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Invitation To Join Fast Forward & Nothing Held Back+

It’s an 8-minute read and a 2-minute decision.

I’m going to describe what each one is, what it’s about and then you can decide which one you want to join.

Fast Forward and NHB+ It are designed to give you skills that most other business owners profit off you NOT having so that you always have a choice on how you can run and grow your business without being dependent upon other people’s advice and skills to make money… you won’t need their advice, you’ll have a choice to take their advice only if you want to take it not because you have to take it.

I spent 20 years in this game, and accumulate a lot of wins, scars, and battles through building 300+ offers and having done just about everything in the game.

About a year and a half ago I started Nothing Held Back because I felt at the time there was no true purest digital marketing community in the game that was good.

I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished that goal and we have 9,700 of the best of the best in there.

Then, I started sharing what I know about advertising, marketing and sales and I started to get people asking me to offer something more.

So I launched the Fast Forward Mastermind.

I didn’t post about it, promote it, push it or ask anyone to join.

Yet we had 207 of the world’s top digital marketers, copywriters, offer owners, agency owners, supplement brand owners, consultants and freelancers join.

They represent every market and niche you can imagine from supplements, to finance, to dog training, to survival, to health offers, to sports offers, to real estate, etc…

In those two months, we’ve accelerated their level of skill and success 5-10 years…

  • We had copywriters become offer owners and CMO’s (super proud of that)
  • We had CRO/CMOs take their client’s projects and hit 9x ROAS on them (yes even after the notorious iOS update).
  • We had offer owners go from $100k to $1 million / month.
  • We had people have their first $10,000 day
  • We had guys double their business
  • We had guys get 50% equity in companies and offer as CMOs
  • We had guys go from copywriters / consultants to publish where they publish other experts and own several offers at once

Now, I don’t focus on teaching them to be copywriters, offer owners, or any type of process and system.

Plenty of people do that and the other reason I don’t is that “systems” come and go.

Instead, what I focus on is teaching them how to think.

So they can see things others can’t see, connect the dots, and build their own models.

Once they can do that, they can imagine, pull apart, build and rebuild products, offers and services in any market.

As a result, they each have a unique skill set that can’t be copied and that also stands the test of time.

Here are a few things I taught them in Fast Forward every week on the Friday learning call

  • How to compete on economics and the 3 levels of economic competition.
  • High and Low Emotional States – how to modulate the offers and strategy based on emotional states (already shared this with you guys)
  • The Change Process – how to create real lasting changes in your leads, prospects, customers, and market as a whole.
  • The Levels of Change – how to engineer change in the ecosystem you operate in (I use this to build Nothing Held Back)
  • Thinking Big, Acting Small, and the Switch Over Effect – the most dangerous move you can make in the game that takes you out of an offensive position and forces you to play defense
  • How The Podcast VSL Really Works – How to start, build and scale a Podcast VSL on YouTube
  • Isomorphic Stories – How to create stories where your audience becomes you and you become the audience causing a highly associative state of influence
  • Core Beliefs and Empowerment – the core beliefs in every human being that every offer is built on, once you know this
  • Scaling in the Negative Space – how to scale offers even if they’re losing massive amounts of money on the front end
  • Assembly vs Creative Business – are you in the assembly business or creative business, which
  • Core Market Emotions as a Whole – how to identify the core emotions of markets and create powerful and effective messaging to your customers that really moves the needle
  • CMO/CRO (+competing on economics and the nature of competition/comparison)
  • Physiological vs Psychological Markets – how to identify each and how to use each to to increase conversions.
  • First Acquisition Marketing vs 2nd Acquisition Marketing – and why all the focus is on 2nd acquisition marketing for long-term success
  • Knowing What Business You’re Really In – how to determine what business you’re really in. Often times, the business you think you’re in, you’re not really in and what’s what holds you from growing.
  • Convincer Models – how to use convince models to convince your audience of almost anything
  • Geometric Marketing Models – the ratios of pricing, promotions, placement and everything else that gives you long term ecology and stability in your business.
  • Prescriptive Marketing – how to use prescriptive marketing in your market
  • Gender-Based Selling — the difference between selling to Men and Women and how to target, talk to, and sell to each one.
  • Design for Conversion – how to design ads, funnels and pages for the highest conversions possible.
  • Perceptive Positions – How to use perceptive positions to identify with your customer’s core emotions and talk to their deepest darkest inner thoughts and secrets.
  • Desire vs. Justification – the two core elements of any sales process and knowing which one to modulate
  • Creating, building and running offers – the difference between creating an offer, building it and running it and what you need to do in each stage of the process
  • The Basis of Marketing and Influence – the foundational principles of influence and marketing
  • Push vs Pull marketing – the difference between direct response and branding and why 80% of what I do is based on pull marketing, while everyone else is focused on push marketing.
  • Energy in Markets/Offers – how to put love in the product (this one is big and I’ve tested that moves the needle more than anything else).
  • The NO -> YES model of selling – why you should get your customer to always ay NO 1st before they can say YES. This alone will destroy your competition.
  • Attention Isolation/Environmental Control – how to control the environment and isolate attention for selling $100,000+ programs
  • How To Know How to Price Offers – using either collaborative or competitive pricing and knowing which to use where and when.
  • Transitioning from Copywriter to CRO / CMO – how to go from being a copywriter to CRO/CMO and structure profit share and equity deals.
  • Superstructures and Substructures – the key to building scalable offers that last
  • Selling Patterns – how to match your own buying patterns and create effective and authentic selling patterns
  • Organizers and Aggregators – the difference between the two and which you should be in your market
  • Identity Building and How to Use It In Your Marketing – how to give your audience an identity that creates a tribe
  • Trend Setters vs Trend Spreaders – how to influence your customers and audience to spread your message as the trend and how to start the right trend in the 1st place
  • Process Driven Publishing Model – how to find, structure deals with and publish experts and influencers and turn their knowledge into offers
  • The 5-Step Sales Process – and how to take your selling to the next level and know how to move each prospect through each stage
  • The Secret To Building High-Performance Teams – and how to use hidden economics to have the entire team paid for so they grow your business for you while paying for themselves
  • Evaluative Call Booking Models – how to use evaluative models to get highly qualified high ticket bookings that buy instead of waste your time with questions
  • Market and Funnel Structures – how to use what funnel architecture depending on what gender and market you sell to

