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Here is YOUR Golden Opportunity to

Harness the World’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool
Dear Friend,

Have you noticed how some webinars, blogs and books make you eager to hear their offer or turn the page, while others have you deleting the link or closing the cover almost instantly?
Have you ever been trapped in a PowerPoint lecture or sales pitch where you’d pay money just to be able to leave?
And have you ever worried that maybe your own presentations come across that way?

If so, I’d like you to picture this…

  • Imagine captivating audiences with stories so emotionally involving that they hang on your every word.
  • Imagine having your videos go viral, or your book become a New York Times best seller, because your message grabbed—and held—your market’s attention.
  • And imagine being able to…finally…share your message with the world and create lasting change?
The great news is you can…as long as you know how to effectively use stories to propel your message.
Stories are essential for business

They’re the fastest, most powerful way to engage an audience and get them to take action. Every billion-dollar brand, every best selling book, every viral video or social media post is, in essence, built on a story.

So if you want to generate more clients, customers, high-paying speaking events or 6-figure webinars, you MUST know how to weave a story.

If you want to share your message and influence the world for good, you need a GREAT story.

And when it comes to creating stories that draw huge audiences, touch them deeply, and get them to spend billions of dollars, nothing compares to Hollywood.

Have you ever wondered why a Hollywood movie can capture an audience’s attention for 2 (and sometimes 3) hours, while the average YouTube Video gets boring by the first minute?

It’s because Hollywood screenwriters and filmmakers have an unfair advantage. They’ve been creating emotionally powerful stories for more than a century, and they’ve learned an abundance of closely-guarded strategies to get—and keep—an audience’s attention.

I know this because I’ve been working with those same screenwriters, producers, stars and studios—and using those secret strategies—for the last 40 years. I’m considered a Hollywood insider, because top screenwriters and filmmakers come to me for help when they want to get a movie from the page to the screen. They know that I’m the one who can apply these story secrets — secrets that sometimes they aren’t even aware of — and help them turn their ideas and scripts into blockbuster films.

But now I want to level the playing field. I want you to be able to draw huge audiences and fans. I want you to be able to touch people deeply and give them emotional experiences they won’t forget. I want you to see your recognition, influence and revenue multiply. And most of all, I want you to be able to get your message to the world. Because whether you realize it or not, you have experiences and expertise that can empower people and make their lives better.

So I’m going to take you behind the scenes, unlock the door to all of these Hollywood secrets, and show you how you can simply and easily use them to make your stories and presentations more engaging and persuasive.

But first, a little of my own story…

Beyond Hollywood

I first moved to Hollywood decades ago, knowing pretty much nothing except that I loved movies and television, and wanted to somehow be a part of their creation. After struggling to break in and paying my dues by reading and synopsizing scripts for a whopping $10 each, I got my first job as a story executive with a producer.

In the 40 years since, I’ve written articles and books about storytelling, made presentations live and online to more than half a million people around the world, and consulted on hundreds of movies and screenplays, some starring (among many others) Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman, Reese Witherspoon and Morgan Freeman.

Hollywood movies and television have been my passion and my calling, and I never planned to do anything else.

That was until…

My life changed forever when I got a phone call….

Back in June of 2013, I didn’t want to admit it, but I was kind of stuck.

It’s not that my career was going badly. I loved my work, I’d fulfilled my dream of working in Hollywood, I’d coached writers, directors, studios and stars as a script consultant, I’d gotten to travel around the world lecturing about screenwriting, and I was on retainer with Will Smith’s company.

But what I hadn’t done for a long time was to risk leaving my comfort zone.

Then my phone rang.

When I answered, the voice on the other end said, “Hi. My name is Russell Brunson, and I’m an internet marketer.”

Now you may already know about Russell. He’s the genius behind a software program called ClickFunnels—which has more than 100,000 subscribers and is now worth somewhere north of $360 million. He’s had 4 bestselling books, and each of his live events draws thousands of people.

And it’s a bit embarrassing to say now, but back in 2013, even though he was already a highly-successful internet marketing guru, I’d never heard of Russell Brunson. (In truth, I’d never heard of internet marketing, either.)

But I get calls all the time from people in all walks of life who want to become screenwriters. So I waited to hear him tell me about the script he wanted my help with.

