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If you want the freedom of Freelancing as quickly and simply as possible, here’s how…

How To Get Clients Who Pay You Monthly Recurring Income… Without Needing To Sell Yourself Online Or Do ANY Marketing

NEW METHOD: After 2 months of experimentation with a small group of willing test students, I’ve discovered a new way to get “clients” without prospecting, marketing, or doing any sales calls

Dear friend,

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the “freelancer freedom lifestyle” but squirm at the thought of client-getting or are tired of the constant juggling of responsibilities to keep your business afloat (taxes, marketing, fulfilment, etc.)…

… or you’re struggling to find peaceful profits in your business through consistent and regular client work…

… or you’d just like to find clients who are willing to pay you the same, predictable amount of money month after month (and even offer benefits like paid time off or free healthcare)…

… I’d like to share with you a recent experiment I’ve been running (in secret) with a small group of students during which we discovered a new way to:

  •  Create consistent (predictable) income that pays out on a regular basis… (no more feast and famine)
  •  Requires ZERO marketing or “typical” client getting activities
  •  Requires ZERO in upfront investment (no marketing = no need for marketing budget or other typical business costs)
  •  Can be performed on a part-time or full-time basis (your choice)
  •  It’s perfect for people who need income FAST… (some of our experiment participants were able to secure $4k, $5k, and even $8k/month income streams in as little as 72 hours)
  •  Is the ONLY solution that I’ve personally found for people who need additional benefits beyond JUST income (one of our participants used this method to secure top-shelf health care benefits for his child while also adding multiple zeros to his monthly income)
  •  Requires 1 – 2 weeks (on average) of Google searching for 15 minutes per day to land enough client work to book yourself solid for the next 6 – 8 months
  •  And a bunch of other cool stuff…

To explain exactly what it is that I’ve been up to these past few months, lemme share with you some of our results from the experiment:

Why We Were Forced To Redesign 

A Brand New Way To Freelance

About two months ago I put together a small group of people to beta test a new method of freelancing.

Our goal was this:

Find the easiest, most simple path for landing consistent clients WITHOUT having to do ANY marketing. Bonus points if the clients paid monthly recurring fees with long-term contracts. 

The ultimate goal was to help these students do a little bit of work up front, but then have the rest of their entire year booked in full with monthly retainer clients who signed long term contracts.


Because I’ve been doing No Pants now for 2.5 years and the #1 struggle I see with 90% of the people we work with is:

They struggle to consistently market themselves. 

They’ll send a few cold emails for a few days in a row… then quit.

They’ll build an email list and email it for a few weeks… then quit.

They’ll try FB ads for a few days… then quit.

Etc. etc. etc.

Or worse…

They’ll get into the “Success Circle Of Pain” which goes like this:

Step 1. Work your booty off to get clients

Step 2. Land a bunch of o’ clients

Step 3. Stop prospecting for more clients because you are too busy serving the clients you have

Step 4. Client projects dry up and oh-crap-I-need-rent-money

Step 5. Work your booty off, even more, to get clients while trying to juggle the work you have with the remaining clients from the initial burst of client getting

Again and again, the cycle continues until you’re burned out and hate what you’ve built as a business.

From my vantage point as chief troublemaker here in No Pants land, I see good people failing to live the Freelance lifestyle dream all the time because of marketing. 


And I get it! 


Marketing is NOT natural. It’s hard. It doesn’t always work the first time. You have to go out of your way to put yourself out there to strangers.

There are issues with confidence, self-talk, habits, procrastination, fear etc. etc. etc. etc. It’s a lot to deal with all at once while also trying to perform and deliver for the clients you do get.

On a to-do list, for most people, “marketing myself to people I don’t know” is at the very bottom.

It’s like speed dating, only worse because… if you don’t impress anyone you can’t pay your rent! 


So, if you’re one of the many Freelancers struggling to stay consistent and balanced with your marketing… keep reading. This whole experiment was for people just like you!

What Happened When 

We Stopped Trying To Get Clients

So, our experiment was all about finding a way to get client work WITHOUT having to do all that marketing stuff.

We tried EVERYTHING we could and I’m VERY grateful for the students who were willing to go through the beta testing process (it was intense) because at the end of our little experiment here’s what happened…

Father Lands $8,500/Month Contract 

And Saves His Son’s Life At The Same Time

I’ll never forget the first text that Fritz sent me, it simply said:

“I’m doing this for my son.”