Here’s what’s included:

✅ One Training Call Per Week Hosted on Thursdays at 11:00 A.M. EST: We run a training call every week that is approximately 1-2 hours each. We’ll cover everything from offer building, upsell architecture, traffic, copywriting, pricing strategy, funnel economics, design, and more.

✅  Access To All Calls with Top Tier Coaches & Trainers Every Week: Sharpen your skills and get trained by the best working copywriters, media buyers, conversion specialists, offer builders, and more every week – become a full-stack marketer or go deep with one to two skills… it’s YOUR choice.

✅ Recordings and Replays of All Calls: Watch and rewatch as often as you need – you’re getting video replays, audio replays, and transcripts from every call.

✅ Call, Training & Coaching Summaries: Quick hit notes and timestamps to make every call easier to digest and rewatch later.

✅ World Class Guest Speakers & Presenters: Learn from the likes of Ron Lynch, Mike Gandia, Matt Bacak, and other hidden players too busy winning the game to run the event circuit or teach their best secrets anywhere else.

✅ Community Support: Our community is full of the best and brightest, and in true NHB spirit they hold NOTHING back – you’re getting advice, mentorship, and insights directly from them every day.

✅ NHB+ Discord: This is the soul of NHB + we have a community server where you can get help with anything in between the calls and also connect with everyone else.

✅ Niche & Market Specific Chats & Channels: You’ll have access to a variety of topic, niche, and market channels (and their chat history) so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

✅ Daily Discord Digest: The quick hits of all the best community discussions each and every day so you never have to worry about missing any of the gold.

✅ Action Calls: Peer-led calls every week to help you implement everything you’re learning inside NHB+.

✅ NHB+ Job / Hiring Board: Our community hires and shares opportunities WITHIN first – we’re giving you the first bite at the juiciest apples in the game.

✅ Accountability Groups: Small groups pushing each other to get more shit done, make more bank, and dominate.

✅ Swipes: Access Alen’s personal swipe stash, plus the additional swipes and resources our community contributes from their own archives as well as with every win they share

✅ Templates, Funnels & Resources: We’re giving you access to all of my templates, funnels and resources (including upsells, downsells, emails, scripts, etc…) so you can use them in your own or client offers… PLUS resources from our 7-, 8-, and 9- figure members who choose to share their resources exclusively within NHB. Implement fast and furiously with templates built on the marketing theory and principles you’re learning inside NHB+.

✅ Books & Courses: A constantly updated Hot List of the best books, courses, and other resources in every area of professional and personal development.

✅ Access to the NHB Private Network: You’re going to get access to all of the 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure members in the NHB network.

✅ Members Only Events: You’re going to get access to all of my templates, funnels and resources (including upsells, downsells, emails, scripts, etc…) so you can use them in your own or client offers.

✅ We’re going to use the Socratic method of teaching:  There is no process, or step-by-step instructions, here’s a course, follow it. Doesn’t exist, and I can’t teach you to be great by giving you a cookie-cutter formula (if I did, then you’d just be like the others).

So with that in mind, you’re not just going to be learning from me.

You’re also going to be learning from a carefully curated list of the world’s best experts in various topics such as copywriting, media buying, offer building, process, and team building, hiring, buying and selling businesses.

It’s the full stack of knowledge and skill that you’ve been looking for.

So If you want to learn from & become one of the best of the best marketers in the world, reach new heights for you and your client’s businesses, become a full-stack marketer and learn how to look at the market and know exactly,  what is happening, why it’s happening and how you can build reformulate or redesign any offers for any market conditions then NHB+ is the first step in your journey towards separating yourself from the pack

We’re going to show you all of the insights you need to really understand how the game works at a fundamental level so you know what levers to pull and when and how to spot new opportunities for growth, partnerships, new market segments and building products with high degrees of product market fit from day zero.

That’s what NHB+ is and so if that’s what you’re looking to do then the last question you have is what is the price & where do i sign up…

Sales Page:_–Z1tRPwkFe85eV4JHcGP43Gg/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR0ZLmmlZnN0wzAVfr3taxi_FhQYqv6UsgLf3MexV7HClMeZ5yTcPow7cm0

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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