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If you are an SEO guy you have definitely heard the term Skyscraper. The most popular is perhaps “Sniper”. This method requires manually sifting through endless amounts of prospects sending out bespoke emails for each prospect.

Yes, this does get you more responses but the time required to send out each email is dramatically much more. In comparison to this, you will be sending out larger quantities of emails to more people in a shorter space of time with the Shotgun Skyscraper technique which yields far better results in minimum efforts.

What is the Shotgun Skyscraper?

Shotgun Skyscraper is a masterclass on white hat link building. Mark and Gael use this approach as their bread and butter for getting links to their websites, so if you’re into affiliate or local SEO your going to want to know how to get guest posts cheaply and effectively.

Using the Shotgun Skyscraper technique you do not pay for any links. The only costs you incur are from ongoing software costs and the money you spend building high-quality content to your site.

Shotgun Skyscraper has a massive amount of videos, about 40 at this point (with more to come) which is almost as much as the original Authority Site System course.

The other method takes much longer and takes up a whole lot more resources. Here, you’ll be able to reduce outreach efforts drastically giving you more time to do what’s important. Also, you’ll most likely get these links for free.

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint Review

This course claimes to be the definitive guide to building backlinks the whitehat way.

Module 1: Shotgun Skyscraper 101

This is the shortest part of the course, it just goes over what Shotgun Skyscraper is, why it’s so good and sets realistic expectations with this technique.

This module kind of hypes you up and gets you excited for taking the rest of the course

If you compare it to the guest post, you have to write new content for each guest post you create that really saves time and money. With the Shotgun Skyscraper technique, you can get multiple links with just this article.

Module 2: Keywords And Content

In this module, you get to learn how to choose the right keywords with the right content. However, please note that the keyword research you use is not the same as the keyword research for Shotgun Skyscraper. This is because you are not trying to classify this content, you create links to this content.

This part for me was my favorite section. It really opens up your eyes on how you can rank for very competitive terms using Shotgun Skyscraper. It also teaches you how to create content people want to link for, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of going after difficult keywords.

Module 3: Gathering Prospects

In this shotgun skyscraper module, you get to learn how to compile a list of potential customers here. You will find the most effective way to identify the websites to be reached. These are websites that already have an article linked to our topic. This is the Shotgun Skyscraper article you are writing for your website.

And if you’re like me and don’t know an excel sheet from a google sheet, Mark does a good time of explaining it all. References are also required for this investigation. Although this research requires a lot of work, it does offer SOPs to help you speed up this process.

Module 4: Data Management

In this module, you will learn exactly what the title says: data management. If not, the changes will collapse when you start unless your data is saved properly. This module is intended for this and will show you exactly.

This is the more advanced part of the course that separates noobie link builders (collecting emails, and blasting out thousands of email messages) from professional link builders (doing the same, but not pissing people off and getting your messages sent to their spam folder).

Organizing your outreach results is super important if you plan to scale your efforts, and you’re going to need a good data management system in place.

Module 5: Initial Outreach

This is where the fun starts to pick up again. After making sure you have a system in place to organize your efforts, in this module you learn how to send out mass emails to your prospects in a safe way.

It will show you how to properly adjust them. This is recommended as it can have a major impact. He will download his first campaign using another tool called Mailshake. This tool is a requirement and relatively cheap at $ 19 a month.

Module 6: Negotiations

Here’s the fun part: negotiation. Keep in mind that website owners receive a lot of emails. So the key is to stand out. The good thing is that you learn to deal with all sorts of situations without guessing what to do or say.

In this module, Mark uses his years of link building experience to go over the most common objections website owners will have to give a link to your website.

Module 7: Advanced Tactics

This is the last module of the course. Here’s how to scale the Shotgun Skyscraper ethically and spam-free. You need a VA and a combination of automation for scaling. Some advanced tactics include how people’s names can be identified using US census data. UU. For better data quality. You will also use the Ahrefs content browser to identify potential customers.

From improving the deliverability of your emails, to different techniques to get more email addresses – there is even a section on using Shotgun Skyscraper for clients.



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