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There’s a secret about your body that nobody talks about. It’s that there are only two things your body cares about not dying and being lazy.

Yes, being lazy.

This is the principle that has kept humans alive for so long. But it’s also the reason why so many people struggle – low energy levels, poor focus, unsatisfying sleep, and slow recovery.

But you can use this laziness principle to your advantage.

Your body can be trained to handle extreme stress, you could unlock strength and energy you never knew you had, obliterate stress and anxiety, and access a dangerous state of flow only few will ever experience.

Imagine being able to handle anything the world throws at you, stand up to authority, control your emotions, protect your loved ones, and have the strength to be generous and kind.

This is what it means to be the best version of yourself, unleashed.

It all starts with embracing the laziness principle and making it work for you.

By working smarter, not harder.

A 14-day journey of cutting-edge science to unleash the extraordinary potential of your mind, body and health

This is not a diet nor a fitness plan.

Smarter not Harder combines centuries of ancient wisdom, modern science, and bleeding-edge technology to achieve in a few years what our ancestors have been attempting for generations.

In this program, you’ll discover how to take full control over your body’s operating system, your MeatOS – through the 6 Spheres of Biohacking:

1. Energy level and metabolism
2. Brain function
3. Stress and recovery
4. Strength and cardiovascular fitness
5. Sex and hormones
6. Spirituality

In 14 days, you’ll reach newer baselines of strength, performance, and resilience. Breach into a new territory of superhuman and expanded possibilities. And ultimately?

Unleash the best version of yourself – with minimal time, and work.

What you’ll gain from Smarter, Not Harder

  1. Grow younger and stronger each year

    Enjoy newfound strength, energy and youthful vigor in your daily life with each passing year bringing you closer to the peak of your potential.

  2. Unlock age-defying longevity

    Elevate your healthspan and discover a whole new level of living that transcends the traditional confines of time and aging.

  3. Enhanced brainpower

    Unlock superhuman levels of focus and productivity as you breeze through your hardest and most difficult tasks with ease and maximum efficiency.

  4. Look and feel younger

    Harness the transformative power of modern science for a newfound youthful radiance – as you begin seeing smoother skin, brighter eyes, and a glowing complexion.

  5. Improved metabolic efficiency and health

    Experience renewed energy, heightened mental clarity, and a strengthened immune system, allowing you to reach new heights of performance in every area of your life.

  6. A newfound surge of energy and vitality – that lasts

    Feel exponentially more engaged and present in every moment of your life with boundless drive that keeps you going all day long – every day of the year.

  7. Accelerated recovery

    Recover from workouts, injuries and illnesses faster and more efficiently than ever before. Be back on your feet and ready to conquer the world in no time.

  8. Deep sense of fulfillment and inner peace

    Navigate life’s most difficult and chaotic challenges with ease, unshakeable resilience and grace – while staying intimately connected to your higher self and inner wisdom.

The Curriculum

Explore The Smarter Not Harder curriculum

Smarter, Not Harder is a 14-day program designed to unleash your fullest potential with Biohacking pioneer Dave Asprey.

In just minutes of training a day, you’ll master control over your body’s operating system, optimize your mind and body for peak performance, and unlock laser-sharp focus and robust health.

By the end of the program, you’ll have everything you need to activate your untapped potential and go far beyond physical and mental limitations than you ever imagined possible.

Hack your Energy Levels & Metabolism

Break free from the shackles of fatigue and sluggishness, and experience new heights of energy and vitality by exploring the silent saboteurs hiding in your pantry and embracing a new array of nutrient-rich foods along with a set of accompanying strategies.

Highlights include:

  • How the body cheats when it comes to energy: the surprising secret behind why we often feel tired and sluggish even when we haven’t exercised, and how to work around it.
  • Get rid of your kryptonite: discover the top foods that drain your energy levels and metabolism, and reclaim a life of all-day energy and drive.
  • And much more.

Hack your Brain & Nervous System

In the next part, you’ll dive into the inner workings of your brain and nervous system, and explore the cutting-edge tools and techniques that hack your brain’s function to enhance your cognitive abilities beyond what you thought possible.

Highlights include:

  • Hacking the vagus nerve to take you out of fight or flight on command: with the right tools, you can easily activate this key pathway for reduced inflammation, improved digestion, better mood, and a whole new level of relaxation and well-being.
  • ’Reverse’ your brain’s age with targeted neurological biohacks: Employ specific strategies and therapies to regenerate nerve cells, grow new ones, and strengthen nerve cell connections.
  • And much more.

Hack your Stress & Recovery

Delve deep into the root causes of stress and how they manifest in your body and mind, uncover powerful strategies and techniques to hack your stress response and gain a newfound newfound accelerated ability to recover from any illness, injury or energy crashes.

Highlights include:

  • Sleep less hours with ‘Sleep Hacking’: spend less time in bed and more time pursuing your passions and living your best life.
  • How to hack the Circadian Rhythm for maximum recovery: wake up each morning feeling refreshed and recharged with small fixes to your environment.
  • And much more.

Hack your Strength & Fitness

Discover how to optimize your body’s natural abilities, and unleash your full strength and cardiovascular potential through targeted biohacks and cutting-edge innovative workouts. Tap into the limitless potential of your physical body and reach new heights of strength and stamina.

Highlights include:

  • What everyone gets wrong about cardio – and how to do it right: a better way that reaps the maximum longevity & health benefits, and prevent the joint-damaging dangers of traditional cardio.
  • The smarter way to strength train: unlock raw power and a more muscular physique in just weeks or months, and gain what takes everyone else years or even decades to achieve.
  • And much more.

Hack your Sex Life & Hormonal Balance

Hormones play a critical role in regulating everything from your mood and energy levels to your weight and immune system function. In this module, you’ll learn how to harness the power of the latest breakthroughs in hormone optimization and lifestyle modifications to supercharge your sex life and achieve your of most vibrant, energized and fulfilled self.

Highlights include:

  • The recipe for peak hormone health (and a happy sex life): ramp your sex drive into a higher gear by taking control of your hormones unlock a new world of energy, vitality and pleasure.
  • Prime your body to fire on all cylinders with this age-defying therapy: think sharper, move faster, and achieve more than ever before by transcending the traditional limitations of traditional medicine.
  • And much more.

Hack your Spirituality

Discover a rigorously practical roadmap for a life of deeper inner peace, joy, and fulfillment. You’ll gain the tools and understanding necessary to live a more meaningful, purposeful life – and experience a profound shift in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Highlights include:

  • Rapid, controlled holotropic breathing: tap into a reservoir of spiritual resilience so you’ll face any challenge with impeccable strength, grace, and unshakeable presence.
  • The intensive forgiveness meditation: expand your intuition and creative power, amplify your compassion, and spiritual fortitude with an extraordinary state-shifting practice.
  • And much more.

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