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Annihilate The Obstacles, Crippling Fears & Unproductive Habits That Are Screwing With Your Success As You Transform Into A Confident, Powerful, Success Magnet Who Creates Your Dreams With Greater Speed, Enjoyment & Ease

Inside The Most Powerful Inner Mind & Outer Game Goal Achievement Program Ever Created

Dear Friend,

Are you truly satisfied with the level of success you are experiencing?

Are you living the life you truly dream of?

Are you achieving your most important goals regularly? Year after year?

Have you got rock-solid confidence that when you set a goal, it truly only a matter of time before it happens?

Or do you feel like you’re drifting, frustrated or struggling, trying to figure out what you should be doing to get the life you want?

You Want Things To Be Better. You’ve Tried Everything You Know. Yet You Can’t Quite Get There…

Have you hit a plateau… been there for a while and can’t seem to escape the same old same ‘Groundhog day’ that’s taken a grip on your life.

You have goals, dreams, aspirations but for some reason you can’t quite put your finger on; you haven’t been able to make happen those big goals happen.

And you want that to change.

You want more.

You want to make more money, command higher respect, be a doer and someone who others look up to.

You’ve studied a lot, tried several things yet…

Time passes. Days, months, years go by and little real progress is made.

If any of that strikes a chord with you, and you’re tired of not making the progress you want and enjoying the lifestyle you’d like, then I’ve got good news!

There is a way to get what you want.

In fact there’s an ELITE Life Transformation programme only a select group of achievers get to join.

Developed by one of Europe’s most successful coaches it’s not like anything you’ve been through before.

Whether you are looking to make more money, change your career, start a new business, lose weight, get organised or take your business or career to another level, the master strategies for achieving goals taught in this program can change your life forever.

In fact, once you put this program to work for you, your business and life will never, ever be the same again.

The Lie That Is Screwing Up Your Success

I’m a huge fan of personal development. In fact I’ve invested a huge chunk of my life, tens of thousands of pounds to learning and mastering many aspects of the field.

Yet after thousands of hours studying from many sources I’ve noticed that there is a lot of ideas circulating about “success strategies” that are incomplete strategies (meaning they don’t work without a lot of other things being right) or are mostly B.S.

One of the biggest that is widely adopted by many is the myth that…

you alone can produce the results you want in your life.

That world view in my opinion is B.S.

Sure a sole person can create some measure of success by themselves but nothing near their potential.

And that myth is one of the major reasons I believe you are not as successful as you could be. Or deserve.

You’ve been trying to do it all yourself.

You’ve been too busy trying to “build your dream” from the inside.

And not had the right tools and support.

Producing any meaningful success today requires multiple skill sets and strategies that go WAY beyond what is taught in 99.9% of personal development programs.

If I were to sum success down to 3 things it would be:

1. Establish a clear goal with a rock solid intention to make it occur

2. Leverage strategies that really work, to produce the result (like strategies around motivation, decision making, connecting with people who can help you, getting into action and so forth)

3. Get the right structures and people around you to make the goal happen and stay on track

Many people in my experience fail to have just 1 of the above fully formed.

Those who are highly successful have all 3.

Succeed Like The Top 3% Vs. Failing Like The Other 97%

Magical things can happen when you have the right support.

Yet most people don’t. And so suffer and fail unnecessarily.

The don’t know how to

… get really clear on what they want

… how to identify and organise the requisite resources to help them produce the result that they want

… recruit the right people and partners who help them achieve their goals

And so as research shows; most people who set goals and resolutions fail.

In fact, according to a study after study shows that as little as 3% of people are successful in achieving their goals.

Three percent!

That’s an incredible low success rate.

Thankfully you can learn what elite achievers know.

Becuase Celebrity Coach Michael Breen has done the heavy lifting for you…

Introducing A ‘Next-Level’ Elite Coaching
System Guaranteed To Help You
Get The Life You Want.

Imagine if you could have one of Europe’s leading executive coaches, Master Trainer and Celebrity Coach Michael Breen be “on your team” and help you figure out what it takes to achieve your goal.

Someone who is top of their game with a who’s who list of clients he’s worked for.

