Scott Phillips - Crypto Salary System

Scott Phillips – Crypto Salary System


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What You’ll Discover On This Training:

  • A simple and easy “system” for generating up to $2,000 per day using cryptocurrency – without needing to know anything about how crypto works, even if you don’t own any crypto yet
  • Just how easily you can supplement or even replace your income by “working” 6 minutes per day – without starting a business or any of the “normal” strategies for making money online
  • The 4-step process you can use to double your money every single day, like clockwork – I’m even going to do it LIVE on camera so you can copy me exactly (it’s almost impossible to mess up)
  • How you can have your account fully funded (up to $500) so you can try this “side hustle” for yourself, risk-free (and you get to keep any of the profits you make too)
  • How you can profit from the next crypto bull market on autopilot using a brand-new, fully automated system that does the work for you

Everyone Who Attends Will Get These FREE Bonuses:

You will receive these special bonuses IF and ONLY IF you attend the webinar:

  •  My #1 Crypto Pick That Is Set To Explode Before The Year Is Over – I’ll send a text during the webinar to everyone who attends with the single crypto I think has the best shot of exploding before the end of 2022
  •  A Chance To Win My $2000 Fully Automated System That Made Over 1 Million Dollars In The Last Crypto Bull Run – Everyone who stays until the end of the presentation will have a chance to win another my secondary system that turned every $1 into $25 in the last bull run (I personally made $1,193,000 from it last year alone)
  •  All the tools and resources from the presentation – Everything I show you during the presentation and everything I use is yours so you have everything you need for success
    • Your own copy of the automated tool I use to figure out which coin to bet on AND which direction to bet in – up or down
    • All the slides so you don’t have to worry about taking notes
    • The easy to follow checklist that makes executing the system as easy as paint by numbers
    • The full recording of the webinar plus Q&A so you can watch it over and over again

Scott Phillips

Scott is a self-made crypto millionaire and bonafide expert on all things crypto. He has trained some of the world’s top hedge fund managers, including those who work at top firms you hear about all the time (that can’t be mentioned due to NDAs). Now Scott is showing average, everyday people how they can supplement, and potentially replace, their income using his previously secret “Crypto Salary System” that he uses to make $500-$2,000 per day in just 6 minutes per day.

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