Pencil Pirates – How To Create Atomic Visuals

Pencil Pirates – How To Create Atomic Visuals


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Is Pencil Pirates for me?

You deal in words


  • a writer

  • a content creator

  • an educator

  • an academic

  • a business leader​

You have ideas 

You have important ideas to share, stories to tell and problems to solve that could inspire audiences to action and buy your expertise.

Words are failing

Audiences aren’t listening.

Your ideas, your expertise & your impact languish in unread tweets, blog posts, reports or presentations.

Are you writing online, but not getting the attention you hoped for?​

Do you have lots of ideas, but struggle to communicate them clearly through words alone?

Are you longing to be a visual communicator, but feel like you don’t have the skills or know where to start?

If any of these sound familiar,
Pencil Pirates is for YOU, me’hearty!

Learning how to create atomic visuals will help you:

✏️Visualise ideas in under 5 minutes.

🧠 Help audiences get you in less than a second

🔧 Build your following , so you can leverage your expertise, sell that E-course, write that book or change your career

Through Pencil Pirates, you’ll learn:

The mindset shifts you need to become a prolific atomic visualiser

All beginner visualisers face the same 3 mental blocks

  • I can’t draw

  • Drawing makes me less credible

  • Written words only form of knowledge creation

You’ll reframe your mindset and free your creativity to think clearly, draw in public & share your ideas visually at lightning speed.

The frameworks you’ve been missing to visualise ANY IDEA

Drawing ideas isn’t hard…once you know how.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find the ‘golden nugget’ ideas that are worth turning into visual leverage

  • The 3 step process to visualise anything that Pirate Queen Laura used to create a 6 figure visual storytelling business

  • The fundamentals of visual language to draw absolutely anything

  • Over 30 different visual frameworks to create atomic visual stories immediately.

The tools you need to create compelling visual stories

‘I don’t have the tools’ is a lie that you might be telling yourself to stop you getting started.

Whether you have just a pen, paper & smartphone; or a tricked out iPad with Apple Pencil & procreate, you’ll learn the design theory, timelapse animation techniques and social media posting tips to create visuals that resonate every time.

No matter what tools you are using.

The knowledge and community to draw in public, consistently

You aren’t alone on this adventure on the visual high seas.

Join a community of over 150 other #pencilpirates building their leverage online through visuals.

You’ll get exclusive invites to Pirate Scrawl Brawls – weekly 1 hour zoom sessions to get feedback on your work, hold you accountable & learn from one other.

And the option to join the Pencil Pirates slack space and Twitter list to ride the visual waves, together.

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