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Unlock These Tried, Tested & PROVEN Copywriting Methods:

10+ easy to follow copy methods that you can use right away to boost conversions.

Writer’s block killers, includes 3 simple exercises to push you through.

Dozens of templates and copy case studies for you to reference while you’re writing.

Over 250 pages of advanced marketing frameworks & strategies.

and much more! (see the list below)

She’s looking at you.

From across the way…

… you can see you have her attention.

Who is she?

What does she want?

What captured her attention?

If you can answer that last question…

You can sell anything to anyone.

Curious? Good.

The answer can make you millions has made myself and my clients millions in sales…

A Quick Note From The Author

On this page you’re going to unlock what many consider to be the key to converting any business idea into reality. I’m also going to share with you a powerful method that will cut your learning time in half and help drive you closer to your entrepreneurial goals.

Sound like a good deal? Awesome. Let’s get started then…

Learning this skill solves many of the toughest business problems entreprenuers face on a daily basis…

So, What Is The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill?

The first sale is a crucial vote of confidence your audience gives with their bank account. If you’re facing this obstacle chances are you’re most likely lacking in one particular skill…

… It’s the skill that drives almost every dollar made online and off.

… It’s the skill that can transform a run-of-the-mill business into a wealth generating machine.

… It’s also the skill that many veteran entreprenurs confess is the toughest to master.

I never blame anyone for struggling with it.

It’s not a skill that is taught in school or prioritized in college.

Confession time…

and this is a confession you won’t often hear from an online entreprenuer.

Even though this skill directly generates the most revenue in my business, in reality, I’m not a “professional” at it. I developped this skill out of necessity, not out of desire.

And one of my biggest regrets is not learning its foundations sooner.

Most people think it’s skills like…



​Social Media

Money management



… are the most important entrepreneurial skills.

While these are very important skills in their own way, they’re relatively easy to outsource or develop.

✍️ So what is this always in demand “profit skill”? The one skill almost all successful business owners will admit is in large part responsible for their success?

If you haven’t already guessed it, that skill is copywriting.

Specifically, sales copywriting…


Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.  But copywriting is soooo much more than the academic definition.

“The ability to write ads and letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever acquire. If you master this skill, you should never again have to worry about money.”

– Gary Halbert

Top Copywriter & All Around Crazy Successful Businessman (before it was cool)

I’ll add to that…

Copywriting is the most profitable skill I’ve ever learned. Every serious entrepreneur must understand it’s principles if they want to reach their most audacious goals.

Yet, copywriting seems to be the one business skill that’s riddled with… well, riddles.

Keep reading this article and I’ll teach you how to solve the copywriting riddle, and take the headache out of writing marketing copy for good.

I’ll also hand you a copywriting method I’ve developed that’s saved me countless hours, one that will help you create ‘addictive’ content centered around selling your product or service.

One quick clarification before I share this method…

I’m not a copywriter.

And you don’t have to be one either…

You read that right, copywriting is a skill I use; but it doesn’t make me a copywriter. I guess you could say I run a marketing agency, but I usually tell folks who ask that I’m an investor. Not in the “wallstreet investor” kinda way, I mean I’ve adopted their MINDSET around making business decisions.

You see, what I invest in are the skills that make myself and my clients the most return on the time I spend learning them.

… I’ve learned how to build highly complex marketing funnels that have generated well over $40,000,000 in profits.

… I’ve learned how to create and edit high-quality videos. (I even have my own studio)

… I’ve learned how to design and structure great sales pages (graphics, and the tech – yes I built the page you’re on now.

… I’ve learned how to set up incredibly intricate auto webinar systems, with dynamic follow up email and advertising sequences. .. With one webinar having over 1M Views, you’ve probably seen it…

But I’ll say it again…

NONE OF THESE SKILLS, and I really mean NONE OF THEM, can shake a stick at compare with the staggeringly results my copywriting skills have brought to myself and clients. For many of my clients, I’m the most profitable “division” of their company since I’m able to leverage their audiences with simple copywriting strategies & tactics that brings them amazing return on their ‘investment’.

Truth is… You can be a great funnel developer, video producer, freelancer, graphic designer, “e-commerce-marketer”, or agency owner…

But, if you can’t persuade people to actually buy your stuff (or your client’s stuff)… well… you’re screwed.

Most product failures I’ve seen over the years had less to do about the product, and more to do with their ability to communicate it’s value to their audience.

Communication is almost always the missing piece.

So, what is the key to solving the copywriting riddle?

If you dread copywriting as much as most do you must learn how to leverage copywriting methods to help you craft it QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY.

I’m not just talking about “fill in the blank” templates, though they can be useful, I’m referring to methods of deconstructing marketing that’s already working and apply the strategy to your own marketing assets… along with taking strategies used for hundreds of years and systematize them into your business.

