Get a remote SaaS sales job with zero experience by Kellen


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In the last few years I have helped dozens of people leave behind dead-end jobs and enter the world of high-earning remote tech sales.

Companies are handing out $50-70k base salary ($75-100k total comp) for entry level sales roles, and the hiring managers are actively looking for talent to fill them.

There are thousands of companies hiring salespeople right now and I have put together a simple to use guide to help you land one of them.

This will help you position yourself as exactly what these people are looking for.

Inside you will find:

  • Examples of the skills hiring managers are looking for
  • A simple resume template to match your background to those skills
  • My personal operating system for finding & landing jobs
  • Links to job boards and strategies for finding remote sales roles
  • The exact messaging I use to connect with hiring managers
  • Interview tips & sample questions to stand out and get a job offer

From there it’s on you to execute; though I’ll be there every step along the way with video tutorials to show you exactly how to succeed. This could not be easier.

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