Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan

Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan


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Retirement Plan ฿™ Online Wealth Management Program Dates:

Module 1 – The  Retirement Plan ฿™ Financial Ladder

   Module 1, Week 1 training released Monday 6th February 2023 4pm UTC

   Module 1, Week 1 LIVE Q&A Friday 10th February 2023 4pm UTC

Module 2 – The Retirement Plan ฿™ Investing Principles

•   Module 2, Week 2 training released Monday 13th February 2023 4pm UTC

•   Module 2, Week 2 LIVE Q&A Friday 17th February 2023 4pm UTC

Module 3 – The Retirement Plan ฿™ Investing Blueprint

•   Module 3, Week 3 training released Monday 20th February 2023 4pm UTC

   Module 3, Week 3 LIVE Q&A Friday 24th February 2023 4pm UTC

Module 4 – Maximising Bitcoin & Crypto Growth

•   Module 4, Week 4 training released Monday 27th February 2023 4pm UTC

•   Module 4, Week 4 LIVE Q&A Friday 3rd March 2023 4pm UTC

Module 5 – Maximising Bitcoin & Crypto Income

•   Module 5, Week 5 training released Monday 6th March 2023 4pm UTC

•   Module 5, Week 5 LIVE Q&A Friday 10th March 2023 4pm UTC

Module 6 – Investor Psychology, Becoming Your Own Bank, Security & Avoiding Scams

•   Module 6, Week 6 training released Monday 13th March 2023 5pm UTC

•   Module 6, Week 6 LIVE Q&A Friday 17th March 2023 5pm UTC

Module 7 – Tax, Inheritance, Banking & Fiat Off-boarding

•   Module 7, Week 7 training released Monday 20th March 2023 5pm UTC

•   Module 7, Week 7 LIVE Q&A Friday 24th March 2023 5pm UTC

Here is what you’ll get…

Retirement Plan ฿™ is an Online Wealth Management Program that gives you everything you need to Build & Protect Your Wealth by investing in Bitcoin and other digital assets, the smart and simplified way, hedged with traditional financial products which have the potential to thrive in any market conditions.

By the end of this program, you will have a complete legal tax strategy, the knowledge and confidence to build a balanced portfolio using time-tested wealth management principles which have been specifically designed to help you Protect and Build Your long-term Wealth.

Here’s what Retirement Plan ฿™ will do for you…

Let us hold your hand so that you can finally get started investing in Bitcoin and alternative Crypto Assets with the perfect balance of traditional financial markets, done in a responsible way, whilst helping you to Build and Protect Your Wealth with our step-by-step Online Wealth Management Program – Retirement Plan ฿™.

It is led by Simon Dixon who also brings in his personal advisors and other industry experts who have achieved complete financial independence through Bitcoin and Equity in crypto companies so you don’t get wrecked in a financial crisis and so you never miss another digital currency bull market again.

By the end of the 7 week Retirement Plan ฿™ Online Wealth Management Program, you will…

  • Know how to Build and Protect Your Wealth even if banks go bust, real estate crashes and governments can’t pay their debts by becoming your own bank so you’re able to own assets outside of the traditional financial system, move money globally without a bank and protect yourself from inflation, legallytax compliantly and tax efficiently, so you have less financial anxiety and more financial peace of mind. It’s designed to give you more control of your financial destiny.
  • Understand how to add structure to your long term Digital Currency investing plan ฿™ by applying the techniques of professional money managers and family offices using traditional markets so you don’t lose all your capital investing in the many scams, pump and dumps, and Crypto distractions.
  • Put into action online wealth management led by Simon Dixon, an ex-investment banking insider and crypto expert that spoke at the very first Bitcoin conference in 2011.

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