Michael Yarmo – Turn Pennies into Dollars by Buying Distressed Businesses


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This course has been designed and built for anyone who either wants to…

1) Launch a career into distressed private equity or turnaround/ restructuring & wants to be able to talk intelligently to potential employers

2) Already runs a private equity fund and wants to expand into buying distressed businesses

3) Wants to start up a distressed private equity fund

4) Looking to use their own balance sheet to buy distressed businesses

I’m under the assumption that you don’t have a full grasp on the nuances of this unique space in the financial world but are very intrigued with the possible ROI’s that come from successful distressed turnarounds.  Here I will walk you through how to not only minimize your risks with processes/tools that I use on a daily basis but also how avoid bad deals and what to do when you find a deal that makes sense as a turnaround candidate.

I have specifically aimed this course at anyone looking to acquire SMB’s in the $100M revenue or less range.  This process will work on firms as low as $3M in revenue as anything higher, will get too complex from an ownership/ tax perspective and anything lower won’t have enough support from senior creditors to make it out of trouble.  This is industry agnostic course but will be more applicable to any company with a banking relationship.

At our firm, with myself at the helm in a CRO or CEO role, we have successful executed dozens of deals over the last several years either with our own capital or partnering with other private equity firms.  Not every deal is a success, so learn from my mistakes and use my experience to steer you out of trouble.  I would love to partner with you in the future if your are looking for capital &/or an operational partnership.

I’ve packed a lot of value into this course that not only includes 6 modules & over 4 hours of recordings where I walk you through the process but I also offer 1 hour of my time to ask me any specific question you have regarding your acquisition and turnaround of a troubled company.

Here is what you will get in this course…

Module 1 – Sourcing the Deal (FREEBIE MATERIAL)

– 30 Mins of Recordings

– Understand the Language of Distressed Investing, Where to Source Deals, Bank Loan Rating Systems, How to read a Borrowing Base Certificate

– ADDITIONAL TOOLS; 10 Question Risk Screen for Referral Source (.xlsx)

Module 2 – Deals to Avoid (PAID MATERIAL)

– 17 Mins of Recordings

– Turnarounds criteria to look out for & criteria of a turnaround to avoid, building a sustainable private equity structure, deal structure to minimize risks

– ADDITIONAL TOOLS; Turnaround Criteria Screen Tool (.xlsx)

Module 3 – Controlling the Cash Burn (PAID MATERIAL)

– 37 Mins of Recordings

– Understand how a loan is rated, building a 13 week cash flow model, tactics on controlling cash burn, introduction to sub chapter V bankruptcy & how to profit from it

Module 4 – Communication Plan to Key Stakeholders (PAID MATERIAL)

– 24 Mins of Recordings

– how to sell a turnaround plan to secured creditors, investors and employees, how to build a turnaround plan

– ADDITIONAL TOOLS; Blank Turnaround Plan Presentation (.pptx), Turnaround Plan Builder (.xlsx)

Module 5 – Enacting a Turnaround Plan (PAID MATERIAL)

– 25 Mins of Recordings

– What to do on Day 1, Day 2-100, standard tactics of most turnarounds that yield quick results

– ADDITIONAL TOOLS; Employee Evaluation Tools (.xlsx), Customer Announcement Outline (.docx)

Module 6 – Case Studies (PAID MATERIAL)

– 107 Mins of Recordings

– 3 Case Studies –> a) Balance Sheet Turnaround

b) Balance Sheet + Income Statement Turnaround

c) Subchapter V Bankruptcy Turnaround

Thank you & I look forward to working with you.  Be sure to also subscribe to my substack account at where I will continue to educate & share more case studies behind a paid firewall with those who paid for this course will get at no extra charge.  There will be a lot more content to come!

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