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The ROI Method – Scale your Online Business with the Most Powerful Method for Marketing

Let’s start things off… I want to show you why The R.O.I Method is the MOST effective way for scaling your business..

Regardless… your monthly revenue, your audience size or what you sell in your online business.

Imagine having a business that creates consistent leads and sales in a leveraged way….so the business doesn’t have to depend on you, all of the time….

Chances are… you might be like this…

  • Do you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel in your business?….where you are always hustling to hit the next goal without ever achieving the income, impact, and freedom that you really deserve?
  • That’s the 6 (or 7) Figure Hamster Wheel.
  • Do you feel tired of the draining stress that follows a day full of “putting out fires”…..instead of being able to actually know what’s going to happen, each month?
  • That’s going to lead to burn-out.
  • Do you have a clear plan for how your business is going to consistently generate new leads & clients so you can more predictably grow your company’s bottom line?
  • That’s going to led you into nowhere land.
  • Do you rely on the next launch and if it doesn’t work you’d be screwed? Not having predictable monthly revenue or sustainable way to generate revenue each month… almost like you’re “starting from scratch” on the 31st?
  • That’s the Launch Rollercoaster (and it will come crashing down)
  • Do you have 1 way of generating leads (maybe a FB Group, maybe YouTube Ads, or maybe through Partners and Affiliates) and you know you need more traffic, from more places so that your business doesn’t come crashing down?
  • That’s putting all your eggs in one basket, someday you may trip.
  • Do you have an online business that sells coaching, courses, high-ticket programs or memberships and you want to scale it to the next level? While being able to grow your audience, your influence and your ability to build a real business?

What if your business could:

This is exactly what thousands of entrepreneurs have achieved with The R.O.I. Method.

  • Generate a steady flow of leads and sales. No more hustling to hit your monthly goals.
  • Become an A-player in your niche. Your audience recognizes you as the go-to authority.
  • Have a marketing system that actually runs on it’s own. No more constant stress, You’ll be able to step back and know that your business is still running like clockwork.
  • …and many of them have scaled multi-million dollars businesses using this marketing and sale method.

I’m Scott Oldford and…

In the past 20 years, I’ve grown multiple of my own businesses to over 7-figures.

And I’ve helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs directly (and in-directly) scale past 7 and 8-figures in their online business.

Today, I advise, mentor and advise some of the Top Entrepreneurs and Influencers with their Online Businesses.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had to solve a lot of the problems that come with growing a business…

… either through my own painful trial and error or through investing several hundreds of thousands of dollars so far in my life on mentors, coaches, consultants (and even therapists)….

How Does The R.O.I. Method Help you Scale?

The method is a combination of the most successful elements of marketing and sales.

Basing your marketing and sales on how human beings work, The R.O.I Method is based on proven strategies, tactics and human phycology.

Instead of using typical “online marketing” type, it uses a layered method for being Relevant, Omnipresent and using Intimacy to turn strangers into customers.

Many Entrepreneurs have told us  that The R.O.I. Method has been the missing piece of their online marketing success that is now allowing them to more effective build a loyal, engaged, targeted audience of people…

How much easier would Marketing & Sales be in your business if you had an audience of people who know who you are, what you do, and understand the results you get for people?

Sales success is often a byproduct of good marketing. Instead of high-preassure, over-delivering or the million other things. The R.O.I Method is based on turning strangers into raving fans that want to buy from you and look up to you.

When you use The R.O.I. Method, you can fuel your Marketing & your Sales to a place where you experience a legitimate abundance of opportunities. And when you can operate your entire business from a place of strength, predictability, and peace of mind – – you can start making better & better overall, long term decisions for your business.

THE R.O.I Method allows you to have a sustainable, scalable business without having to sacrifice your integrity.

  • The ability to scale based on your lifestyle, your goals and what you want to achieve, instead of scaling based on the fact that you just can’t seem to break into the “next level”.
  • The ability to spend less money on lead generation, while increasing the number of people who buy on your webinars, sale pages and on the phone, increasing your profitability.
  • Being able to use multiple sources of traffic and lead generation without worrying if it’s going to work, if you feel salesy or inauthentic and building your brand and reputation.
  • Have a clear understanding of exactly how marketing and sales is going to work for YOUR business, based on YOUR revenue level and the sources of traffic YOU have available. AKA. I’m not going to tell you that you have to do it MY way. I’ll give you a blueprint, for EVERYTHING that is working.
  • Properly have a marketing, social and sale strategy that works FOR YOU both emotionally, spiritually and financially to fuel your business.
  • An exponential uptick in not just more attentive leads and followers, but more opportunities, business deals, speaking engagements, book deals and nearly everything under the son (The R.O.I Method builds you massive influence and deep relationships).
  • The ability to grow your business, hire the help you need, obtain more freedom, more time and get to a place of true abundance, in every sense of the word.
  • The ability to build a real business, not just one based on your hustle or your personal brand while ensuring you’re developing a profit center based business.


FROM Entrepreneurs who are generating $10,000/month and use “The Relevancy Framework” to achieve growth through organic marketing…

To million dollar businesses who are using Omnipresence to share their message consistently with hundreds of thousands of people in their audience….

To influencer brands who are using it to build a closer connection to their audience and allow them to be more relevant to their audience (which leads to better monetization of an audience)…

To the true experts out there who want to become the “Coca Cola” of their niche…

The desire to become Relevant for, Omnipresent to, and Intimate with an audience of people who they could really help serve & transform….

….and they know it is their responsibility to make sure people find out who they are and what they have to offer.

Beyond that….

They want to be paid what they are worth.

They want to become a category King (or Queen)

They want to be seen everywhere by those who are in their industry

They want to sell by illumination instead of manipulation

They know they’ll be helping others in their industry for years into the future…


When I say this is action-packed I mean it.

At the beginning, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to use this program, based on your niche, what you sell, your revenue range and your budget.
Then, I’m going to bring you through everything I know about Relevancy, Omnipresence and Intimacy, this is detailed and not leaving anything out.

From there, I’m going to show you everything from how to develop lead magnets, how to develop content that crushes it and when it comes to traffic and leads? From landing pages to email sequences, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, Google… Organic? Check and Partnerships, such as Influencer Campaigns and Affailates and Amassdor programs? ALSO… CHECK.

I’m going to show you the ropes for selling via webinars, on the phone, through sale pages, email, including social selling through Messenger and Instagram Messenger.

I’m going to show you how to use video… or audio… or writing to captivate your audience and turn them into customers.

I’m going to show you everything I know about marketing, that is usable at each level and I’ll tell you when you need to use what.

So you NEVER EVER HAVE TO BUY another marketing course, just to find out that it doesn’t make sense for where you a

I’ve spent millions of dollars on ads. I’ve made tens of millions of dollars through my marketing and others have made hundreds of millions because of my strategies.

There’s few on earth that have this experience and knowledge and you get access to all of it.

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