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Receive these beautiful 11-11 Gateway transmissions by Anrita Melchizedek, plus 12 Starseed Light Activation Symbols

This Special Offer Package for the 11-11 Gateway includes three transmissions:

Transmission One

The 11-11 Gateway of Illumined Truth and Divine Love (55 min)

In this beautiful 11-11 Gateway transmission, to deepen into the frequency bands from the higher dimensional unified fields and octaves of Crystalline Consciousness and to experience our upgraded Diamond Solar-Plasma Light DNA, we are wrapped in the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence, and travel into the 12 major Crystalline Cities of Light, starting with the Sedona Crystalline City of Light.

With this transmission, you receive two Mp3 downloads, with and without background music plus the transcribe

Transmission Two

The 11:11 Gateway and the Passionate Heart (60 min)

In this beautiful transmission, you are offered the opportunity to activate and integrate a deeper level of the beautiful Christed Heart Petal of Passion, Heart’s Dreaming and Joy, amplified through the 11:11 Gateway and the 11:22 Gateway of Light.

This transmission assists in experiencing a deeper sense of synchronicity and purpose, a deeper sense of inspiration and also, how you can birth your creations of Light in full abundance, in joy, in delight and passion upon this sacred Earth.

Transmission Three

Starseed Light Code Activations (45 min)

As we deepen into the New Earth Templates holding the Patterns of Perfection, we are invited to experience 12 beautiful Starseed Light Code Activations, Overlighted by the Galactic Councils.

The Starseed Light Codes Activations assist us in embodying our sacred multi-dimensional Blueprints as we enter into the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution.

These Starseed Light codes are:

Awakening, Remembrance, New Earth, Merging Timelines, DNA Activation, Initiation, Transformation, ESP Gifts, Mission Codes, Light Body Activation, Divine Equilibrium and Unity Consciousness

Additionally, you receive 12 beautiful Starseed Light Code Templates (Letter Size/A4) to deepen the Light Code Activation’s. You can print these out for your personal use. These Templates can further be used to charge your crystals, essences, essential oils, vitamins, food, water and so on.

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