Sarwar Uddin - Selling on eBay UK Masterclass

Sarwar Uddin – Selling on eBay UK Masterclass


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There is so much content on YouTube about selling on eBay however how frustrating is it that they are mostly based around the US market? Quite annoying right?

Well this is why I created the selling on eBay UK Masterclass which is a complete step by step guide on how to sell on eBay UK.

Covering everything from setting up your account, finding deals to resell, working with UK based wholesale suppliers, how to import from China to resell on eBay UK and I even cover how to dropship on eBay UK. This is all UK focussed and everything you need, all in one place so you no longer need to waste your time getting passed around from pillar to post.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1.0 Introduction

  • Start1.1 How To Go Through This Course (2:19)
  • Start1.2 Get Connected (2:38)
  • Start1.3 How eBay Works (3:24)
  • Start1.4 Reselling Explained (6:46)
  • Start1.5 Wholesale Explained (6:22)
  • Start1.6 Dropshipping Explained (9:14)

Lesson 2.0 Getting Started

  • Start2.1 What You Need To Get Started (7:35)
  • Start2.2 eBay Managed Payments Explained (4:45)
  • Start2.3 Setting Up An eBay Account (4:26)
  • Start2.4 Listing Your First Item (14:20)
  • Start2.5 Seller Hub Setup (9:45)
  • Start2.6 eBay Account Settings (4:07)
  • Start2.7 Business Policies (12:46)
  • Start2.8 eBay Selling Limits (3:36)
  • Start2.9 eBay Shops explained (4:07)

Lesson 3.0 The Business Model

  • Start3.1 How To Grow Your eBay Account (14:20)
  • Start3.2 What You Will Sell (10:46)

Lesson 4.0 Reseller Deals

  • Start4.1 Physical Store Deals (9:46)
  • Start4.2 Online Store Deals (14:08)
  • Start4.3 Discounts & Cashback (18:40)
  • Start4.4 Example Of Deals (14:03)
  • Start4.5 In Store Deal Example (7:35)

5.0 UK Wholesale Suppliers

  • Start5.1 Finding UK Wholesale Suppliers (9:55)
  • Start5.2 Using Zik Analytics (10:47)
  • Start5.3 Calculating Profits (17:36)

Lesson 6.0 Listing On eBay

  • Start6.1 What Makes A Good Listing (6:20)
  • Start6.2 Create A Winning Title (9:42)
  • Start6.3 Create Winning Images (16:47)
  • Start6.4 Final Parts Of Listing (11:24)

7.0 Importing From China

  • Start7.1 How It All Works (7:54)
  • Start7.2 Product Research (21:02)
  • Start7.3 Finding Suppliers (9:27)
  • Start7.4 Contacting Suppliers (10:07)
  • Start7.5 Handling Quotes (23:59)

Lesson 8.0 Agent in China

  • Start8.1 Cheaper Than Alibaba (4:15)
  • Start8.2 Getting Quotes From The Agent (2:26)

Lesson 9.0 Advantage Over Amazon To eBay Drop Shippers

  • Start9.1 Finding Amazon To eBay Drop Shippers (7:00)
  • Start9.2 Finding Products (8:23)
  • Start9.3 How You Will Beat Amazon To eBay Drop Shippers (6:50)
  • Start9.4 Profitable Product Example (6:12)


  • StartUpdate 1 – Sold Pricing On eBay (4:09)

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