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Minerals Made Simple

If you feel sluggish, mentally foggy, have cravings, or just don’t quite feel yourself, your mineral levels could be out of balance.

Discover how to get the essential minerals YOU need without spending a fortune on supplements or therapies you don’t need.

  • Mineral Deficiencies Can Slow You Down:  Learn how finding the right mineral balance can be your key to building a shield of resistance, making energy, avoiding brain fog, lowering inflammation, enhancing physical performance, curbing cravings, and more.
  • Say Goodbye to Overeating: Did you know that overeating can be a result of mineral deficiencies? Understand how your body craves food to compensate for the lack of essential minerals. Learn why treating food and so-called ‘healthy foods’ might be robbing you of vital minerals.
  • The Magnesium Report: Magnesium is needed in over 300 reactions in crucial places like your brain, heart, and mitochondria.   I share insights on the correct forms of magnesium and ones to avoid, like magnesium oxide.
  • Copper’s Role in Vitality:  Despite what you think coper is not a toxin. Learn about  copper’s role in energy production, nerve cell health, iron transport, and collagen synthesis. Discover how the right amount of copper is essential and is toxic only  in excess.
  • Silicon’s Collagen Connection: Uncover the benefits of the correct form of silicon in collagen production and the removal of harmful aluminum from your body.
  • Balance, Not Excess:  Minerals like zinc are often put on a pedestal but can be harmful in excess. I explain the importance of mineral balance and why more isn’t always better.

Mineral Mastery Is Perfect If:

  • You want a mineral guide to determine your needs and whether supplements are necessary.
  • You’re confused about minerals and want comprehensive information in one place.
  • You want a ‘Sourcing Good Food’ guide and a guide to low deuterium foods.
  • You want a mineral guide to determine your needs and whether supplements are necessary.
  • You have insulin resistance, blood sugar issues or food cravings and want to know how minerals are involved.
  • You think a multi-vitamin/mineral blend is sufficient.
  • You want to know how to adjust your diet for and drinking water to get minerals naturally.
  • You’re ready to explore nutrition through a quantum lens suitable for laypeople.
  • You want some scientific validation and recommended reading on minerals.

Meet Your Guide: Dr. Sara Pugh & Her Mineral Story

Hello I am Dr Sara Pugh I am qualified in quantum biology and medical ketogenic nutrition, but I include a circadian and spiritual approach to eating and drinking. I got into the supplement rabbit hole which included minerals when I was 18 and came out in my 40s.

I like to make my own delicious structured, coherent or ‘live’ mineral water with natural minerals and salts that resonate with me and give me energy in the form of electrons.

This type of mineral water and clean water was the last piece of the jigsaw in my quantum weight loss puzzle. Minerals and good quality salts are cheap and easily available, just there are so many, which do you choose?

What’s Included in the Course?

  • Series of instructional videos in a private members area, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • Selected course notes in PDF format for quick and easy reference.
  • Mini eBook on sourcing the most nutritious food and avoiding poor-quality produce

Bonus Module : Guide To Sourcing Good Food For Good Health eBook

How to choose the best food for optimal health 

  • How to choose high-quality meat and fish while avoiding pitfalls.
  • Guidelines for selecting fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Insights into the best dairy options for those who choose to include it in their diet.
  • Recommendations for nuts, fats, spices, and fermented foods.
  • Uncover the dangers of deuterium and how to choose low-deuterium foods.

Bonus Module 2 – Thiamine Therapy 

  • High dose thiamine (B1) therpay is an over looked field of clinical research dating back to the 1930s with 1000s of publications
  • Discover which forms of thiamin are best for gut issues, nervous system issues, metabolic issues or biohacking
  • Suggestions on doses and protocols

Bonus Module 3 – Minerals For Specfic Conditions 

  • Learn how to use specific forms of minerals you have learned about in the course for specific ailments
  • Cell salts are safe and effective and  they have been used since the 1800s
  • Learn about the 12 cell salts and how they can help with skin, healing, energy levels, anxiety, bone and tooth health, appetite, pain and more

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