Ranking Google Business Profiles through Data Manipulation & User Engagement (Local SEO)


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Introduction – What is this course about?

  • Show you ways to add 10x the weight of a review, pack a bigger punch, and stretch proximity.
  • Data manipulation on just about everything. Reviews, CTR, Q&As, search traffic, etc… control what data Google records about your brand, and use it to boost your rankings
  • Manipulated search strings NOBODY is using. How to build them plus they will give you the ability to literally target anything on the Map! Like anything, roads, cities, towns, neighborhoods, Parks, etc… Along with your targeted keywords.
  • Get EXIF data to stick AND show up on googles end (NOBODY I know has been able to do this) along with some other cool image hacks
  • Location pages–> 2.0. Got some upgrades that are crazy.
  • GBP posting, that’s proven to help rankings
  • Tactic targeting googles EAT algorithm, including a Google scholar hack
  • Blogging for local, plus adding additional traffic sources. We got in the Google discovery feed using this tactic on the second run and generated over 500+ clicks in two days
  • Plus using Google calendars, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc… to push GBP rankings
  • I have new software that will allow you to perform driving directions. Great to use on top of your CTR.
  • going over technicals such as interlinking, schema, google analytics, setting up goal tracking, conversion tracking with tag manager, etc.. and lots more

This is how it works. DO NOT SKIP! 11 mins
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP & Monthly Zoom Calls 3 mins

Initial Setup

  • Initial Profile Setup (Desktop) 10 mins
  • Initial Profile Setup (Mobile) Setup Plus Intro 9 mins

Market & Review Analysis – Power Up Your Reviews!

  • STEP 1 – Gathering Topics (Reviews) NLP 8 mins
  • STEP 2 – Generating Copy That Ranks! 11 mins
  • STEP 3a – Powering Up Your Reviews Method 1 (Smiley Face) 5 mins
  • STEP 3b – Powering Up Your Reviews Method 2 (Google’s 2 for 1 Deal) 4 mins
  • STEP 3c – Powering Up Your Reviews Method 3 (Treasure Map) 5 mins

Location Pages 2.0

Location Page Proximity HACK 11 mins

Recordable Events – Images

  • STEP 1- Attaching Keywords In EXIF Data & Get It To Stick! (Desktop) 8 mins
  • STEP 2- Connecting Additional Data to Your Image (Desktop) 5 mins
  • Method 2 – Google Earth Links 5 mins

Controlling Google’s Behavior

  • Intro into GOOGLE’S Questions (3-d Chess) 2 mins
  • GOOGLE’S Questions Method 2 (3-d Chess) 3 mins
  • Controlling Google – Part 1 (Get Google to ask you out!) 4 mins
  • Controlling Google – FINAL Methods (Get Google to ask you out!) 3 mins
  • WHY THIS IS SO POWERFUL (Controlling Google) 2 mins

Recordable Events – Reviews

  • Submitting a Review Controlling Google’s Records Method 1 (Locations) Maps 5 mins
  • Submitting a Review Controlling Google’s Records Method 2 (Competitor) Maps 3 mins
  • Social Signal Link Building on Google Properties 9 mins

Google Business Profile POSTING -> Rank Up!

  • Google Business Profile Posting A-Z Tutorial 10 mins
  • Google Business Profile Posts RESULTS (after less than an hour) 4 mins

Creating Search String URLs

Creating manipulated search strings that can target ANYTHING!

Running Your CTR Campaigns

  • Complete CTR Campaign Setup A-Z Tutorial 23 mins

Driving Directions… Yes, You Can Do That!

  • Intro into Driving Directions (Setup + Walkthrough) 11 mins
  • Driving Directions Method 1 (Targeting Keyword + Cities & Geolocations) 5 mins
  • Driving Directions Method 2 (Targeting Competition) 3 mins

Natural Behavior Patterns – Squeeze Out the Most SEO Juice from Each Signal

  • NBP – Method 1 (Most Common) Desktop & Mobile 6 mins
  • NBP – Method 2 (My Favorite) Desktop & Mobile 11 mins
  • NBP – Method 2 (My Favorite) Desktop & Mobile *PART B* 2 mins

Workflows & SOPs

  • Course Member SOP/Workflow For Yourself or VAs 5 mins

Putting it All Together Monthly (Casestudy)

  • SOP – Week 1 PLUS RESULTS! 7 mins

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