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“Solo Ad Mastery: Overnight Hacks” is a list of three counter-intuitive hacks that made me go from solo ad failure, despite years of attempts, to becoming a first-class affiliate practically overnight.

From my years of experience, I believe that it is impossible to be profitable with solo ads without using these hacks, and you will understand why when you read my journey below. Furthermore, these hacks are very easy and quick to implement, you could literally read the report and apply them within the next hour.

These are the exact same hacks that allowed me to make almost $400,000 in the past year and half, all from solo ads.


Hack #1

See the exact optin page that gives me a 72.3% average optin rate (up to 90%) across my latest 177,000 clicks, and the psychology that makes it work so well. Use a different style of optin page and you’re guaranteed to get fake email addresses from freebie seekers. This is how you can build your list 2x faster.

Hack #2

See my top-performing frontend offer and what offers you must promote in your emails. Solo ad leads do NOT respond to any other type of offers – that’s a major failure point for 90% of solo ad buyers. This is how you can get in profit-zone faster than ever.

Hack #3

See the only email style that works with solo ad leads, and how to train an AI to become your email copywriter and write them for you on demand (click a button and get 3 brand new unique email swipes, optimized for conversions, in 30 seconds or less). This is how you monetize the leads you’re getting today for years to come.

GMail-Slap Masterclass

Get instant access to the GMail-Slap Masterclass. Anyone doing serious emailing has noticed decreased open rates, huge drops in deliverability, domain reputations taking big hits and emails landing in spam much more often than in the past. If that didn’t happen to you yet – be prepared for it. I got access to some insider info from a GMail employee and things are going to get worse… much worse. Luckily, that insider also gave very specific things to put in place to avoid being GMail-slapped. In the GMail-Slap Masterclass, we go over all this insider information and show you what you must do ASAP to inbox like a boss. Usually $497, but today’s special deal is $27 ($470 savings).

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