Then I discovered he had no interest at all in writing a screenplay. “Next month in Baltimore,” he said, “my business associate Daegan Smith and I are having an internet marketing workshop for entrepreneurs. We wondered if you’d be willing to do a presentation there on storytelling.”

This was very tempting. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Baltimore in the summer?

But I already had several other trips lined up, I was looking forward to some down time in between, and this sounded way outside my wheelhouse.

“Well that sounds really nice,” I said, “but I really don’t know that much [translate: anything] about internet marketing. So I don’t know what I’d have to talk about.”

“Oh, that’s OK!” he said enthusiastically. (Since then I’ve learned that Russell says everything enthusiastically.)

“We saw your video ‘The Hero’s Two Journeys,’ and we loved it! You can just talk about how to tell better stories using Hollywood principles, and we’ll be able to apply those to our sales funnels.” (I couldn’t even imagine what a “sales funnel” might be.)

“We’ll fly you there,” he added, “and we’ll cover all your expenses. And we’ll pay you a lot of money.”

(Truthfully, Russell never said, “We’ll pay you a lot of money.” I honestly don’t remember how much he offered, but it sounded like a lot to me at the time. So I figured I’d just own my ignorance, tell them what I thought might be helpful to businesspeople, and sit quietly through the rest of the event.)

So, in spite of myself, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone. “Sure!” I said, and a few weeks later, I was standing in front of 50 or so people at Daegan and Russell’s event.

Now I don’t like to admit it, but at the time I’d always thought of business people, entrepreneurs and sales people as inhabiting a completely different world than I did—one where movies and stories didn’t matter very much, because their only real interest was in making lots of money.

I was about to discover how wrong-headed I was.

I listened as the participants, who were all very successful marketers already, shared their ideas and problems and hopes for reaching more and more people with their marketing.

Certainly they wanted to achieve greater financial success, but along with that they wanted to reach more people so they could help their clients and customers overcome whatever fears or circumstances were holding them back from the lives they could be living.

I met participants who wanted to provide people with tools, processes, exercise programs, health supplements or courses of study that would transform their lives. These entrepreneurs wanted to help people overcome their problems and challenges so they could be happier, or healthier, or more successful, or more fulfilled—and so they could in turn help other people.

That’s when I realized that Russell, Daegan, and all of their followers wanted to change the world.

As I gave my presentation, they were eager to learn how to tell great stories, and were excited to incorporate the principles I shared into their marketing campaigns. They even allowed me to coach them live in front of the group, showing them how to make their own stories more emotionally powerful by exploring the fears that had held them back, and the steps they had taken to achieve great success.

But the most important revelation I had that weekend was this:

The qualities that make movies great are the same ones that make speeches, sales pitches and sermons great.

That’s when I first realized that entrepreneurs, speakers, marketers and everyone can benefit when those principles are used to create stories that help people live better. And I never again worried that what I knew about storytelling wouldn’t work outside the bounds of Hollywood.

Oh, and Russell seemed happy I was there as well. In Chapter 7 of his bestselling book Expert Secrets, and in the testimonial he gave me for my own book, Storytelling Made Easy, he says:

Since then, I have worked with some of the most influential thought leaders in the world—helping them to craft great stories and move their audiences. Many of these folks are making seven and eight figures a year, and pay me $10,000 or more to help them with their stories.

And that’s all fine, except I can only coach one of them at a time. Even my other clients, or those who attend or view my live presentations or read my writings can’t get the benefit of experiencing all the Hollywood secrets I know to elevate their stories and grow their businesses.

So what does this have to do with YOU? A lot! That’s because…

As I hope you can tell by now, movies and stories are my passion and my calling. And my greatest joy comes from sharing what I know with as many people as I can. I want them to experience the wonder of how stories connect us all, and how they bring courage, love and magic into our lives. And I want you to feel that way as well.

I want to help everyone I can (especially YOU) use stories to entertain, enlighten, inspire, and change the lives of the people they want to help. And I want you to achieve your greatest possible financial and personal success doing just that.

So I have taken my entire story system and put it all into a series of videos, examples, illustrations and worksheets that will allow you to immediately begin finding and crafting unforgettable stories.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce…

This Is Quite Simply the Most Comprehensive System You’ll Ever Find for BLOWING YOUR AUDIENCES AWAY with Great Stories!

