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You’re looking for something deeper, something sustainable, and something that works with your body, not against it.

You have an inner feeling that the way you’ve been living is not the only way, that something can change

You may be here because something is calling to you. Calling for your attention..

You may be here because you’re burnt out, anxious, overwhelmed, in pain or just feeling stuck.

Maybe you’ve tried all the “things” but nothing has really made that great of an impact

You’re tired of searching for solutions on Google, social media, books and doctors that don’t offer much solutions

You’ve tried talk therapy and still feel like things haven’t clicked

Or maybe you are here because you are simply looking to deepen your practice, deepen the space in which you hold others in your own work, or strengthen the relationships you have with those around you…

No matter the case, you are here.

What if I told you…

That the emotions you feel, the symptoms you experience, the relational challenges you are navigating and the struggles you are having to step towards your purpose… all MAKE SENSE

I want you to know that the way you feel does not mean you are broken, and science tells us so.

I created this course to show you how…

Our bodies are brilliant
Our bodies are intelligent
Our bodies are intentional

And they are always working in an effort to protect us

We have a brilliant system within our body called the Autonomic Nervous System and it is responsible for so many of our automatic processes, like digestion, heart rate and more. It’s also our self protective system that constantly perceives, stores and responds to all of our lived experiences.

When we experience stressors or traumatic events that are too much for our system to cope with, our beautiful brilliant nervous system will come to our aid to keep us safe.

The only issue is, sometimes our body remains in states of self protection for much longer than it needs to, and this is when we can begin to experience chronic distress, anxiety, chronic illness, emotional challenges and more.

And unfortunately, when we begin to experience these challenges, we often are met with “solutions” that only treat the surface symptom, the behavior, the feeling…but not the root cause.

So we find ourselves round and round in spirals, sometimes feeling temporarily better, but always coming back to square one….feeling stuck again.

This course embodies the work that transformed my life…

Return to Regulation bridges research-backed techniques in trauma resolution with Somatic Experiencing, PolyVagal Theory, Attachment Theory and more. Bringing you a sustainable, gentle, and trauma-informed approach to healing emotional pain and supporting body-based symptoms.

This is the very work that completely shifted my relationship to my body, my pain, my relationships and my purpose and I want to share it with you!

“This work has single handedly saved me. I don’t even have the words. From 5+ years of unsuccessful talk therapy and thinking I was just absolutely crazy to actually understanding my body and feeling like I finally have a sense of autonomy and stability. If you are at all stuck in your life in anyway, don’t think twice about working with Lexy!”
— Miranda C.

Explore The 6 Modules

Module 1: Building Somatic Awareness

Your first module invites you to explore your felt sense and begin tuning in to the language of your body. Learn the foundational exercise of orienting, engaging your felt sense, and tracking your sensation. Build your counter vortex and resource bank to support you through your healing journey and explore what steps might be best for you to build your ideal “pyramid of life”

Module 2: Understanding Your Autonomic Nervous System

Learn the science behind our trauma, our stuckness and the way we operate in our everyday life. Understand your autonomic nervous system and gain the tools to practice bringing regulation into your body. Learn how to give your body moments of rest, how to sense when you are being activated or triggered, and learn how your body operates by mapping your own unique nervous system

Module 3: Understanding Our Relationships

A PolyVagal and attachment lense to our relationships. Understand the unique way in which you attach and how our earliest childhood experiences directly affect our current relationships and our nervous systems. Explore the difference between self and co-regulation and how to sense your body when around certain people. Gain the tools to practice coming into secure attachment and safety in your relationships.

Module 4: Getting to Know Our Inner Parts

Explore your younger self and get to know your own internal children. Learn how to call in your “attuned protector” and engage in internal co-regulation to re-build a new experience for your inner children. Take a gentle look at your response patterns and tend to the younger parts of you who come online during times of dysregulation.

Module 5: The Dysregulated Body

Understand the connection between our nervous system and chronic illness. Learn the science behind chronic stress and nervous system dysregulation. Gain the tools to re-engage with your own innate boundaries and learn how to re-wire your earliest conditioning that may be connected to your most chronic symptoms.

Module 6: Integrate to Regulate

Create space for all to belong. Use the tools you’ve learned to integrate regulation into your everyday life. Renegotiate the role that ease and slowness plays in your life and begin to call in the purpose and peace you have been wanting to step towards.

I created Return to Regulation because I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is working …

-To be in chronic pain, in and out of doctor’s office’s with little to no solutions.
-To be listened to but not heard
-To be in relationships that seem to be repeating the same patterns
-To feel stuck, unfulfilled and struggling to move towards my purpose
-To feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and chronically stressed
-To feel like giving up, like there is no hope and nothing is working

Meet your guide..

Hi, I’m Lexy Florentina. I’m a trauma trained professional with a background in Mind-Body Health and Psychology. I specialize in nervous system regulation, attachment reparenting, and Somatic Experiencing.

I have had a private practice working with clients all over the globe for the last 5 years and have completed over 500 hours of training in Trauma Informed Coaching, PolyVagal Theory, Somatic Stress Release, Attachment Theory, Somatic Parts Work, and Somatic Experiencing.

But with the professional work aside, I am first and foremost a human who has experienced complex trauma, childhood trauma and chronic health challenges. As you’re instructor and space holder for this program, I come with empathy for and understanding of what it’s like to feel stuck, in pain, and living in a cycle that can’t seem to be escaped.

In the midst of my own healing journey from over 10 years of chronic illness, complex trauma and anxiety, I discovered just how possible it is to experience change and to cultivate a new relationship with our bodies and the world around us. Through learning the language of my body and how symptoms are messages, small changes began to show up. It was through the consistent practice of being more IN my body rather than DOING things to FIX my body that transformation slowly began to unravel.

This is why I created this program, to bring forward these tools to you. To help you come home to the body that is very much on your side and to step into life and your relationships with a little more ease.

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