Russell Brunson – Your First Funnel

Russell Brunson – Your First Funnel


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Dear friend:

If you want to finally build and launch your first funnel… where you can begin to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of leads that turn into sales… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

I’m looking for folks who have NOT built and launched a sales funnel using ClickFunnels…

OR people that had a ClickFunnels account at one point but canceled before launching their first funnel.

FREE 30-DAY Trial Of ClickFunnels

That’s right.
Instead of the 14-day free trial we normally give out, I’m going to give you a FULL 30 days… 4 whole weeks… one entire month… (which is a whopping 730 hours…) of ClickFunnels… FOR FREE!
This allows you to get comfortable with the software, build your funnel, and then launch your funnel… without giving me a single penny!
Nowhere else will you be able to find this type of “all-in-one” online business builder for an entire month. (Not to mention, other softwares out there takes AT LEAST a month just to get used to the dashboard… yikes.)

When you sign up today, you get immediate access to ClickFunnels where you’ll be able to…

  • Build, design, and launch your funnel in a matter of hours (without writing a single line of code or hiring an expensive copywriter, designer, or tech person…)
  • ​Run traffic to a proven, winning sales funnel that turns WHITE HOT LEADS into raving fans that want to buy whatever it is you’re sellin’!
  • ​And create MASSIVE lists of customers that continue to buy from you every time you put out a new offer

Now, This 30-Day Free Trial Is Worth It All By Itself, But Guess What…?

We Just Barely Got Started…

Because, like I said earlier, when you sign up for the free, 30-day trial of ClickFunnels, you immediately unlock the most incredible free gift ever!

Which includes over $8,745 worth of ‘marketing secrets’ that will help “kick-start” your first funnel for the highest chances of success!

Inside The 30 Days Book, You’ll Discover:

  • 30 chapters with 30 actionable, practical plans you can follow and experience positive online results (and on a shoe-string budget, without getting lost, stuck, or “paralyzed” with tech-overwhelm…)
  • How to collect up to 30,000 leads for FREE using a dead-simple strategy that’s proven to work by one of the world’s leading ecomm experts, Trey Lewellen. (And the page he uses to collect those leads… takes about 5 minutes to make inside ClickFunnels. Found on page 7.)
  • How to build and launch a “t-shirt funnel” with only two pages (…and why you should be launching a t-shirt funnel, regardless of your niche, and why. This no-brainer strategy can become your new “hands-off” business that runs on auto-pilot… found on page 16.)
  • Doing a high-ticket coaching offer and not sure what to sell? Then you’ll love pages 28 thru 30, where Liz Benny unveils her easy-to-follow method to discover the right products (physical and/or digital) that best serve your dream customers… without wasting time and money “testing” and figuring it out all on your own.
  • How to build an ecomm business from scratch using Instagram “micro-influencers” (it’s so easy, ecomm expert Alison J. Prince aka “2-Comma Momma” helped her 10 and 13 year-old do it)…

    Her strategies work, even if you’ve never sold a cent online, and even if you have zero clue on how to attract “micro-influencers.” She opens up her treasure chest and shows you everything you need to know… from pages 71 to 84.

And that’s all within the first 100 pages!

  • You’ll learn all of that, and more, including… how to use Facebook live and chat bots to collect a HORDE of hot, new leads begging to give you money (page 119)…
  • ​How to “reverse engineer” your Facebook lives and transform them into LEAD-GENERATING ads with INSANE ROI… (page 120)…
  • How to create an irresistible free offer by choosing the one “sexy thing” that practically forces EVEN THE COLDEST of audiences to say “YES” to… (found on page 155)… 
  • ​The winning secrets to crushing a 7-day challenge launch that’ll stuff your pockets with moola, and it barely takes 2 weeks to do… (revealed on pages 173- 177)… 
  • ​And how to sell a high-ticket webinar like a pro, even if you’re “camera shy” (pages 389 – 396).
  • How to turn e-books into gold and sell them for 10X the normal cost. (page 401)…
  • How to build a thriving coaching business using ONLY a ClickFunnels account and a go-to attitude, and have it work regardless of the “type” of business you’re in (shown on pages 437 to 455).

In The ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook,’
You’ll Discover:

  • The step-by-step ingredients (aka “sales page elements”) that every funnel needs to help boost conversions— miss just one of these elements, and it could be like adding salt to a cookie recipe when it should have been sugar…
  • 22 of WINNING sales funnel recipes you can model for your own offer, and that way you’re not left with a bunch of ingredients, a messy kitchen… and zero customers.
  • The #1 “ingredient” that can make or break ANY sales funnel— matter of fact, if this ONE thing is missing, OR isn’t up-to-par, then it’s as if you just spent HOURS in the kitchen, slaving away at a delicious home cooked meal for the family… only to have it completely burnt and ruined.
  • ​The 37 key sales funnel pages you can use for ANY type of funnel you’re wanting to build & launch, including pre-sale pages, survey pages, opt-in pages, pop-ups, “squeeze pages” upsells, downsells, webinar pages, and more! You want to know what page you SHOULD be using for your type of funnel…? Then you’ll love pages 41 thru 198.
  • And TONS more, including visual layouts of each of the 22 proven funnels, which makes it SO STINKIN’ easy (and super fun) to build, even a 10 year-old could do it!
  • Bonus: you’ll receive ALL THREE Funnel Hacker Cookbook recordings (where I’m dressed up like a chef)… and I show you how to “prep & cook” WINNING funnels to perfection… and you can follow along at home and make your very own (delicious) funnel with me! 

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