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Money Call$: Prospect Conversation Systems I Used To Go From Broke Student To Closing $5000+ Deals On The Phone

Are you looking for a step-by-step method to start closing $5000+ deals consistently and confidently on the phone call?

If you have ever…

  • Been afraid of speaking to a prospect over the phone
  • Doubted your conversation skills
  • Worried about your prospect judging you negatively
  • Stressed over sounding stupid to a prospect
  • Struggled with quoting your prices and negotiating on the call
  • Spent time on a call only to realise that your prospect is not your target client
  • Spoken to a prospect and then never heard back from them
  • Feared that all your effort will be wasted when the prospect rejects you
  • Hit a dead-end with closing deals and have considered giving up freelancing…

Then keep reading.

Because Money Call$ can change your life.

Introducing Money Call$ – The Advanced Edition

The only system you will ever need for turning prospects into high-paying clients confidently and systematically, over text or phone call.

Here’s everything you get in Money Call$ – The Advanced Edition:

Money Calls Guide

Smash your mental barriers & fears, and learn a repeatable system to conduct outstanding calls with your prospects. Even if you’ve never done it before.

Advanced Guide 1: Deep Analysis of 2 Real Prospect Conversations
Discover the elements of a persuasive conversation through the deep analysis of 2 real conversations I’ve had with prospects over LinkedIn DMs.

Advanced Guide 2: Objection-Management Scripts
Handle your prospects’ objections like a pro with my 5 done-for-you scripts.

Advanced Guide 3: Prospect Red Flags
7 prospect red flags you must watch out for to avoid the pitfalls of “fake” and difficult clients.

Advanced Guide 4: Video Call Expert
This mini-guide gives my top 10 tips for conducting professional, impressive video calls with your prospects.

Advanced Guide 5: Airtight Proposals

Discover 8 elements that will make your proposal airtight, so you can work with your clients stress-free.

Advanced Guide 6: Prospect Call Compass
Follow this simple checklist to navigate your way effortlessly during the prospect call.

Learn Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Helped Me Close $5000+ Deals And Get Paid On The Phone:

In Money Call$, I’ll show you how to :

  • SMASH your mental barriers that hold you back from conversing with prospects
  • Find prospects using my 3 Easy Methods
  • Qualify your leads in just 5 minutes using my simple Prospect Qualification Strategies
  • Set up a call with your prospects like a pro
  • Prepare for a prospect call — no fidgeting or “umms” and “uhhs” on the call
  • Conduct the prospect call confidently and become the prospect’s go-to freelancer
  • Close the deal and get paid while on the call
  • Leverage prospect calls that didn’t work out – don’t let your calls “go to waste”
  • Apply the 14 Golden Rules of Prospect Conversation to establish yourself as an exceptional freelancer in your prospects’ minds.

I’m Giving You All The Systems, Easily Worth $200+, For A Small Investment Of Only $47.

Get Money Call$ – The Advanced Edition, for $47.

If you have a tight budget, get the Money Call$ – Fundamental Edition for Only $27.

If you only wish to learn the process of conducting your prospect calls, or you’re on a tight budget, you can get Money Call$ – The Fundamental Edition. This includes the Money Call$ Guide, where you’ll learn everything you need to about going from meeting an unqualified lead to booking a call and closing the deal.

If you need an extra boost, get Money Call$ – The Premium Edition for $147.

Along with the Money Call$ Guide and everything else in the Advanced Edition, you will also get a 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me. Get YOUR questions answered and YOUR challenges resolved within 60 minutes.

“Shreya, THIS is exactly what I need! But will this system work for me?”

The strategies that I reveal to you in Money Call$ have helped me close deals worth thousands of dollars and get paid while on the call.

Hey, this is me, Shreya Pattar!

I am a freelance writer, creating content and working globally with high-ticket clients. I am a premium service provider, and my freelancing rates are amongst the highest in the freelancing world.

With a following of 89,000+ on LinkedIn and 46,000+ on Instagram, I have fast-tracked my way to a successful freelancing career. I have worked and experimented with hundreds and thousands of freelancing strategies and tactics to make this happen in the shortest time possible.

I now help freelancers like YOU save months & months of time, and avoid trial & error, so you can find more clients, make more money and freelance successfully! My first ebook #Anthology and my Sprint From Scratch Challenge (free email challenge) received rave reviews from freelancers across the globe and brought them results like never before.

With that being said, is Money Call$ for everyone?

No. Money Call$ is NOT for you if:

  • You believe in spray-and-pray strategies rather than systems that guarantee results
  • You don’t mind bending over to your prospect’s unreasonable terms & conditions and expectations
  • You are willing to spend months or years making your own mistakes and learning through experience
  • You would rather keep asking others for vague advice to experiment with
  • You are comfortable with conducting average prospect calls and missing out on potentially life-changing opportunities.

Money Call$ IS for you if:

  • You want to learn a sure-fire system of conducting exceptional prospect conversations
  • You are ready to take a leap of 1-3 years in your freelancing career by simply consuming this guide
  • You want to conduct conversations confidently by following an easily replicable process
  • You want to become your prospect’s go-to freelancer for life
  • You are committed to excelling in your freelancing career.

That’s what Money Call$ can do for you:

Erase your fears. Your hesitations. Your years & years of experimentation.

So you can make calls that you are proud of. Every. Single. Time.

For only $47, you will get access to the full Advanced Edition that has helped me close $5000+ deals. Repeatedly.

“But Shreya…”

Yes, I know. You’ve got questions.
And I’ve got the answers to your questions.

“Why not just a $10 guide?”

Not knowing how to conduct calls strategically has easily cost me $10,000+ in the first year of my freelancing career. Now, you have a choice:

1. You can either spend months and years figuring this out yourself, possibly costing you $10,000+ every year


2. You can pay for Money Call$ once to learn Prospect Conversation Strategies that will:

  • Make YOU supremely confident in conducting your calls
  • Make YOU more money than you’ve EVER made.

Your choice.

“What if this doesn’t work?”

Money Call$ is a strategic compilation of years & years of personal observation & experience, and lessons that I’ve learnt from various 6-figure, 7-figure, 8-figure freelancers & creators across the globe. By trusting and following these step-by-step processes laid in the system, you will be able to transform how you conduct prospect calls and also close bigger, better deals. Money Call$ works as long as you work.

“So are you saying that I can also close $5000+ deals?”

Yes, you can close $5000+ deals. You can also close deals much bigger than this. But I do NOT guarantee either of these results.

“Can I get a refund?”

No refunds. Why? Because I know this system works. And as long as you put in the work, you will see the results.

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