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Full System Rules And Detailed Instructions (With Spreadsheets)

  • Thor Daily Trend Following System (designed by me)
  • Crazy Ivan FX System (designed by me)
  • Emini Daily Ivanylizer Stock Index Daily Chart System (designed by me)
  • Scalpius Mean Reversion System for Daily Charts (designed by me)
  • ​Bitcoin Mechanical System
  • Altcoin Momentum System
  • “Shadows Of Seykota” Trend Following System
  • Failed Breakout Intraday FX System (5 minute chart FX System with some discretion)
  • Daily Gap Stock Index System (new for v2.0)
  • 15m FX European Premarket FX/Dax system
  • Protect-R plugin Exit Methodology For Marginal Edges
  • Standard Momentum System v2.0 (new for v2.0)
  • NR7 Stock System (new for v2.0)
  • Failed Breakout System (FX/CFD/Futures)
  • 4hr Mechanical System (FX/CFD/Futures)
  • Volatility Breakout System (Stocks) Averaging 3.8R/week
  • Slot-In Bear Market System (when the bull market ends switch to this)
  • Once-A-Month Core Rebalancing (for long term investing like retirement accounts. Actually manages the Retirement Accounts of Van Tharp
  • Instructors!)
  • Stock Mean Reversion Cookbook (many similar stock mean reversion systems)
  • Intraday Stock Scalping System (3min charts) This is a very high performing system for expert traders with quite a lot of discretion taking 10-30 trades per day at expectancy .3. Widely traded by professionals but requires a lot of skill

Trading A System With A Strong Edge Has Many Advantages

  • The single biggest factor in trading success (HINT: It’s not which stock you buy, when you enter, or how you take profits or size positions)
  • Now you can get rid of “psychological issues” in trading once and for all. (trade with a system and 80% of psychology problems disappear)
  • Cut the learning process down by years and become a true expert… WITHOUT going down costly dead ends
  • The ONE, CRITICAL THING you must establish before you build your system
  • Why all technical analysis isn’t equal: How to test which indicators are legit
  • Sneaky little tricks to tweak your win rate on any system
  • What if you could know when to take a small profit and when to swing for the fences?
  • Powerful method of finding the exact “trigger point” which sets off the biggest moves
  • Backtesting – How much is enough? Do you have to use software to backtest
  • A simple method of building a mean reversion system in record time
  • Secrets of Volatility Breakouts – Know in ADVANCE when a trading range is poised to break out and in what direction
  • Now you can take an average system and transform it into an amazing system



If you previously purchased the Price Action Masterclass…. this course has more than TEN TIMES the content

Over 50 video’s totalling over 12 hours of content. PDF workbooks and template spreadsheets as well. Example systems of every type.
Included are the rulesets from ALL my own systems, and every other system I know or have been taught.
This is the most complete work ever made on EVERY ASPECT of the system building process.
And just as importantly, I have included “deep dive” videos with incredibly detailed discussion of trend following systems, momentum systems, volatility breakout systems, pattern based systems and mean reversion systems.
  • Belief Examination Paradigm – exercise to rid yourself of unhelpful market ideas before they affect your system design
  • Should I Automate: The pros and cons of full automation for both programmers and non-programmers
  • Edges – How to Find an Entry Setup With An Edge
  • Which Market Should I Trade?
  • Comparison of Entry Techniques
  • Choosing a Broker and Trading Software Package
  • Selecting Realistic System Goals
  • Detailed discussions of different Market Types and Their Critical Differences
  • Building High Probability Systems Around Trend Days
  • Testing Your Edge with Scatter Plots
  • The One And Only Viable System Type For Binary Options
  • Building Systems Around Opening Gaps
  • Improving Intraday Systems with Tick Based Charts
  • Practical Guide to Working up an Intraday FX System
  • How Span of Control affects Trader Performance
  • Can I use Trend Following Systems for Stocks?
  • Deep Dive on Trend Following Systems
  • Detailed Discussion of Designing Exit Rules
  • System Optimisation Guidelines – When are you curve fitting?
  • Practical Guide To Position Sizing
  • Rapid Pen and Paper Prototyping
  • Should I fully automate or not? (for most people they should NOT)

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