In short…

If you learn how to leverage copywriting methods, you won’t always have to rely on “guessing” if your marketing will work.

Here’s an easy copywriting method you can use to dramatically increase the attention your writing receives…

Copywriting Method ONE


Learn How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy

by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content in 5 Easy Steps

“… great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil.”

– W.H. Davenport Adams

Instead of attempting to write a catchy headline from scratch, let me show you how to deconstruct one and use it’s structure to craft a new one.

I like to call this method “The Imitation Game”, and you can use it to create anything from headlines, to sales pages, to marketing emails… that’s the beauty of these types of methods. Since they’re principles they can be utilized in multiple ways.

Here’s how to use this method to

create highly engaging copy that captures attention…


First step… Take out a piece of paper and at the top write a brief description of what you want your reader to learn/understand and what action you want them to take. Starting with the end in mind will always help you keep your focus on what’s most important.

EXAMPLE: For this sales page I want to teach my reader the value of developing reusable methods & principles around complex copywriting methods. By the end of reading I want them to a.) know how to create their own methods, and b.) purchase my course on copywriting method development.


Next we want to visit popular “trending content” websites like,,,,,

These sites invest a lot of money hiring writers who know how to “get the click”, and we can use the structure of their headlines as a guide for our content.

“The First Rule of Copywriting?

Get. Attention.”


After we’ve selected a headline that captures our attention, we want to analyze and break it down into it’s core structure. The structure is “how it’s said” rather than what’s being said.

In this example the headline “The Man Who Perfected the Laugh Track” caught my attention, specifically the term ‘perfected’ perked my interest. It has a strong implication that this is the “final best way” to do something, and I should learn what that is!


Now that we have the structure, we can apply it to our subject matter. Let’s say you’re marketing an info-product for real-estate agents, specifically about the benefits of “short selling”.

The ‘noun’ becomes our target audience, our ‘topic’ reflects our product we’ll be introducing to that audience.


Now we can expand upon the topic, spicing up the benefits within our headline. It’s important here to think about our reader, what’s in it for them (benefit) if they continue on reading our material?

More Examples…

Here are a few more examples of headlines pulled from trending topic sites and applied to our topic…

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

– David Ogilvy

Advertising tycoon, founder of Ogilvy & Mather, and known as the father of advertising.

Practical Application…

How to Profitably Apply This Method to Our Marketing

In this method we focused mainly on “how to generate an engaging headline”, but what can we do with this headline? It may seem obvious, but let’s take a closer look. First, let’s look at our headline as a thesis…

The·sis – /ˈTHēsis/ a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.

Our headline/thesis is the point we’re going to be discussing in the rest of our copy. The structure of what follows the headline is really going to depend on our medium. A blog post is going to be structured differently than an email, and a sales page is going to differ from an advertisement. However there are going to be elements that are shared between all of them. Let’s take a look at how we can build on our thesis with the goal of maximizing our persuasiveness.

Structure of most persuasive content…

INTRODUCTION TO THE IDEA – Build upon your headline/thesis, focus on where the outcome (often called the promise land) will take the reader. Answer the “I know you’re probably thinking…” questions your reader may have. Build credibility with facts, figures, and quotes from reputable sources.

Keep it interesting… Keep an archive of articles, screenshots of chapter introductions, collections of quotes, things that capture your attention. If you’re not sure if your introduction is interesting enough, post a part of it to your social media channel of choice. Did it generate much engagement? If not, you may want to revamp. You can look at ways to make it more shocking, something your reader didn’t expect; be more revealing, share something that most people would keep to themselves; be controversial, shake the pot a bit and call out a popular perspective as wrong.

Still not sure where to start? Here’s an “introduction cheat-code”: You can start your intro with “Even if…” to go right for the jugular objection.

Headline leads to ~> Intro: “Even if you’ve found that XYZ hasn’t worked for you in the past, let me show you how a simple change in perspective can make all the difference. Addressing a common objection at the beginning can both entice the critic to keep reading, and reassure the believer that progress can be made… if they simply keep reading.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.


When I teach in workshops I usually start by helping the audience identify the single most common objection to their product or service. The one, that if not addressed, will lose the most people in your target audience. Your first step in writing anything should be to identify and crush this objection. Go for the jugular and you have a solid chance of winning over even the strongest critic.

Illusory superiority, the above-average effect, the superiority bias, the leniency error, and the primus interpares effect all are meant to define pretty much the same thing – most people think they are better (or unquestionably different) than the average people. “Yea maybe for them, but…” is the default response of our reader, even if it’s subconscious. With our “even if” introduction we’re taking the common objection away from our reader.

This insight into our readers will also will help us stop making assumptions about people’s need for our offer. If everyone thinks they’re special and unique their initial reaction to our arguments is “It might work for them, but it won’t work for me.” Understanding this will help us craft better openings to our arguments, building a better case for reading further.