As a highly paid leading executive coach, Michael has coached…

  • A list celebrities
  • Royalty
  • World famous Pop stars
  • Leading politicians
  • Billion dollar CEO’s and multinational CXOs
  • Start-Up businesses owners
  • And ‘everyday’ folks who aren’t famous but are pursuing important goals

Michael’s not just a master celebrity coach, he’s also an Oscar Nominated Screenplay writer, Master NLP and Hypnosis trainer and worked with over 80,000 people around the globe teaching them how to create success quicker than they ever thought possible.

And that’s where “Elite Group Coaching – Home Study System” will excel for you.

It teaches you the secrets of how the ultra successful think, plan and act so achieving everyday goals to huge stretch goals becomes much easier. Even for many of your difficult goals… inevitable!

Michael ought to know what works. He’s modeled and worked with some of the most successful people on the planet. People who have climbed to the very top of their professions and career tracks.

This ‘Next-Level’ training and coaching programme shows you how to “switch-on” your dormant resources, and how to make dramatic shift in your life and results.

So much so you’ll feel your life has finally broken through to the next level.

The system is organised into two concurrent streams…

Stream 1: Expert ‘Next Level’ Training

You’ll enjoy twelve Elite Skill Building Trainings Modules that fill in the gaps, give you the resources and step-by-step strategies to take your life to the next-level.

Stream 2: Expert Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive twelve life changing coaching modules (recorded from calls with our $5,000 a seat customers; you’ll listen and learn as Michael shows participants how to break through limitations and bust-through any problems)

You’ll get the exact same training as our $4K students but won’t have to pay the high price-tag.

You’ll get access to the same expert training and coaching materials that previous participants paid $4,000 for; but for a fraction of the price (for a limited time only).

For the past five years Michael Breen has been coaching a select group of private NLP Times customers to:

  • Get crystal clear on what they really want for their life (and take action)
  • Change their careers and win major promotions
  • Start new coaching, training and consultancy businesses that they had always been dreaming about but previously had been afraid to start
  • Created dramatic growth in their businesses – going from hundreds of thousands to MILLIONS of dollars in sales PER month
  • And much more

Entry into the program was by invitation and each time we opened up we had more people wanting to join than could and each time the program places were filled up we had to close the doors.

The last time we opened access to this program it SOLD OUT within a few days. In fact we had to turn people away.

But the good news is unlike previous participants who paid $4,000.00 to attend you can join for a fraction of the original cost.


Elite Group Coaching Home Study System

This program teaches you to get the life you want.

Rather than merely sharing a bunch of ‘success tips’ and disconnected strategies hoping you will figure it out out, Elite Group Coaching Home Study System provide a elite thinking, planning and action system to make absolutely sure you make real progress and experience Next-Level success in your life.

Not by accident. But by design.

As you’ll discover from Michael, the goals you work on are entirely up to you.

As you progress through the program you’ll learn to zero in on the actual steps that are required to get the life you want. And cultivate the rock-solid focus to do them.

It all starts with…

Twelve Elite Training Modules That Teach You Winning Skills & Cut-To-The-Chase Strategies For Getting The Life You Want

Within the first two modules of the course you will have greater clarity and sense of purpose on your goals and already begun to acquire the resources you need to bring your goal to life!

But Michael isn’t going to just point the way.

You’ll receive the very same in depth success strategies Michael taught his $4,000.00 per seat students on how to wire up the right mind set, skills and resources to achieve to get the life you want.

In each module you will receive:

  • A new 90 minutes to 2.5 hours audio training module where Michael goes into depth sharing key strategies, resources and mind set for achieving the kind of goal success that you want. Each training is professionally edited and cut into downloadable MP3 files for easy offline listening.
  • An exclusive 15-30 page follow up report – unique to each training where Michael shares with you key distinctions and suggested resources to further develop the skills and strategies taught from that month’s training module.
  • A 45-65 page word for word PDF transcript of the entire training so you can quickly review and drill into any specific detail or example shared by Michael in the training calls.

You’ll be learning the very same skills and strategies he has taught to his highly successful business clients, celebraties and and coaching clients.

There are 12 modules in total; each targeting a specific skillset and topic, designed to show you how to create the life you want.

The system starts with…

Module 1: “Resourcing up” Part One

As Michael shares:

“First things first, success is a matter of doing the right things, in the right order. In this training module I’ll share a comprehensive strategy for creating, arranging and organising resources for any sized goal efficiently and quickly.

Knowing how to resource up is essential for “going pro” and getting the life you want… whether you are a coach, therapist, consultant, trainer, manager or employee, Mother, Father, spouse or just general team member; it is your life. You will go through it how you go through it but, since you “bought the ticket”, don’t you think it would be wise to make the best use of the trip that you possibly can?

