Offshore Keys 2023

Offshore Keys 2023


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The Offshore Effect. A lot of this journey comes down to reprogramming. We provide an environment where speculators can gradually rewire and unlearn the many habits that work against them in the markets in turn allowing their equity curves to lift off.

1. Unknowing
2. Money Trap
3. Vuja De
4. Psychology
5. Risk
6. Access
7. Rocket

Whats In The Box?


The Language

Offshore syllabus presented via in depth motion notes accompanied by actual video presentations

Market Reviews

Weekly reviews of the current key levels in the market as we track smart money


Cover trading concepts outside of the syllabus, psychological discussions and interviews from talent that work our style successfully

Technical Perspectives

In depth video breakdowns of trades taken which aids passive and direct learning

Speculators Network

24/7 support from Offshore speculators via Slack, a place to bounce ideas and learn different things that work for different people

Work The Numbers

Discussions and framework around risk management including risk models to help skilled speculators cover ground quicker

How do we find Market Direction?

Market structure is a very important and foundational part of the trading game and is commonly misconceived. Like dribbling in football, the better your understanding of structure the better your all round game

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