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Are you over the moon with the quality of your sex life?

Statistically speaking, the likely answer is not quite.

Global surveys show most of us – single, attached, and across all age groups – feel our sex lives are too infrequent or vanilla. Sexual dysfunctions are widely prevalent.

And perhaps to nobody’s surprise, the female orgasm remains out of reach for many.

Thanks to the latest science, it’s now clear even the smallest dip in our sexual health can trigger severe unhappiness, sickness, and even a shorter lifespan.

And it’s not like everyone isn’t already trying the common remedies: from sex toys and pornography, to medication, romantic getaways, and even tantric retreats.

So what will it take for you to enjoy not only a lifetime of passionate sex – but the longer, healthier, happier life that comes with it?

The scientific answer to sex so good, it lights up your entire life

Dr. Killen is one of today’s leading sexual medicine practitioners – and she’s found that most efforts to improve our sex lives often ignore the root cause: our sexual health.

Your sexual health indicates how well your body and mind function in relation to sex: and it impacts not just your sex life, but your physical and mental health, and even your lifespan.

Yet despite its importance, sexual health is not widely taught.

In The Science of Great Sex, you’re guided through a proven path towards better sexual health, and in turn:

  • A healthier libido
  • Increased pleasure from sex
  • Deep, consistent, toe-curling orgasms
  • Freedom from pain and discomfort during sex
  • Deeper intimacy during sex
  • The reversal of sexual dysfunctions
  • A rebalancing of your hormones
  • And even remarkable breakthroughs in overall health, wellness, and happiness.

What you’ll gain from The Science of Great Sex

  1. Transform your sexual health

    You’ll be guided through easy-to-follow techniques and lifestyle shifts in various areas of medical science that boost your sexual, physical, and emotional health, and your longevity.

  2. Enjoy the best sex of your life

    You’ll experience heightened libido and pleasure, better and more consistent orgasms, healthier emotions surrounding sex, and in some cases the reversal of sexual disorders.

  3. Look and feel younger

    Studies show a healthy sex life leads to a longer, healthier, more youthful life. Surveys of people in Blue Zones show over 80% of those 65 to 100 still enjoy regular sex.

  4. Strengthen your romantic relationship

    Whether you’re in a marriage or committed relationship, you’ll experience dramatic surges in your attraction, connection, and sexual satisfaction with your long-term partner.

  5. Level up your dating life

    If you’re meeting new people and exploring possibilities, the mindset shifts you gain in the program will help you show up with total clarity of what you want (and what you don’t).

  6. Experience far deeper intimacy

    You’ll gain the power to create deliciously deep intimacy with anyone you choose to connect with, and connect on a more meaningful level.

  7. Love yourself better

    You’ll discover how to harness sexual self-pleasure to boost your self-love and confidence – including when you’re having sex with someone else.

  8. Show up with unshakable confidence

    You’ll master the art of channeling your sexuality into glowing confidence in any situation – whether it’s a date or a social engagement.

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