Newsletter Curation Marketing by Armand Morin

Newsletter Curation Marketing by Armand Morin


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If You’re Not Using Curated Newsletters In Your Marketing Strategy, I Can Guarantee You Are Doing More Work Than You Should Be Doing

The Number One Reason Is That It’s The Fastest Way To Create Content To Build a List

It Simply Saves You a Huge Amount of Time

Companies that save people’s time by providing instant services are the ones with the greatest success. Netflix, Uber, and Spotify are all examples of companies with an immense amounts of success.

Did you know that over 2 million blog posts are written daily? With so much information readily available, we always feel we are missing out on the best content because of time constraints.

Your subscriber receives the best content curated in their inbox.

It Makes You A Leader On The Cutting Edge

If you save people time and create high-quality content consistently, you will build an authoritative position. Thus, people will respect the content you curate and the content you generate.

Think about it, by curating content that others have done the research on and created for you; you appear to be the one a the forefront of your industry. It will seem as though you always know what’s going on.

In reality, we’ll keep our little secret about how you do it.

Always Be Inspired With Great Content

To stay relevant, you must produce great content as soon as possible. The issue is that you can’t take a break because your competitor might be waiting in the wings to steal your audience’s attention.

With curated newsletters, your content marketing calendar is always fresh and engaging. You’ll have a constant presence at the top of your customer’s minds with one curation from multiple sources of great content.

Never have writer’s block again, and I look forward to getting your issues out.

Curated Newsletters Are At An All Time High In Popularity… People Want The Work Done For Them

Here’s Just a Few Extremely Successful Curated Newsletters – Remember, They’re Curated So

There’s Very Little If Any Content They Actually Write

Curated Newsletters Are At An All Time High In Popularity… People Want The Work Done For Them

The Morning Brew

The Morning Brew is a daily newsletter for young professionals and entrepreneurs that provides up-to-date information on all business-related topics. Alex Liberman and Austin Rief created this rapidly-growing newsletter in 2015, and since then, The Morning Brew has become one of the most famous entrepreneur newsletters in the world.

Sold For $75,000,000

This year, Morning Brew expects to bring in over $50 million in revenue. The company has been profitable since 2018, which is rare for media upstarts. It sold to Business Insider in 2020 for an estimated $75 Million.

  • Lieberman and Rief, ages 27 and 26, started the business in 2017, shortly after graduating from the University of Michigan.
  • Most of the company’s revenue comes from selling flat-fee sponsorship packages around its newsletters. It makes some money from site sponsorships and its podcast.

The Hustle

The Hustle Newsletter’s goal is straightforward: teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to make critical business decisions without the risk of making mistakes.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, then this is your treasure island. Over 2 million subscribers are served this newsletter, getting access to the information you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Quartz Daily Brief

With a mission to make business better,™ Quartz specializes in business news and analysis for purpose-driven professionals.

Quartz’s offerings include the Quartz Daily Brief, its industry-leading morning newsletter; the Quartz Obsession email and podcast; Quartz at Work, on the modern workplace; and Quartz Africa and Quartz India, which focus on innovation in each region.

Sold In 2022 For $10 Million Dollars

Quartz was acquired by G/O Media recently for a reported sum of $10 Million. Technically this makes the 4th time Quartz has been for millions of dollars.

The acquisition brings together G/O Media’s portfolio of brands: The A.V. Club, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker, The Root, and The Onion with Quartz’s award-winning journalism and global audience.

Launch Ticker

Launch Ticker News is a valuable source for everything regarding technology. They post daily updates of news from industry leaders around the world.

This is the right place for people tired of reading tech news that hold no real value or information. As a subscriber, you will receive two emails daily, with the first being delivered with news from the past day and the second publicizing updates from the current one.

The MOZ Top 10

Twice a month, Moz sends a newsletter containing the top 10 articles from their recent publication, which provides valuable insight into the world of digital marketing.

With most websites publishing piece upon piece, it’s hard to find the ones worth reading, so getting a collection of gems every two weeks or so is fantastic.

Again, it’s a time-saving strategy that people want.

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