By the time you are done…

• You’ll have learned the world’s single most powerful marketing skill.
• You’ll connect more deeply with your readers, viewers and audiences.
• Your prospects will see you as an expert—and trust you.
• You’ll impact potential clients and customers with your words—and you’ll get them to take action.
• You’ll make more money (a lot more) because your marketing messages will be more emotionally involving and persuasive.
• You’ll help more people than you can imagine to solve their problems—and find the courage to change their lives.

Here’s what you get in this comprehensive system…

How to Find Your Perfect Story

I often hear people declare, “I don’t have any good stories to tell,” or “I’m nobody special. No one would want to hear about anything I’ve ever done.”

Well, believe it or not, you have an abundance of great stories inside of you. You just need to know what makes a story great—and it’s NOT because you’re a celebrity or that you’ve done something that made headlines.

Many other entrepreneurs tell me the opposite complaint: “I have so many possible stories it’s impossible to find the right one!” But the solution to this issue is the same. Once you know the qualities of a great story, you’ll be able to quickly go through all your past experiences to pick the best ones.

I don’t mean to boast (a phrase that means, “I really want to boast,”), but it usually takes me less than 10 minutes to find the hidden story inside any entrepreneur. (My record from “no story” to “great story” is just under 4 minutes.)

As you go through MODULE I, not only will you find a perfect story (two perfect stories, actually), I’ll show you how to make certain it’s a story that will impact your target market, establish you as an expert they can trust, and make your prospects eager to work with you.

How to Structure Your Story for Maximum Impact

Have you ever sat through stories of someone’s summer vacation, listening to them yammer on about everything they saw and did, as you desperately try to keep your eyes open?

Even worse, have YOU ever been in the middle of a story only to realize no one is paying attention? And worst of all, were you in front of an audience when that happened?

The problem was not that those stories didn’t have the potential to be mesmerizing. They failed because like most stories, they were built wrong. And all those dreadfully boring stories, speeches and sales pitches you’ve had to endure were unbearable simply because the wrong things happened at the wrong time for you to FEEL anything when you heard them.

In other words, they weren’t properly structured.

The good news is that for you, the days of seeing your audience’s minds wander are OVER.

That’s because there is a formula for structuring your stories the right way that guarantees your audience will be hooked—and will stay hooked until they give you your standing ovation at the end.

In Module II, my 6-Step Success Story® process, based on the story structure you will find in every successful Hollywood movie you ever see, will take your audiences from falling asleep to the edge of their seats. These are the stories that will CAPTIVATE AND INSPIRE your followers and prospects while effortlessly growing your sales.

How to “WOW” your followers with the Power of The Hero’s Inner Journey

The #1 obstacle that stops your prospects from following your process and succeeding isn’t money, time, or skill. It’s FEAR.

Maybe they’re afraid of failure, afraid of success, afraid of taking risks, afraid of being criticized or simply afraid of change. But one way or another, their fear is holding them back.

But now you’ll have a powerful method for consistently helping them overcome the fear that prevents them from taking the action you want them to. And this is how you can touch—and transform—your followers most effectively.

When you explore the deepest fears of the hero of your story, and take that character on an Inner Journey from fear to courage, your readers and audiences connect with that character at a deeper, universal level. And as they identify with that hero—whether the story is about you or one of your satisfied clients, they will overcome their own fear of taking the action you want them to.

This is how you change the lives of anyone who watches, hears or reads your stories.

In this module, you’ll be able to create stories that will identify and unlock your potential clients’ biggest fears. They’ll not only benefit from following your message, they’ll become life-long customers as well.

How to Write Your Story in 30 Minutes

The last time you came up with a good story for your webinar, book or speech, how long did it take you to finish just the first draft? An hour? A day? A week? Are you still working on it?

How much time did you waste staring at that blank page? How many times did you write a paragraph or two, then cross it all out because you thought it sucked? And how many times did you decide you should check your email first, telling yourself you’d get back to the story later?

Painful, wasn’t it?

Ask almost any great storyteller—in OR out of Hollywood—and they’ll admit that getting a new story from their head to the page is torturous.

But suppose I told you you could easily complete that entire first draft in ½ hour? That’s less time than it takes you to watch an episode of Jeopardy.

