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About Overnight Freedom Website

It is a program which aims to educate students on the power of internet marketing and how a person can make money easily through affiliate marketing. The Overnight Freedom review will cover details of affiliate marketing, the most successful methods of conducting affiliate marketing and the tools available for a person to build a profitable business with the help of affiliate marketing through paid traffic.

Why should you enroll in Overnight Freedom course?

With internet marketing aspiring to new levels of successfulness, most businesses are looking at different ways to reach a larger online audience. As a result, affiliate marketing is gaining a lot of traction. But affiliate marketing is also a crowded section. So to be successful, you must know inside tips and tricks which can fuel your success.

The Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer Overnight Freedom course intend to provide its users with deep insight into affiliate marketing through paid traffic. As a result, users will have a greater understanding of the different methodologies used in affiliate marketing. The course will help them run a highly-profitable business on affiliate marketing.

What is included in the Overnight Freedom Program?

The Overnight Freedom course consists of six modules that discuss affiliate marketing. The course includes lots of details about the different tools used in affiliate marketing. Additionally, the course helps you identify the most successful ways in which you could conduct your affiliate marketing business.

The first module is an introduction to affiliate marketing. It covers the top 800 ad accounts and helps you find your first offer to promote. It uses affiliate marketing models that have been proven to work for others. With this in mind, the first module also includes information on how you can set up your first money making a funnel as per our Overnight Freedom review.

The second module is focused on Facebook Ads. Facebook offers a huge customer base with diverse demographics. This module helps you identify the right method of advertising on Facebook for profitability. From this module, you will learn about Facebook Pixel, creating a campaign structure, choosing the content for your ads and how to make money through your ads.

The third module takes you through reporting and Facebook Analytics. Since reporting helps you understand how your campaign is performing, it is very important for the business. During the course of this module, you will learn about the importance of various parameters and how to manage these for profitability.

The fourth module sets the pace for scaling. It talks about the ways in which you can identify a successful ad or a campaign. This helps you figure out if you should start scaling an ad for higher returns. Scaling requires market acumen and a deep understanding of ads. To help you make the right decisions, the module covers the dos and don’ts of scaling.

The fifth module takes you to the advanced level of affiliate marketing. Armed with knowledge from the first four modules, you start learning about custom audiences, retargeting and getting started on messenger. The module will also cover messenger automation and methods used for growing your messenger audience.

The sixth and the last module covers manual bidding and strategies used in manual bidding. It intends to help you understand the risks involved in manual bidding. Along with this, you will also learn about the benefits of successful manual bidding strategies. The module will help you understand how to effectively use manual bidding for higher profitability.

Here’s what you’re getting: The streamlined SPECIAL EDITION of the Overnight Freedom System delivered over 8 short weeks.

In 8 short weeks as you follow the Overnight Freedom System you will…

Implement and profit from THE SIMPLE 3-STEP 5-FIGURE PER DAY ‘OVERNIGHT FREEDOM FUNNEL’: You’ll model and reap the rewards of the exact, dead-simple funnel Gerry used to become the #1 affiliate on Clickbank over and over again while making up to $22,227.45 per day using simple Facebook ads! You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can put up campaigns whenever you’ve got a bit of spare time.

GRAB THE ONLY LANDING PAGES YOU’LL EVER NEED: These are the exact million dollar presell landing pages Gerry uses to make 5 figures per day and that has turned so many of our students into top super affiliates. Simply COPY our templates, change up the words here and there following our simple instructions, and you’re good to go.

MODEL MILLION DOLLAR FACEBOOK ADS: Get a look at ads that have made over $1 million in affiliate sales that you can model in your own campaigns. This is so simple it’ll blow your mind. We’ve gotten clicks as cheaply as $0.08 for 37,101 clicks using this ad style. Cheap clicks AND big volume! This is a BIG SECRET to our success.

DISCOVER HOW TO FIND THE BIG MONEY OFFERS TO PROMOTE: The right offers come from the vendors whose sole purpose is to help you make money more easily promoting their offer. We show you how to find these offers.

GET A COMPETITIVE ADVANGTAGE IN THE BIG NICHES, WITHOUT A BIG BUDGET: You’ll use the same simple, yet wickedly effective tricks Gerry uses to dominate over the big boys in the biggest niches out there, which can be scaled up much bigger than small niches!

GET THE TOP-SECRET MILLION DOLLAR IMAGE SWIPE FILE & CHECKLIST: Most people don’t realize 95% of the success of your ad comes down to the image. This is a swipe file of images that are proven winners, so you can model your images after these. PLUS, you’ll get the checklist that Gerry goes through every time he goes to create a new image for an ad. This alone is easily worth more than the price of the entire program.

DO THE AD CHALLENGE – GET YOUR AD CRITIQUED BY A TEAM OF 7-FIGURE MARKETERS: Join us for the Ad Challenge…submit your ads, and we will critique them. Get your ad critiqued by Gerry, Rob and our super affiliate mentors and get your own custom report. This is an INSANE opportunity, and NOBODY else at the top is doing this.

COPY OUR SCRIPT TO GET WINNING ADS FOR 5 BUCKS: Follow our simple image outsourcing script to get outsourcers to create click-inducing, winning ad images, without needing to be a designer and without ever touching any image software. This script is absolute gold!

NEVER WORRY ABOUT AD ACCOUNT CLOSURES AGAIN: For most affiliates, when their ad account gets closed, it’s lights out. Not for us! With our simple ad account action plan, you can get your ad account shut down one day and be advertising again the next day!

SCALE UP LIKE A BOSS: We recommend you start small with our simple instructions until you nail down your first winning campaign. Then SCALE IT UP following these simple tactics.


Week 0 – Bonus Pre-Training
Week 1 – Setting up your Facebook Marketing Funnel
Week 2 – Architecting The Perfect Ad
Week 3 – Setting up your Pre-sell Page
Week 4 – Piecing it all together
Week 5 – Split testing, tracking and Scaling
Week 6 – Ad Accounts & Credit Cards (Your business Assets) and Mindset
Week 7 – Advanced Strategies, Hacks and Tips
Week 8 – More Advanced Strategies

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