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“Amy has done it again. This strategy solves several major challenges that options traders face including: positive Vega to control risk during (and even benefit from) volatility spikes, low capital and time requirement allowing traders to easily add the strategy without overcomplicating their lives, and steady returns even during wild markets girations.”

About The Time Zone Trade:

  • Traded close to expiration for rapid Theta decay
  • Positive Vega to potentially benefit from unforeseen spikes in implied volatility
  • Can be in the market as little as 5 days per month and still achieve high returns
  • Can avoid many large ups and downs in the market by being out of the market 50% to 80% of the time
  • Low maintenance trade that can be managed by setting alerts or conditional orders so you don’t have to sit in front of the screen all day
  • Low capital requirement of just $10,000 or even less in some scenarios
  • Maintains low capital/margin requirement by not overlapping trades
  • No technical analysis or directional opinions required to trade the strategy
  • Does not require a deep understanding of the Greeks
  • Over 83% win rate with an average win of $295 and average loss of -$127

Inside The Time Zone Course

  • Introduction, Description, and Benefits
  • Core Concepts and Guidelines
  • Planned Capital and Profit Targets
  • Trade Entry
  • Risk Management and Adjustment Options
  • Trade Exit
  • Several Step-by-Step Examples in a Variety of Market Conditions
  • Trade Entry and Exit Tips
  • Tips for Managing “Hands Off”
  • Trading Tips for Busy People

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