Our first training will examine how to assess where you are; what your options are; and then “get your act together” – whatever that means in the context of your own life and values and goals.

I will take the cover off a few techniques and share the organizing principles for making the process as straightforward as possible. We will be working on you but the process will begin to show you how to craft your work for others. It’s the beginning of a very cool adventure.

Module 2: “Zeroing In On Your Goals & Moving Into Rapid Action”

“One of the great realisations that has come from NLP is the the distinctions that how you organise and arrange your resources on the inside (sub-modalities) has a huge impact on your behaviour and performance.

In module 2 of the program you will learn:

  • Strategies for moving into rapid action on your most important goals, easily and with minimum fuss
  • How to use sub modalities and other aspects of NLP technology to ‘wire yourself up’ to win
  • You’ll discover why there is very good reason why things have gone the way the have and what can be done to cause things to faster or slower depending on whatever your case may be.”

Module 3: “Learning & Skills Interventions For Long Term Success”

“Whether you realise it or not everything is always in a state of change and transition and those who thrive are those who are able to produce focused adaptive action in the pursuit of their goals.

In module 3 you will learn:

  • How learning occurs & how to create powerful learning cycles to accelerate your success
  • Discover the number 1 distinction you must have if you want to achieve any skills based goal
  • Approaches to using the techniques of NLP on yourself
  • How people make problems with the technology but you will avoid
  • How to deal with common patterns of overwhelm, lethargy and staying going when working on any challenging goal
  • How to borrow strategies from other cultures to help you
  • How to use threshold patterns and anchors so they propel you forward

Module 4: “Planning, Engagements & Working With Others”

In module 4 we take things up a gear and shift the focus to the external behaviors that produce success.

  • You’ll learn key distinctions about how to work well with other people who have different styles to you
  • Learn about the the importance of pushing the boat out and choosing to show up for the people you work with (something that will make you stand out in any crowd)
  • Hear Michael coach a participant on planning and thinking through a professional speaking engagement. What he shares here will help you in any public or work presentation context.
  • You’ll discover how to organise the “engagement process” for people who visit your web site, so you have visitors taking more of the actions that you want.
  • Find out what are several of the essential aspects to think through when designing a profitable experience for your clients

Module 5: “Getting Radical With The Fundamentals Of NLP (in The Pursuit Of What You Want)”

Radical means to cut away to the very essence of a thing. In this module Michael will be clearing out the clutter many students have with key aspects of the NLP toolset and sharing with you several radical distinctions and strategies learnt from nearly 3 decades of using and applying NLP all over the world.

Michael will be providing:

  • An NLP topic review on sub modalities change techniques and use of language
  • Sub modality thresholds and boundaries – how our sense of reality is held together for us and why flexibility is not merely a nice idea or an option but a requisite.
  • How some people’s “big picture” is remarkably small in comparison to others. Some people’s “detailed and sensory specific” is like an impressionist painting, created with floor mop (in other words… not terribly detailed, not terribly sensory specific) – you must develop the ability to go beyond your own preferences, to be able to create things that will fit into someone else’s map… who is not like you at all… does this make sense?”
  • Experience new aha moments about how meta-programs and strategies operate on our own behaviour. As Michael says “If you can create a variety of cause and effect statements (and understand how they create specific strategies and sub modality changes); then Meta-programs become the jewels in your change-agent crown.

Module 6: “Become The Connector”

In business and in life, your success will be greatly linked to your ability to engage and influence others. Expanding who you know and who knows you is a key step in increasing the opportunities and probability of reaching success in any area of your life.

Inside this program you will learn:

  • Why it is key that you become the connector in your network
  • The core heuristics behind the One Strategy That Always Works To Build A Business
  • What is the real currency of networking and relationship building that when you use creates powerful results
  • How to create your master plan for becoming more connected and influential in the contexts that matter most to you
  • How to present requests in a way that lead the people you want to take action
  • How to connect your goals to the activity you take with your network
  • How to influence others so they will want to work with you and for you to become part of their community

This value of this module alone may pay for the course many times over, in how tapping the unseen power of your network to create massive and immediate results.

Module 7: “Focus, Decision Making & Effective Action”

People who are successful know that the most precious resource they have is their time. So the prioritise and plan differently. The spend more time doing “the most important things” so they are more likely to hit their target more of the time.

