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Modern Man – Alpha Male Power


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Alpha Male Power

Alpha Male Power transforms you into a powerful, supremely confident alpha male.

It eliminates all fear, nervousness and anxiety related to women and socializing. It allows you to instinctively attract women on the deepest level possible.

Alpha Male Power is about tapping into the infinite power of your inner alpha male, which then allows you to approach women at will (and without any fear) and attract women on a deep and instinctive level.

Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male, so all you need to do is say and do a few simple things that trigger her natural attraction to alpha males and she will be immediately interested in you.

The techniques in this program also cause other men to feel a constant, overwhelming need to respect you and want to be friendly towards you. Guys avoid messing with you because they know that you’re someone they should respect and be nice to.

What Will You Learn From Alpha Male Power?

Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch Alpha Male Power:

The only guaranteed CURE for approach anxiety: Many guys waste years of their life being too afraid to walk up and talk to women they find attractive.

No matter how much they pump themselves up or how much they learn about “pick up,” they just can’t seem to stop feeling anxious and nervous when it comes time to approach a woman they find attractive.

If you experience approach anxiety, get ready to say GOODBYE to it forever. We have found the CURE! From now on, your approach anxiety will literally CEASE TO EXIST. Prepare to experience a life completely free of anxiety and unnecessary nervousness.

Elite alpha male mindsets: These powerful mindsets will change the way you view your own personal power from now on. No longer will you experience periods of weakness, self-doubt or insecurity. You will feel powerful, unstoppable and always able to take on anything, no matter how challenging.

As a side bonus, women can SENSE when a man has these mindsets and it is DEEPLY attractive to them on the most primal of levels. Other guys will pale in comparison to what she feels for you.

Making women like you automatically: Imagine if the next time you spoke to a woman she liked you AUTOMATICALLY. Meaning, you did NOT have to try to get her to like you. This is not only possible, it is NORMAL and a small percentage of men around the world know how to do it.

You can have this type of power over women. Just use the techniques in this program and you will experience it IMMEDIATELY. Say goodbye to trying to pick women up or hoping that they like you. From now on, women will like you automatically.

Overcoming your “inner game” issues with women: Knowing what to say is important, but a woman can TELL if you are nervous or anxious when talking to her and it turns her OFF at a deep level. Women don’t want to feel like they are more powerful than you.

Fixing your inner game/confidence issues with women is CRITICAL if you want to enjoy the success you’ve been dreaming about. In this program, you will discover how to instantly and painlessly eliminate all of your issues with women. From now on, you will experience a life of confidence, self-esteem, power and control. No more insecurities, no more nervousness, no more fear.

Constant confidence: Do you feel confident in some situations, but really nervous and unsure of yourself in others? Get ready to experience life with unwavering confidence that NEVER goes away. You will have to experience it to believe it because we are well aware that it sounds “too good to be true.” Try it and you will see.

Powerful presence: Your presence and vibe is one of the top two most important things for success with women. If you’re vibe is off or you are “all in your head” because of nervousness or anxiety, women simply won’t be able to feel proper (if any) attraction for you.

In this program, I talk about the four most important types of presence: Assertive presence, sexual presence, relaxed presence and loving presence. Get ready to experience a completely new level of success with women! You will be simply amazed at what happens when you use these techniques around women.

Having sex with a LOT of women: A lot of guys dream of being able to “get laid” with a new woman every week, or even a few women every week. Yet, the closest most guys ever come to that is by watching porn.

The fact is, there is a small percentage of men in the world who do most of the sexing of the available women. Discover a SURPRISING way of interacting with women that causes them to want to have sex with you IMMEDIATELY. To say that you will be AMAZED by the reactions you get from women when you use this technique is an understatement. This is going to change your life BIG TIME.

Attracting very beautiful women: Why do so many ordinary and “ugly” looking men have very attractive girlfriends? What is going on there? Any guy can attractive very beautiful women, but most guys simply don’t know what to do.

In this program, you will discover the fastest, easiest and most powerful ways to attract beautiful women on the deepest level possible. You may not believe that you can do it until you use the techniques from this program and see it happening before your own eyes. Get ready to experience success with the types of women you’ve always wanted.

Respected by other alpha males: If other strong men don’t respect you, then you will often be the butt of their jokes, will be overlooked for many promotions in work environments and most importantly – you will be overlooked by women.