What he meant was that he’d been trying to go Freelance full-time for the past 3 years but could never make the leap for one simple reason… healthcare costs were too high.

You see, Fritz’s son had a life-threatening health issue which would have cost more than $3,500/month out of pocket if Fritz decided to quit his day job and lose the insurance he was receiving from his employer.

In short: Fritz wanted the flexibility and freedom to be with his son, but the cost of insurance and health bills were keeping him stuck.

So, with that in mind we made a goal to find a client (as quick as humanly possible) that would:

  •  Pay a consistent, predictable monthly income with a guarantee of long-term work available
  •  Provide for/pay for/supply the BEST health insurance possible so that Fritz and his family could have peace of mind regarding his son
  •  Be flexible enough that Fritz could spend the majority of his time doing the things he’d always wanted to with his child

It was a tall order, but we managed to pull it off by tapping into a little known source of clients that I’ll tell you more about in a second.

The end result is what I’m most proud of though because:

  •  Within just 6 days Fritz had found and talked to 4 potential clients who matched everything he’d been looking for (consistent income, insurance, flexibility)
  •  He chose the 3rd of those 4 clients to work with and now earns $8,000+/month with this single client on a guaranteed 12-month contract
  •  His client pays 100% of the cost for what Fritz called “the dream healthcare benefits package”

The best part of this all: Fritz is able to live a flexible life, therefor his son whenever he needs him.

But Fritz wasn’t the only one….

Foster Mom Inspires Her Kids, Helps Her Husband Reduce His Working Hours, And Lands Her First Retainer Contract All In Less Than 72 Hours

Samantha first came into this experiment SUPER shy, very little confidence in herself, and almost no idea HOW she was going to make Freelancing work for her.

She was also desperate to make it work (PRO TIP: Hunger for results matters and makes a difference).

Her husband worked 60+ hours a week because they needed his overtime pay to meet their monthly bills. Why?

Because Samantha and her husband were foster parents to a growing family.

Samantha’s #1 goal was flexibility and being able to help her husband spend more time at home.

Like Fritz, she wanted consistency in income. She was already so mentally and emotionally consumed with being a successful foster parent that she just couldn’t imagine trying to balance the constant churn of new client getting. It just wasn’t an option for her.

Within 72 hours of following my advice, she landed a client who has locked her in for a 6-month contract with a guaranteed weekly payout.

The best part?

It’s with a company that serves the foster parenting community. This didn’t happen by accident, we purposefully designed it into the experiment.

Her husband has since moved his weekly work week back to a more reasonable 35 hours a week and they’ve all continued to work on growing their family together.

7 Year Freelancing Veteran Gets Off The Feast & Famine Income Roller Coaster For The First Time And Raises Her Rates By 30% With Consistent Client Work 

While both Samantha and Fritz were in the beginning of their Freelancing careers, I had to know whether or not these methods would work for someone more experienced.

Luckily, Sarah decided to join us in “the experiment” and bring her 7 years of full-time Freelancing experience to the table.

Here’s what happened to her:

  •  Started the experiment making $3,000 – $4,500/month depending on how much she could hustle each month in her business (was on the road to burnout for sure)
  •  I encouraged her to re-think what “Freelancing” actually meant and she re-tooled her entire skillset by finding “hidden gems” in her personality and background that allowed her to charge more
  •  Within a few weeks (she was SUPER busy) she landed just ONE client who is happily paying her $6,500/month AND has offered her multiple benefits like paid time off, education stipend, and even paid travel for her and her significant other

She went from a hectic average of $4,000/month juggling multiple client projects, spending hours each week marketing herself, to a more calm $6,500/month with just one client who provides consistent work AND amazing benefits.

Curious about what it was that we “discovered” which made such a huge difference?

The Secret To “No Marketing” Client Getting Is Knowing Where To Find Clients Who Are Searching For YOU!

3 months ago, I read an article which mentioned this little morsel of insight:

The tech company Zapier pays its employees more than $10,000 to “de-locate” from their central office in San Francisco and become full-time remote workers. 

Then I read in another article that:

  •  66% of companies ALREADY have full-time remote workers on staff where they’re paying salary, benefits, taxes, and retirement to allow people to work from home
  •  That more than 18% of companies in America right now are… 100% fully remote teams… meaning: the entire team works from home (like our team does here at The No Pants Project)

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