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Top put it simply, these websites are money printers

They have proven their worth in the revenue generation game. What makes them so magnetic to conversions?

You only have one chance to create a first impression. Hero sections carry all that weight

Headlines generate attention and clicks. They spark curiosity to learn more. In the quest to become a detective learning about what works, we ended up compiling this

Get copywriting inspiration. Get ideas for your next big project. Have a handy reference to spark your curiosity

This is more than just a collection of wins. You never know what having this may bring; it could be that ignition to pave your very own path too

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Some questions you might have

What’s in the extra tier?

The extra tier has tools to analyze the headlines using a detective-like lens.

All headlines have been transcribed to text to easily feed to ChatGPT and play around with. We included a few great prompts to use as a starting point too.

This tier also supports favoriting elements & being able to view them in another tab.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a quick and fun analysis of some patterns in the headlines.

What happens after I complete the purchase?

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll get a link to access the document.

What document format will I get this product?

For ease of updating this product, it’s hosted on Notion.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for Notion to use it.  You don’t even need a notion account to view the document not unless you want to use the favoriting feature, where you’ll need to duplicate it into your notion dashboard.

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