When women see that you an alpha male who is respected by other strong men, they will feel attraction for you on a level that they simply cannot experience for weaker men.

Being a powerful man: A lot of men are afraid of their true potential and shy away from positions of power and responsibility. When it comes to talking to women, many men would rather hand over their power to a woman in the hope that she will choose them and give them a chance to have sex with her.

Yet, that is not how an alpha male behaves and it is NOT what a woman wants. Women are attracted to men who rise up (even slightly or momentarily) into positions of power. Don’t shy away from being the powerful man you know that you can be.

Maximum masculinity: The fact is, the more masculine you are, the more attractive you are to women. A lot of modern men have been turned into “half men, half women” by pop culture and have suppressed much of their masculinity in a confused attempt to impress women.

Women are NOT impressed by men who drop their rank and place the woman as the alpha. Women are impressed by MEN and PREFER men to be in the top position

Making friends with the “cool crowd”: Some guys find it difficult to relate and get along with the “cool crowd,” especially if there are a number of alpha males or very attractive women in the group.

In this program, you will discover how to behave, how to talk, what body language to use and what vibe to have so you easily get along with that crowd. You’ll also learn how to make them want to be your friend and want you to stick around and be a part of the group.

Deepest level of confidence: Confidence is not finite. Your confidence can grow, build and increase as time goes on. However, most guys will only ever experience a superficial level of confidence, confidence in some situations or fleeting/temporary confidence during good times.

In this program, you will discover the secrets to deepening your confidence to levels that you simply cannot imagine right now. This will not only help you with women, but in all areas of life.

Using your alpha male power: Once you know what this elusive and highly-prized power is, how do you use it? Discover how to use your natural, alpha male power to change your life (and the world if you want to) for the better. Your alpha male power will make women submit to you, make other men respect you and make you feel like a king.

Alpha male behavior: Learn the many important behaviors that are critical to being a true alpha male. Find out the many mistakes that men make, which place them below alpha males and cause them to live the life of a lower ranking male.

Alpha male body language: Watch as I (Dan Bacon) demonstrate alpha male body language for various situations, such as: During conversation, making eye contact with a woman to make her attracted to you, making eye contact with a man to make him respect you, etc.=

Alpha male conversation examples: Listen as I demonstrate how to speak like an alpha male throughout the program, using various examples from different scenarios.

For example: You will see and hear me acting out examples of talking to one woman on her own, talking to multiple women as well as talking to other alpha males who attempt to challenge you, taunt you or tease you during conversation.

Being a “good guy” alpha male: Some men use their position as the alpha male in a bad way, to hurt, harm or hinder others. Yet, if you’re reading this right now – you’re probably not a bad guy with bad intentions with women and the world.

Most guys who arrive at The Modern Man site are good guys who want more success with women and more respect from others in general. In this program, you’ll learn how to maintain the good guy part of yourself while also rising up to become the alpha who others follow and whom women lust after.

Mojo for life: Discover how to tap into an endless source of motivation, drive, determination and passion unlike anything you have ever experienced before. This section is quite “deep and meaningful”, but also simple and practical at the same time.

From now on, you will feel like you can take on the world and will be full of confidence, drive and mojo for life. Nothing will bring you down, nothing will make you feel insecure and nothing will stop you from getting what you truly want with women and in life.

Being alpha around women: A lot of modern women behave as though they are alpha females, but in reality it’s just a test to see if you’ll fold and hand over your power. In this program, you’ll discover many things to say and do around women to show them that you are a true alpha. You will also learn how to be a true alpha because women can spot a fake and when they do, they lose interest immediately.

Avoiding bullying/being picked on: Bullies, bad men and mean people are ATTRACTED to weaker people as their victims.

If you don’t display alpha male behavior and psychology and place yourself below other men in terms of rank, you will invite these people to pick on you, cause problems for you and harm you to make help feel good about themselves.

In this program, you will discover the best way to AVOID being picked on as well as what to say (to make it stop permanently) if you are ever picked on.

Attracting women on the deepest level: Most modern men don’t understand what REALLY attracts women, so they get caught up in what they see in TV advertisements, magazines and movies. They assume that if they wear a nice shirt, build some muscle and have a nice hairstyle, they will then be attractive to women. Yet, that is only SUPERFICIAL attraction.

