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Morning Marketing Habit

Morning Marketing Habit is a 6-week course designed to help freelancers and consultants form… wait for it… a morning marketing habit.

Very short video lessons and assignments will give you the knowledge, tools, and momentum you need to stay consistent with your marketing and get more solid project leads from your dream clients.

Listen, I know questions like this can be cheesy, but humor me.

How would your life change if your freelance income was steady, predictable, exciting even?‍

Pause for a moment, and truly consider the implications.

What would that predictable income make possible?

You could *rehome* the bad-fit clients who cause stress.
You could say no to boring and last-minute projects.
You could experiment with charging more.
You could have more free time and fun.
You could have more joy in your work.
You could do other stuff you love.
(Does anyone else out there want to write more children’s books and make more smoked brisket? Just me? Okay.)‍

Predictable income is the one thing every freelancer needs.

It’s the long crowbar, the force multiplier.

It comes from a surplus of project leads.

Does your experience jive with what Peter, Alan, and Steph observed?

Mine certainly does.

Cool clients, more than enough money, and time freedom don’t depend on once-in-a-generation talent but on marketing.

You can be really good at what you do, yet if you wait for your dream clients to come to you, you won’t thrive as a freelancer.

You have to get in front of them and give them a chance to care. ‍

You don’t get a sustainable, satisfying freelance business without marketing. ‍

Our freelance income rises and falls with our marketing.

I knew this for YEARS, yet I was still inconsistent with it. The thought of putting myself out there made me uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to become the shameless self-promoter with one long feed of selfies.

What about you? How do you feel about marketing and self-promotion?

I’ve talked to hundreds of freelancers and consultants, and I hear more fears, frustrations, and “thought defects” related to this than anything else.

See if any of these lines sound familiar:

“I suck at marketing.”
“I don’t have enough time for marketing.”
“I try to stay on top of it, but it’s exhausting.”
“Marketing doesn’t work for me.”
“I just really don’t like (and probably fear) the act of self-promotion or self-marketing.”
Let’s take a closer look at each of them, shall we?‍

“I suck at marketing.”‍

Some freelancers do suck at it. They don’t have the knowledge, plan, or gumption.

When they hear cocky marketers talk about their buckets of inbound leads, they feel skeptical, envious, and embarrassed all at once.

That was true for me.

Only within the last couple of years have I truly accepted my past failings and really committed to learning through small “bets” and marketing experiments.

If marketing isn’t a point of pride for you, you’re not disqualified.

Don’t give up on it just yet. Keep reading.‍

“I don’t have enough time for marketing.”‍

Other freelancers are quite good at marketing WHEN they do it.

The trouble is, they do it in erratic, ineffective bursts. Like eating vegetables.

“I’m too busy with client work for marketing” for 3 months turns into

“Uh-oh… My project pipeline is dry as dinosaur bones. MUST MARKET NOW!!”

Starts and stops in marketing produce feast and famine.

That was me, circa 2018. I had one big retainer client paying all my bills (and consuming all my time). The reckoning came in March 2019.

[The memory makes him shiver.]

To break out of the cycle, you have to tell yourself a different story: “There’s always enough time to do what’s most important, and marketing is really important.”

Consistent marketing and consistent income go together like my kids and popsicles.

The key is when you do your marketing. More on that in a bit.‍

“I try to stay on top of it, but it’s exhausting.”‍

Some freelancers try to be everywhere.

✅ You set up all the accounts—TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace.

😰 You laid out elegant content lanes, beaucoup topics, even an editorial calendar. Maybe you’ll even use them one day!

🌔 Your email newsletters were like eclipses, seen four times a year.

There’s an awful lot of activity but no momentum you can really feel. Is anything actually working?

So many platforms, posts, and tasks leave you feeling a mile wide and inch deep.

Perhaps you’ve even started believing this:‍

“Marketing doesn’t work for me.”‍

You took advice from attention-rich influencers, “Instagram reels are where it’s at!”

You really went after it but didn’t get the same results. Maybe you’re doing it wrong? Maybe you were too late and missed the window?

You take a break from marketing (a looong one) and go back to hoping for referrals.

Or maybe for you the marketing conundrum is as simple as what my friend Zach said to me:‍

“I just really don’t like (and probably fear) the act of self-promotion or self-marketing.”‍

So yeah, marketing stirs more feelings than a middle school talent show: dread and dreaming, flat skepticism and cautious hope.

Let’s go with hope for now.

There is a solution, based on logic and common sense.

I’m going to share it with you.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was the one mumbling excuses.

“I’ve been really busy.”
“I don’t like social media.”
“I’m not sure what I should be doing.”
In 2020, like a million other people, I read Atomic Habits. A revelation had been creeping up on my sideways, and the book turned me toward it.

✨ We can’t control outcomes. We can only control how much effort we put in. ✨

To get off the feast-or-famine rollercoaster, you need predictable income.
To get predictable income, you need a surplus of project leads.
To get a surplus of project leads, you need to market.
The only way you can guarantee you won’t push back your marketing is to do it first thing.

Did you catch that?

By the end of 6 weeks, you will have accomplished the following:

✅ Learned the simple but sturdy definitions of marketing terms and ignore all the crap that doesn’t matter.

✅ Created a 1-page marketing plan based on the strategies, tactics, and activities that fit your strengths.

✅ Designed and kickstarted your LinkedIn marketing experiments.

✅ Started making your minimum marketing deposit 5 days a week.

✅ Started tracking the results of these experiments.

✅ Timeboxed those experiments so you can reassess after putting in a statistically significant number of activities—e.g., at least 100.

✅ Zeroed in on what’s working for you so you can double down on it.


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