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REVEALED: Are Your Social Skills an Asset or a Liability?

Here are 4 simple questions to determine the value of your social skills. Should you say “YES” a single time? I urge you to keep on reading.

You’ll discover how to transform the weight of negative social habits around your neck into a life-saving vest that’ll keep you afloat anywhere and at any time.

Question 1: Is it hard for you to find & make new friends?

Question 2: Is it challenging for you to find a romantic partner that’s interested in you?

Question 3: Are you stuck in your career with no progress in sight? You might have missed single or multiple promotions…

Question 4: Is your own business stagnating because you can’t find new clients?

If You Said “YES” – BAD NEWS: Your School Failed to Teach you Basic Social Skills.

Unfortunately, school, teachers or anyone responsible to support your social development has failed you.

Instead of helping you develop the most important set of skills, they taught you how to calculate the size of far distant shapes.

And if you’re reading this, you probably know how unimportant it is to know the size of the sun.

But you also know how essential it is to have social skills in this world. The people you know are more important than what you know.

Relationships rule the world. Missing social skills means to fall behind.

Just know… There’s no intention to crush you with these bad news. That’s why I have good news as well:

The GOOD NEWS: You Can Rebell, Flip the Script and Learn Social Skills Now.

No matter if you want to know how to build a relationship with anyone, make advancements in your career or build a giant out of your own business…

You can learn the exact social skills that will bring your relationship building skills to the next level.

You want a handful of friends to go out with and enjoy life? You can learn the skills to go out and find the right friends…

You want to approach girls and a girl to share life with? You can learn the skills to approach, qualify and attract the right girl into your life…

You want to dust off your career and finally make leaps? You can learn the skills to befriend decision makers in higher places that will help you advance your career.

You want your business to create a stable income for you every month? You can learn the skills to attract more customers during your sales calls.

Your social skill is like a jigsaw puzzle with multiple pieces. Depending on your Situation, Goals & Ambitions… You must learn the right piece at the right time.

Social Skills Consist of Power Dynamics, Body Language, Conversation & Communication Skills, Awareness of Manipulation, and Leadership.

Power dynamics: Refer to the nature of a relationship and define which side is the dominant side and which is the submissive side.

Body Language: The position of your feet, fidgeting with your hand and the length of your eye contact speak more words than your mouth ever could.

Conversation Skills: Making a pause, raising your tone of voice at the end of a sentence, or slowing down your pace have more impact than the words you speak.

Awareness of Manipulation: You don’t need to manipulate. You just have to become aware. Because if you’re blind to what’s going on around you, you’ll be incapable of protecting yourself.

Leadership Skills: Friendships, professional and romantic Relationships or your position at your company all require respect. Leadership skills will help you command exactly that.

And for your luck there’s…

The Social Skill University Has Everything Under One Hood

As said before. Having great Social Skills is like putting together an advanced jigsaw puzzle.

Not every piece is going to fit in with your personal situation right now.

The Social Skill University helps you find the required skill for your situation, pinpoints what’s going wrong, and then helps you to overcome your sticking points.

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