The most powerful type of attraction is what a woman feels DEEP down; her primal, instinctive attraction. In this program, you will learn EXACTLY how to trigger a woman’s deep, instinctive attraction for you no matter what you look like, what race you are or what you do for a living.

You will have to experience it to believe it, but when you do – you will smile because you will KNOW that your life will never be the same again. Suddenly, you will have the power to attract basically any woman you meet.

No more fear: Most men experience some level of fear when it comes to women, some more than others. However, as a true alpha male, you WILL NOT experience fear around women.

Whether you are approaching a woman for the first time, in the middle of a conversation, escalating to sex or in the middle of having sex with her – you will NEVER experience fear. Instead, you will powerful, confident and calmly in charge and women will LIKE that.

Being an alpha male: How do you actually be an alpha male? Is there a set list of things you simply must do? Discover the “blueprint” for being an alpha male and use the practical advice in this program to begin immediately.

Being alpha in work environments: When I (Dan Bacon) first developed my techniques for success with women and being an alpha male, I got promoted to a leadership position in my office job. 6 months later, I had been promoted a total of 3 times to a high ranking position in a global company.

From this, I have learnt a great deal about how to be a respected leader (alpha) in work environments and in the Alpha Male Power program, you will learn all of my best techniques and insights in this area.

Being alpha during sex: There’s nothing sexier for a woman to be with a man who is truly THERE when he is sexing her. If you’re afraid to embrace your alpha position, you will never sex her in the way that she truly desires.

In this program, you’ll learn the deeper side to sex as well as ways to alpha during sex. If you’ve been one to hold back a little during sex and hide your alpha, you are about to experience a whole new level of sexual pleasure and love with your woman.

Alpha techniques for approaching women: What does an alpha male think before approaching women? How about while he is talking to the woman? What body language does he use? How does he talk about sex with her? How does he approach groups of women? Discover the answers to all of these questions and a whole lot more. Learn the fearless, powerful approach methods that the true alpha males use.

Pick up ~ simplified: Approaching and picking up women can be the easiest or most complicated thing in your life. Learn the 3 most important things you need to do to be successful with women and discover how simple it really can be.

I (Dan Bacon) have taught this secret to many clients over the years and watched them transform in minutes, suddenly thinking, behaving and acting like a guy who has reached the mastery level. You will experience a rapid and remarkable transformation when you know this secret.

Avoiding sexual rejection: A lot of guys are afraid to show their sexual interest or escalate to kissing or sex, in fear of being rejected…and they have proper reason too! Many women DO reject the sexual advances of men because the men do it incorrectly.

In this program, you will learn the alpha male approach that my friend and I use to pull NEW women for sex EVERY weekend. Includes examples for: Conversation, touch, kissing, body language and leaving the bar/club.

You will also learn how to get a woman (who you’ve met in any environment, not just a club) eagerly wanting to have sex with you, to the point where SHE makes the first move on you.

Approaching women during the day: We all see women that we find attractive during the day, but most guys simply don’t know what to say or do to pull it off, so they let the opportunity slip through their fingers.

In this program, you will discover the natural, easy-going approach that I (Dan Bacon) use the pick up women in places like shopping malls, on the street and in basically any daytime environment.

No more worrying what people think: Do you sometimes feel self-conscious in social environments because you worry about what other people think? It’s a common problem and most people secretly suffer from it.

If you’re one of the many people who do feel nervous, self-conscious or anxious because you worry about what people think, then get ready to say goodbye to that FOREVER. We have found the cure to that unnecessary problem and you’re about to step into a new world devoid of all the anxious noise that comes with insecure thinking.

Get ready to experience a world of confidence, relaxation, comfort, calm, power, control and positive, easy-going feelings. Get ready to be a true alpha male!

Making women have a “WOW” response when you approach: A lot of guys fear approaching women because they don’t want to experience the dreaded response where the women don’t seem that interested in talking. Or worse, they reject him and ask him to stop talking to them.

Is it possible to get a WOW response from most women you approach? Yes. You would have seen normal, every day guys have that effect on women Why does it happen for them? Can you get that type of reaction from women? Yes. Just wait and see what happens when you use the techniques in this program.

It may sound impossible to some guys who really doubt themselves…and if you’re one of those guys, at least give yourself the opportunity to TRY IT first before counting yourself out. There is no harm in trying, but cheating yourself out of the chance to experience amazing success with women is no fun at all.

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