NoAppointmentSetters - Appointments On Autopilot FE

NoAppointmentSetters – Appointments On Autopilot FE


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  • Advanced Conversion Tracking – Knowing when someone converts, and when that happens is important, and also tends to be very intimidating for a lot of people. In this course, I will walk you through it and simplify the most advanced form of conversion tracking
  • The Settings the “Experts” don’t want you to know – When setting up Google ads you’ll find a lot of settings to be rather confusing, and some settings can make or break your campaign. I’m going to show you THE EXACT settings I use to keep myself from wasting money.
  • The Keyword TRICK Nobody is telling you about – What you don’t want to do is randomly fill in all the keywords you want to target. Instead… I’ll show you how to REACH your ideal customer WITHOUT wasting money. 
  • The UNIQUE Campaign Objective People Aren’t Using – Most people waste THOUSANDS because they pick the OBVIOUS campaign objective that Google WANTS you to use. “Sales” or “Leads”. I’ll teach you the ACTUAL campaign objective that’ll get you the appointments you’re looking for.
  • My EXACT AI prompts to AUTOMATE copywriting! – I don’t have time to write all these headlines, I am busy raking in the sales… but I also don’t want my headlines to sound robotic… I’ll show you the EXACT Prompts I am using to automate your copywriting.
  • The EXACT AD SCHEDULE I am using to rake in sales! – Stop running your ads 24/7. Almost noone is going to book at 3 am, and if they are, it’ll be a conversion you’ve paid too much for. Instead use the schedule I teach you to get the most out of your budget and rake in those sales.

Many of the things you’ll learn have never been taught by ANYONE else! These are the EXACT tricks I PERSONALLY use to land myself, and my clients 5-10 appointments a WEEK without having to use Spammy & shady appointment setters.

Breakdown Of Our Google ADS Framework

What you are getting…

This is the EXACT Google ads framework that I personally use to book 5-10 Appointments a week for me AND my customers.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Google Ads Mini Course – I will walk you through setting up your first campaign, step by step, in an over the shoulder approach.
  • ​A guide on my NEVER SEEN BEFORE Scaling Strategy  – How can you take an ad that is converting well and scale it up? I will walk you through it all! Step by step!
  • A course on How to Optimize & Analyze your campaign – I will teach you EXACTLY how you can turn a losing campaign into a winner, and how to optimize your results.
  • AI Copywriting Prompts & Assistant – Those with Chatgpt plus get access to my personal GPT that is trained on all the possible copywriting formula’s, and everyone gets access to 
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking Strategy – I will show you how tracking can increase your ROI dramatically, and why It’s important…
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