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Only Rookies Write from Scratch Templates Only by Ray Edwards

The “Only Rookies Write From Scratch” Sales Page Bundle

Take and tweak the EXACT copy templates we’ve used to pull 8-figures in sales for today’s highest-paid thought leaders.

There Are Only 5 Sales Pages You Will Ever Really Need:

  1. The Online Course Creator Sales Page
  2. ​The High-Ticket Live Event Sales Page
  3. ​The Story-Based / Case Study Sales Page
  4. ​The “Framework Frames-The-Work” Sales Page
  5. ​The Continuity Product Page

We’ve used these self-created templates to whip up “money raining” copy for some of today’s biggest info peddlers: Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Suzanne Evans, Frank Kern, Don Miller, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Paul Martinelli, Stu McLaren, and many more.

Survey says you’ve likely purchased products from at least some of these experts from the very sales pages WE wrote. If it worked on you, it may work on others, don’t you think?

Take our templates, tweak them, and hit the market knowing that you are wielding copy that will earn sale after sale after sale. This is your chance.

Meet Your Guides,
Ray Edwards and Mike Kim

We’ve been hired by some of today’s most influential thought leaders and have taught at top industry events including Social Media Marketing World, Titans of Direct Response, and Tribe Conference.

If there’s one thing we understand better than 99% of other marketers, it’s whipping up “money raining” sales copy for thought leaders.

If you sell events, online courses, coaching programs, or continuity products, this is the Universe saying, “Hey, I created this just for you and I just happened to channel it through a bald white dude and an abnormally tall Korean who writes English for a living.”

As Featured In and Trusted By:

For A Limited-Time Only (Thanks, Coronapocalypse) There Are 3 Ways We Can Work With You:

This promotion is something that we planned for later this year, but is that the entire country is being grounded like a naughty teenager, we decided to do this now so we could include live coaching calls. Pick your path forward, bold adventurer.

1. Templates Only

Take and tweak our 5 templates. Use them at your discretion, but use them liberally. If they worked for clients, they’ll work for you.

2. Templates + Live Calls

Join us for 5 LIVE 90-min online group classes. We will take you through every template one class at a time, and help you plan your launch.

3. Live 2-Day Workshop

Get the templates, online calls, and live workshop where we copyedit your work and plan your next product launch, from A to Z.


(You can thank Ray for cooking these up, he’s the one with cabin fever who lives in an actual cabin in the Northwest. Mike is a city-slicker to the tee…)

BONUS #1: The $14,000 Affiliate Swipe File

The year was 2017. I (Ray) was hosting my second ever affiliate launch and invited all my big-wig internet marketing friends like Jeff Walker (more on him in hot minute), Michael Hyatt, Jeff Bullas, and other gurus –– and threw a bone to one not-yet-internet-famous boi named Mike Kim, who had an email list so small that Mailchimp wouldn’t even take his money.

Long story short, this Mike Kim guy not only finished in the top five, he finished as the #1 affiliate (beating Jeff Walker), won an all-expense paid first-class trip to Lake Coeur d’Alene for our affiliate mastermind, and kicked back in the master suite the entire weekend, posting obnoxiously on Instagram and making sure to DM the other big wigs he beat out. (Just ask John Nemo. It’s been 3 years and Mike still sends random texts to Nemo asking, “How’s the view from my backside?”)

How did Korean wonder boi do this, you ask? His email copy. It was INSANELY on point that year. This guy cleaned up $14,000 in sales and prize money. As a mild form of payback (you should have seen the bill he racked up at the resort bar, not even God has that kind of money) I took his affiliate copy, used it during Stu McLaren’s launch, and finished in the top 5 myself.

Anyway, Mike’s legendary affiliate copy swipe file is YOURS if you join any package.

BONUS #2: The Top 25 FAQ Sales Page Guide 

Ah, the FAQ section of a sales page. We’d both rather be self-quarantined and forced to peel potatoes by hand than have to write this section of a sales page. Unfortunately, FAQ sections are often necessary and people do actually ready them. Fortunately for you, we’re throwing in our handy little guide which contains the 25 most common questions EVER including riveting, hard-boiled queries such as:

“What if I don’t have an email list?” “Do I need [ANYTHING] before I can benefit from this program?” “How much can I expect to make?” “How long will I have access to the program?” “Will I get access to all the materials or just a week at a time?” (Has someone seen our potato peelers? This hurts so bad…)

If there’s one section of a sales page that should be “plug and play” it’s the FAQ section. Never wrestle with the FAQ section of your sales page again. Pick a few of the questions, paste in your response, and BOOM –– finished.

BONUS #3: “Anti-Failure To Launch” Roadmap 

This one is serious. There are 27 key questions you need to be able to answer with complete clarity before you should even think about doing a launch. In fact, going through this questionnaire will help you decide: Should your launch be evergreen or time-sensitive? What is the format of your offer (membership, the course only, course + event)? What are the size and open rate of the list you are promoting to, and how do you normally market to them?

Frankly, this bonus alone is worth any package you purchase because the questions will centralize the information you need. Most people launch “in their head”. If you can’t answer these questions clearly and succinctly, it’s a sign you need to think deeper about what you are doing. (By the way, if you are a marketing consultant, use these questions as a framework for your very own clients.)

Whaddya Say, Work with Mike and Ray?

There are three ways we can work with you right now. Keep in mind: this is the only time we will offer the coaching package (#2) and workshop package (#3) because our two schedules won’t align later on.

Make The Small (But Vital) Investment Upfront To Get It Right The First Time

We’ve never understood why some people are willing to waste hundreds of hours and years of stagnant growth trying to figure it out instead of doing it right the first time.

The “Only Rookies Write From Scratch” sales page templates aren’t based off one-off successes we’ve had. These represent an accumulation of high-level work for top names in the info product and personal brand space. If you’re ready to get this part of your business right then we want to work with you.

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