Bootcamp offers the tools, hands-on experience, and mentorship to empower you as a strategist.

Deliver A Brand Service Worth Premium Fees

Theory and steps are worthless unless you put them into action and bank the experience.

Hundreds of our students are charging tens of thousands for the end product you’ll develop throughout this Bootcamp.

BRAND MASTER BOOTCAMP Weekly Bootcamp Format

On-Demand Weekly Learning

Every week, on-demand lessons for the upcoming module are released including videos, tools, case studies and more

Assignment & Execution

Apply your learning as you follow along with process videos, playbook steps, and assignment details to execute.

Accountability & Community

Catch up with your accountability partner and lean in to the online community to keep you on track.

Group Coaching Sessions

Assemble for your weekly coaching sessions to get guidance and feedback on your progress, share challenges and learn new techniques.

Bootcamp Journey

WK 01 Brand Strategy Mindset

Discover the psychology and structure behind brand strategy to show up as the best strategist and consultant you can be.

WK 02 The Brand Within

Develop the internal brand compass that shapes what you believe, where you’re going and what your brand is committed to.

WK 03 Audience & Competitor Research

Uncover your target market, bring them to life and analyse your competitors who are already serving them.

WK 04 Differentiation Strategy

Find gaps and opportunities left by your competitors and develop a difference that will act as your competitive edge.

WK 05 Pyschology And Neuroscience

Discover the science behind brand strategy and learn how to leverage psychology to build brands and persuade clients

WK 06 Brand Archetypes And Personality

Develop a tangible personality using archetypes and bring it to life so your brand feels like a tangible human entity.

WK 07 Brand Messaging Framework

Craft a brand messaging framework of key messages that will act as a coms guide and shape your brand image.

WK 08 Brand Storytelling Framework

Develop a storytelling framework of micro stories with a structure used by best-selling authors and Oscar winning film makers

WK 09 Brand Naming, Tagline And Hooks

Craft a strategic brand name and tagline to encapsulate your brand position and engaging hooks to draw your audience in.

WK 10 Visual Identity Development

Bring your brand to life visually, using your strategy as the basis for creative direction and visual identity design.

WK 11 Brand Guidelines Development

Distil and document your brand strategy to develop a Brand Master Guide as a rule book and directive for all brand communication.

WK 12 Brand Strategy Delivery

Deliver your final Brand Master Guide by submitting for evaluation with guidance and feedback from your coach.

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