A subtle goal we should keep in mind is that everything we write should, in some way, keep our reader engaged and moving down the page.

“What’s important is that you start addressing a person’s objections before they even have a chance to think them. Your prospect feels like you can read their mind – and that your product can actually solve their problems.” – Benyamin Elias – Dir. Content Marketing @ Active Campaign

Example: The exercise program that help even the most time crushed person lose weight!

Even if Introduction: Even if you don’t have hours to spend at the gym, this unique program can work for you, let me explain. (Keep building, here you can even start talking in terms of your own experience.) I used to get overwhelmed thinking about the time commitment I’d have to make if I really wanted to reach my fitness goals, I’m sure you can relate. Time is something we all could use more of, and with all the demands of daily life it can be easy to conclude that if something’s going to get cut, it’s exercise. But here’s the truth, you can accomplish so much more, in so much less time, if you simply take a few moment’s to learn the “80/20 rule of fitness.” Below you’ll find the routine even the most time crunched person can use to get noticeable results, fast! —

After our introduction it’s time to jump into the meat of our topic.

Get immediately download Sean Vosler – 7 Figure Marketing Copy

If this is an email, we may choose to send them directly to our offer at this point with a call to action to “find out more”. If this is a sales page we can continue our content marketing piece by sharing the “outline” of our training, focusing more on the benefits of each steps than the techniques, eventually leading to our call to action to buy if they want to get the full system. As a content piece (blog post, ebook, white-paper) we still want to focus on the benefits, but our reader can benefit from a bit deeper dive into the tactical parts of our topic; eventually leading to a call to action to learn about our offer. We’ll dive further into the tactical content in Method 7 – Teach, Transform, Transact.

That ONE ‘Simple’ Method Has Helped Me Develop Hundreds of Profitable Copy Pieces FAST…

I’m sure it’s not a stretch to say that with just this one method you’d be able to walk away from this page and improve your own writing… or at the least help save you time in brainstorming profitable copy ideas.

That’s precisely why I’ve put not just one, but 12+ different time saving and profit maximizing methods together for you to use in your own marketing.

Using these methods have helped me transform my 6 figure per year agency into a 6 figure per month agency with clients regularly paying me $10k+ per month.

I’ve decided to put them all together in an easy to follow guide at an incredibly low price, let me give you a quick tour of what you’ll be getting today…

Ready to Unlock More Marketing Methods?

Here’s a quick peek inside my brand new guide…

Print Version Coming Soon!

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Pick Up Your Copy of My Brand New Book & Course… The 7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide!

This is a “Living” Book With More Methods Added Monthly… With The Lifetime Pass You’ll Be Able to Unlock ALL The Future Methods At No Extra Cost

The Methods Included Today…

+ All Future Methods Added Monthly

Here’s a preview of the next installments coming in the next few months…


This Guide Takes the Pain out Of Writing Copy

It’s All Included In Our Lifetime Access Membership Area

Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.

“This is my favorite intro-to-copy guide I’ve seen. For Reals. Love how straight-to-the-point it is. Really nice job writing to a broad skill set… From super novice to some really surprising gems for experienced copywriters. This guide leaves the reader feeling, “I can do this too!”

– Matt Hall ~ Copywriter & Content Strategist

A glimpse into what you’re unlocking today…

it’s just easy to use

ATTENTION In the first 4 methods I’ll break down several insane ways to brainstorm attention grabbing content that pulls your reader into your orbit.

FOCUS One “arm-twisting” strategy to push your readers past / current / future anxieties to the side so they can focus on what you have to say.

SOCIAL STRATEGY A caveman strategy you can use to place yourself at the head of the pack when it comes to authority and social proof.

CASE STUDY STRAT Simple way to generate case studies to prove your point both logically and emotionally.

THE KENDRICK LAMAR COPY RYTHM A 4 step process to transform your everyday boring copy to prophetically profound muses.

bye bye industry jargon

EGO PATHOS LOGOS The math behind the highest converting copy for the last 100 years broken down into the proven conversion ratios.

KNOW LIKE TRUST CHALLENGE CONVERT A detailed look at my high converting email sequence that you can copy/paste into your business.

BANNER BLINDNESS BUSTER Key words you can use to take a browser out of their hypnotic state so they can actively pay attention to your message.

HUNDREDS OF EXAMPLES I’ve combed through the best of the best examples of what’s working now so you have clear cut examples to pull from.

MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE Writing copy is a lot like dating, I’ll walk you through the seductive yet respectful ways to persuade your readers.

saves you time

HIGH CONVERTING SALES PAGE OUTLINE Simple to follow template built on the back of 100s of split tests, it’s my highest converting page!

