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Stop selling low-value services. Start closing Scalable Service Offers.

There’s nothing academic here. A proven framework built out of closing five, six, and seven-figure deals over 10+ years.

All remotely. Bootstrapped. In Client Services.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

in the Scalable Service Offers video course

🚫 Why you’re still attracting “Legacy Clients” who drain you (Lesson 1).

💡 What you must do to attract premium “Lighthouse Clients” (Lesson 4).

🎯 Laser Targeting
💡Identifying Lighthouse Clients
🌊 Repositioning Your Services
⚡ Channel Optimization

🗂 The difference between selling services or one offer and an “Offer Portfolio” (Lesson 8)

💼 Services vs. Offers
💰 Pricing and Levers
💬 Social Proofing
📈 Guarantees & Performance
🧰 Process, Pitches, & Profits
🧪 Iteration and Rollout

But we’re not done yet…

💬 Do free work for new offers to get testimonials, right? Wrong. (Lesson 10).

😲 When to keep iterating on an offer and when it’s time to put it to pasture (Lesson 12).

💸 If you want to sell to multiple “Lighthouse Clients”, you must do this (Lesson 13).

What are Scalable Service Offers?

It’s specific to client services and consultantssolopreneurs, and agencies.

You do services.

You’ve heard of offers.

You know what scaling means.But you’re scratching your head.Scalable Service Offers? 😕

(“SSO” for short.)Most people doing services get paid with the “more of” mindset.

You get paid more only when you do more.You might be thinking,

“Well, I do value-based pricing.”

Not if you’re doing projects and deliverables.You also might be thinking,

“I have a great offer.”

That’s the problem. You have a single offer.Instead…SSO is a comprehensive and proven approach.

It focuses on for selling high-ticket client offers that:💡 Focus on “Lighthouse Clients”

📑 Builds a portfolio of offers for them

🤝 Meets them in their buying journeyAll while scaling…you.

You make more without doing more.

It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

🤩 This video course is for YOU if…

  • You’re an expert at what you do.
  • You want to max your active income.
  • You’re ready for proven, tactical advice.
  • You want to make more without doing more.
  • You know what a good vs. a bad client looks like.

😭 This video course is NOT for you if…

  • You want a “silver bullet”.
  • You like having a few big clients.
  • You believe passive income is key.
  • You’d rather keep doing what you’re doing.
  • You prefer scrolling social feeds vs. taking action.

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