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Website Speed Optimization Expert


Enjoy faster speeds, higher rankings, lower bounce rate, increased conversions, and happier clients!

Page Speed Optimization Course with Personal Assistance From the 1st place winner in a worldwide WordPress Performance Contest 2019!

The course has been updated!
Core Web Vitals
One of the benefits of the course,
that I update the content regularly,
and already,
there is a special emphasis in the course,
on the new metrics called
Core Web Vitals.
These metrics are very important and Google already announced
that in the next few months they will be part of the parameters that affect the ranking of sites.

These are the results of my site, which is built with Elementor Pro.

My GTmetrix page speed scores

My Google PageSpeed Insights page scores

The price of a slow site
Search Engine Rankings
A slow site hurts its search engine rankings.
Google explicitly states that speed is one of the ranking parameters.

the price of a slow site 1
New Customers & Leads
47% of the consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less.
If your site does not meet these expectations, they will move on and never come back.

Hurts Sales
A tiny 0.1-second delay in page response can lead to a 7% reduction in sales conversion!

the price of a slow site 2
Lower Profits
Absorbing the cost of hiring a Website Performance Expert.

Unsatisfied Customers
Unsatisfied customers, will not come back or refer new customers.

the price of a slow site 3
Lesser User Experience
25% of all users and up to 53% of mobile site visitors will abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Your gain from the course
Financial savings
The cost of the course is much lower than hiring an expert, which will increase your overall profit.

Saving time
Instead of spending time searching and researching, I will provide you with a concentrated knowledge source, the most comprehensive course in the field, to save you valuable time.

Safe way
Follow the right steps to improve your site and avoid the pitfalls. Avoid breaking your website while trying to speed it up—unfortunately, it’s not a rare thing!

Surpass the competitors
Leave your competitors behind using the important knowledge gained from this comprehensive course.

Another service to offer
Another service that you can offer to customers and charge more.

Here and now
Speed is everything, fast results in just a few lessons.

Fast sites
Better user experience, satisfied customers and new leads.

I am here for you
I will guide you all the way with my personal assistance and a private Facebook group for Q&A.


Course Content

The course includes all the secrets and tricks that I used to win the international WordPress Performance competition, and that I use every day while improving performance for my clients. The lessons are accompanied by before and after examples, with detailed step by step explanations.

**** Lessons are in English. All videos have subtitles in English & Hebrew ****


Topics that can account for 90% of your speed improvements!

Decreasing TTFB – Time To First Byte
Compress and resize images
Eliminate unnecessary redirects
Defer loading of scripts
Cache plugins
And more…
Showing the solutions to various site difficulties without sacrificing speed!

Finding used fonts
Lazy load
Improve page switching
Google Maps
YouTube videos
Google Analytics
Local fonts
Improving LCP
Improving FID
And more…
Expertise in Speed Optimization? This is the part that will take you there!

Font Awesome
Accelerate external domains
Elementors’ eicons
Unused characters in fonts
Chat plugins
Facebook pixel
Partially used plugins
Contact Form 7 Refill
Remove unused CSS
Improving CLS
And more…

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