And you’ll do it every time you have a story to tell, using the Michael Hauge Story Map®. It’s a simple, fill-in-the-blanks template that takes all the key elements of your story (elements you’ve already identified in Module II), then lays them out in paragraph form, transforming them into the first draft of your story. (Some of my clients and followers tell me this is their favorite part of my system, because it makes the toughest part of storytelling so much easier.)

You’ll have a short, well-structured story with an empathetic hero who hooks in your audiences, pursues a compelling goal, faces impossible obstacles, reaches a thrilling climax, and most of all, conveys your message.

Even more important, as soon as you have your first draft, you’ll be excited about moving forward with your story, because the hardest part is over, and all that’s left is expanding and editing it to give it even more emotional impact.

Not bad for 30 minutes’ work, right?

Hollywood MAGIC

How to Transport Your Readers and Audiences from Their Everyday World to the World You’ve Created—the World Where Their Success Lies

By subconsciously transporting your readers from the real world they occupy to the world of your story, you’ll generate the laughter, tears and excitement that will elevate your storytelling from merely good to standing ovation great!

You’ll be using the same tools and techniques—with the same simple language and style—that 7-figure screenwriters employ to get producers, stars and studios to green-light their scripts and turn them into blockbusters and award winners.

Best of all, it’s this Hollywood magic that will persuade your readers and audiences to follow your advice, because you’ve already given them the emotional experience of becoming your hero, taking the action you want them to, and winning!

Bulletproofing Your Story

How to Soar Past Your Competitors by Avoiding the Common, Deadly Mistakes That Can Sabotage Any Story

Remember that first Hollywood job I told you about, where I got paid $10 each to read screenplays and give my opinions to the agent I worked for? Well one thing I didn’t mention is that almost every single one of those screenplays was awful.

I don’t mean “awful” like a movie you didn’t like much. I mean “What were they thinking? Has this person ever even seen a movie before?” awful. This is why poorly-paid readers get hired—so highly-paid agents and producers won’t have to plow through these horrible scripts.

But as painful as that 10-bucks-a-shot job sometimes was, it taught me more about what a screenplay SHOULDN’T do, and what great movies do instead, than anything else I could have done.

And you know what my #1 discovery was? That all those bad scripts were bad for exactly the same reasons. They all made the same mistakes of story selection, character development, plot structure and style.

And that’s just as true for stories that don’t work for business and marketing presentations. The same mistakes and weaknesses show up again and again.

So before you take your presentations out into the world, I’m going to make absolutely certain that whatever situation you’re in, and whatever message you want to deliver, you will never get shot down by all the common errors and weaknesses that will leave your stories, speeches and sales pitches lying in the dust.

We’re going to make your stories bulletproof.

And we’re going to do that with a simple series of checklists that will reveal all the possible weaknesses your story might contain—and show you how you can fix them.

You will be invulnerable to the deadly mistakes that will mortally wound other storytellers. You’ll be a storytelling superhero.

Story Mastery

How to Unlock the Storytelling Genius Inside You.

When I began developing this course, I figured 6 Modules would be plenty. And in a way, I was right. With everything I’ve told you about so far, you won’t just be an excellent storyteller, you’ll be outstanding.

In a lot less time and with a lot less effort than you might have imagined, you’re connecting with, captivating, motivating and persuading your fans and prospects at a level you can’t imagine. You, your stories, your messages and the value you give others will be unforgettable.

But I honestly wanted to go all in with this course, just as you are going all in with your commitment, your investment of time and money, your desire to help others, and your determination to be successful.

So this final Module reveals the best of what we haven’t covered already. Here you’ll learn the most powerful Hollywood and business storytelling principles and processes that I’ve mastered since I first arrived here decades ago. Things like…

• 7 different ways to open your story
• How to research stories about your successful clients and customers
• Endings that will make your prospects eager to work with you
• When you should break the rules—even the ones I share in this course
• How the stories you tell will make you and those around you truly heroic

When you finish Module VII, you’ll have taken your writing, marketing and presentation skills to a level that will set you apart from your competitors, and will deeply impact your readers, audiences and prospects. You’ll have more followers, fans, customers, and testimonials.

You’ll be among the top storytellers in the world, and you’ll have the money, reputation, customers, testimonials, success, and most of all the feelings of gratitude and fulfillment to prove it.

And here’s who’s going to help you do just that…

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