Soulja & Franky – The Blackhat Course


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Introducing Blackhat The ‘Redpill’ of Ecom Courses

Taking you behind the scenes on the most efficient and effective way drop shippers scale to hundreds of thousands per month in sales.

Whats included?

Inside Blackhat you will be introduced to content unavailable on traditional media. Get an inside look on what it really takes to make millions in todays age of drop shipping. Glitches, methods & systems to optimize and scale quickly no matter your existing experience. Over 16 combined years of knowledge in E-com condensed into an experience unviewable anywhere else.

Scaling Strategy
Never before seen scaling strategies that consistently make us 50k+ per day dropshipping in 2022.

Real Case Studies
An in depth look behind the scenes with proof of sales & reverse engineering psychology for some of our most successful projects.

Lander Templates
The best landing page templates & landing tutorials unreleased online publicly.

Breaking Platforms
Unlock the full potential of every advertising platform with our in depth tricks, all showcased inside.

Soulja & Franky – The Blackhat Course

The Redpill Intro


Ultimate TikTok Testing Strategy

Easy TikTok Scaling ($50k+ Day)

Domain Cloaking Setup – Run any Tiktok, Facebook, Google ads

“Bulletproof” How To Make MILLIONS in Recharge Subscription Revenue + Store Reveal

Consistent Bid Cap Strategy

How to Make Your Brand Appear HUGE Online.

Updated Product Research Methods

Virtual Cards Setup for Glitch Methods + Regular Use

Tiktok Bully Method Updated 2022

How are you feeling?

Module 2
$1 CPA Method

Klarna EU Setup

The Top Video Encoding Settings – Bypass Duplicate Content

Case Studies
The $5 Million Case study..

Bonus Module
Facebook $400 Credit Exploit “UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS”

Pixel Cloaking For Beginners (Potentially)

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