BETTER EMAIL OPEN RATES Pick the right email subject line to boost opens, along with one trick to add a hidden “sub headline” to any email.

OPT-IN RATE OPTIMIZED SQUEEZE PAGE TEMPLATE It’s not always about the percentage that opt in, it’s how many of those turn into buyers!

KEEP THEM ON YOUR PAGES LONGER Bounce rates are a good indication of how engaging your content is, boost engagement with specifically engineered questions.

increases your sales

FEATURE / BENEFIT CONVERSION TEMPLATE Use this to take your list of features & convert them to high converting benefit bullet points.

EMOTION VS. LOGIC – BALANCE GUIDE What’s the right ratio of “emotional copy” vs. “logical copy”? This will help save you from having to guess with a scientific break down of the two ratios.

ETHICAL URGENCY & SCARCITY STRATEGIES FOR 2019 Do timers & limited quantities still help conversions? You bet they do… however, it’s important you use them in the right way.

STORY GENERATOR TEMPLATE Follow this simple step by step guide to create magnetic and spellbinding stories to captivate and convert your audience.

UPDATED GUARANTEE TERMS TO OPTIMIZE CUSTOMER VALUE  Of course you should have a money back guarantee, but you can also use this area as a key conversion point beyond just removing risk.

🍕 STOP – SNEAKY STRATEGY TO PULL IN “SKIMMERS”  STOP your readers form “ignoring” key parts of your message with these simple eye catching copy and graphic tools.

easy to follow

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE TO TRIPLE PERCEIVED VALUE  The value of your product or service isn’t defined by what you THINK, it always comes down to the context your reader brings with them to the sales process.

37 ITEM SALES PAGE COPY CHECKLIST  Use this for your own sites or clients to make sure you’ve hit all the key points in your messaging. (Can easily be the difference between a dud & a winning page!)

17 ITEM ADVERTISING COPY CHECKLIST  Take the guesswork out of writing advertising copy with my tried and tested ad copy checklist.

22 ITEM LEAD GENERATION COPY CHECKLIST  It’s not just about getting the lead, you need to make sure they’re nurtured! Use this checklist to verify you have everything in place to turn a lead into a life long buyer & fan!

takes the riddle out of copywriting

CASE STUDY 1 – BTS OF MY FIRST $500K (Profit) CLIENT  Detailed break down on what it took for me to find, land, and close a 500k profit deal (from a single client!) for my agency.

CASE STUDY 2 – BTS OF MY FIRST $227K (Revenue) EMAIL Watch as I break down one of the highest converting emails and learn how to use the principles behind it in your own writing.

CASE STUDY 3 – BTS OF MY DAILY EMAIL TECHNIQUE You should be writing your email list MORE, let me show you how to constantly come up with ideas & content to send, without burning out your audience.

EARLY BIRD BONUS Unlock 200+ example headlines for 5 different niches… These are amazing resources for the agency owners out there.

Who’s This Guide For?

These Methods Are Designed For You

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS  – I started this guide for you!

I have mad respect for anyone who’s managed to build their own business (online or offline)… This guide is built in particular for entrepreneurs who understand the value of great copy, but just don’t feel they have the time or skillset to create it. This guide is your marketing tool box, filled with easy to follow marketing strategies any business use to maximize profits.

AGENCIES  – I’ve been there!

Better results for your customers means higher rates for your agency, it’s a simple fact. If you want to be able to justify higher rates, your focus needs to shift from getting more clients to getting better results for the ones you have! Use this guide as a platform for boosting their sales, so you can justify higher rates for your services.

COPYWRITERS  – Obviously a powerful tool.

This one’s pretty obvious, however something even the most seasoned copywriter will agree with is it doesn’t matter how good you are ~ you can always get better. While this guide will help improve your skills it will also do something arguably more important… it’ll help you save time. Use these methods at the start of your project to help get clarity and maximize each hours output!

INTERNET MARKETERS  – I’ve helped quite a few, let me help you!

If you make a living selling things online than you know how important copy can be. Let this guide serve as your secret weapon to creating high converting landing pages and videos. If you hit a snag while writing simply open to one of the many methods for inspiration and starting points.

Includes Step Guides + Template PDF + Mindmaps

Who is Sean Vosler?

and his corgi Roo…

My story’s probably similar to yours, started off at a day job, hated it, decided to start a business, underestimated how hard it is, kept refining it until finally… the light bulb found the socket.

If you can harness the power of selling on and off the page, success is all but assured.

You see, I’m not just writing copy for myself and clients – I’m also constantly refining my own business model. Optimizing it so I have more time to help others do the same. As someone once said, the best way to becomes successful is to help others around you do the same.

Throughout this book my goal is to help you reach your own selling goals, and hopefully serve as your guide in what can be one of the most difficult skils to master… copywriting.


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