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An Inside Look At a 20k/mo Info Business With Next to Zero Overhead

Why we’re in an info-product resurgence, what strategies are working today, and what you should do now to tap into the gold mine!

Sean Vosler – Entrepreneur Club

Marketing & Business Tools & Training

  • How to Build A Beautiful FREE Lead Capture Page Guide (52:09)
  • Simple Video Studio Setup Guide
  • Ask Sean Anything Video Series (38 Videos)
  • [New! 2020] In-Depth eCommerce Training With Adrian Morrison – Unlock 100% off Coupon Here
  • Save $500 on Sam Ovens’ Accelerator Program (coupon)
  • The mindset of an 8 Figure Earner – Interview – Adrian Morrison

Online Marketing | Information Product Development

  • Part 1: Foundation For Success | deep dive into a new approach to creating information products from scratch [2.5hrs]


  • Auto Responded Magic – How to Create A High Converting Follow Up Sequence
  • The Ultimate Email Sales & Follow Up Sequence [Template]
  • psy­chopaths hate this // A quick way to craft jaw-drop­ping bul­let points for your mar­ket­ing.
  • [3 Hr] In-depth Group Copy Strategy Training + Contrarian Copy Structure Examples


  • Equity Consulting Price Guide
  • Secrets To Have Clients Begging To Pay You At Least 5-Figures To Work With Them
  • $20k Client Proposal Template [Download] – Updated 2019

Mindset – Various Items

  • How I Manage People & Products
  • Reset Rituals for Increasing Productivity & Focus
  • The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment
  • Eliminate Self Sabotage & Get Unstuck
  • Creating a Discipline Loop – Why You Can’t Focus & How to Fix It

Free Stock Resources

  • Free Stock Video #1: Pexels
  • Free Stock Video #2: Videezy
  • Stock Video #3:
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Free Video Library (youtube)
  • Free Open Source Illustrations / Graphics

Clubhouse App Training

  • [60min] How to Communicate on the Fly – “Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques”
  • Quickstart Guide to Clubhouse App

Books Note

  • How to Become An Expert to Increase Your Leverage HBR Article Notes
  • “Deep Work” – In-depth Book Notes (on going)
  • The Slight Edge – Notes & Presentation

Random Resources

  • Manage Your Marketing Content With Workflowy
  • Creating an LED Custom Selfie Stick

Never Stop Learning – In-depth Training Courses For Entrepreneurs – Increase Your Skills

  • Section Overview (3:31)
  • COURSE: How to Finance and Grow Yourup – Without VC, by University of London [Free] – 22 Hours
  • COURSE: Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success [Free] – 20 Hours
  • COURSE: An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing [Free] – 8 Hours
  • COURSE: Applied Scrum for Agile Project Management [Free]
  • COURSE: Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity [Free] – 12 Hours
  • COURSE: The Art of Negotiation [Free] – 6 Hours
  • COURSE: Fundamentals of Graphic Design [Free] – 14 Hours
  • COURSE: The Marketing Plan [Free] – 17 Hours
  • COURSE: Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business [Free] – 2 Hours
  • COURSE: Creative Writing: The Craft of Style [Free] – 13 Hours
  • COURSE: Shaping Your Professional Brand [Free] – 16 Hours
  • COURSE: Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content [Free] – 6 Hours

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