However many people who set goals never learn how to breakdown the goal into actionable tasks and make solid decisions so never produce effective action and so their goals roll on and on and often not much gets done.

Inside this module you will learn:

  • What are the essential strategies for making sure you stay focused in on your primary goals and keep moving toward them (working with inner sub-modalities)
  • How to think through “problems” and come up with effective solutions fast
  • How to discover what are the small few things they you should be focusing on
  • How to make decisions and how to create structures and processes to help groups make decisions in business contexts
  • Discover expert game rules that lead to rapid decision making

Module 8: “Group Dynamics & Client Engagement 101”

Regardless of your job type almost everyone has to engage with groups and work with clients in some form of professional capacity. Yet many people fail to hear and see the subtle clues that let you know what is really going on inside their client’s mind or that of their audience.

Inside this training Michael shares fundamental principles and practices for working with groups and clients.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to scope new client engagements
  • How to create trust and confidence with your clients
  • The critical role of contracting each and every session
  • How to manage expectations so you and your clients are consistently on the same page (and you avoid complications and unmet needs afterwards)
  • Discover powerful insights on group dynamics
  • Learn key distinctions about how to work with groups that vary in size from small groups to large crowds.
  • Discover the the true function of the trainer and hear examples of how to handle unruly members of an audience

Module 9: The Big 3: Career Change, Uncertainty & Life as An Entrepreneur

There is no doubt that the current time is one of great changes – and with change comes uncertainty as more and more people make the shift to life as an entrepreneur or change their careers.

Inside this training Michael will be addressing:

1. How To Deal With Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt In Business & Life

Fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD) often rear their head when starting a new venture or changing direction in your career. We all experience FUD at key points through life. Left unchecked FUD IS your master. In this training learn how to use it and transform what you do whenever FUD arises for you. Michael will be covering strategies on how to use FUD to your advantage, how to tame the roar of fear when it arises and how to trust in to the unknown.

2. Highly Effective Patterns For Career Change & Career Advancement

Specifically you’ll learn the thoughts and behaviours that will keep you on course for greater career success and advancement along with how to navigate a career change when the time arises. You’ll learn about the essential triad of being pro-active, outward looking and short and long term thinking.

3. Life As An Entrepreneur

  • If you wonder if entrepreneurialism is for you then you’ll want to hear Michael’s take on…
  • How to know if you are cut out for being an entrepreneur
  • How to avoid “jumping” without a parachute when starting your first business
  • What are the critical skills for an entrepreneur during the early stage of a businesses life
  • And much more

Module 10: The 3 Essential Skills For LONG Term Success

Left unchecked and unmanaged your mind can run riot on your long term success. As you’ve no doubt heard, nothing stays static in this place. Everything is in a state of change – of growth or decline. Our attitudes and success practices are just the same. They require tending and growth in order to ensure they are ready for whatever the future brings.

Inside module 10 you will:

  • Discover how to gain clarity of thought and action – how to get really clear on what your actions are producing and wire yourself up so doing the optimal things become the natural and obvious activity for you to do. Specifically Michael will be looking at career, health and relationships.
  • Learn critical distinctions about frame control… so you can lead and be have people happily follow your suggestions
  • How to identify and set optimal frame(s) of reference elegantly.
  • Mastering the frame of reference you or your listeners have around a given topic is an essential skill for any effective communicator.
  • Learn how frame become highly skilled at identify, tracking and changing the organising frame of reference on the fly so you can influence effectively
  • Discover heuristics for getting new skills… into the muscle fast. Michael will be sharing several heuristics that can rapidly accelerate the rate at which you can acquire new skills in any area.

Module 11: “Resourcing up” Part Two

Building on everything that you will have been taught through module 1-10, in module 11 Michael returns to extend on the topics of the first training call.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build strong foundations so you can continue to shorten the gap between setting a goal and making it coming to life
  • Hear useful strategies on how to work with known “leaks” you’ll have uncovered that affect your performance
  • Figure out how to easily de-clutter any noise in your life and streamline your focus
  • How to set up conditions and structures in your life so you are setup to continue your success trajectory
  • And much more

Module 12: “Strategies For Simply Advanced Change”

In our final training module Michael will teach several advanced change processes including:

  • Strategies & Artificial Design for Change – Including both sub-modality and content based change plus what Charles Faulkner calls Michael’s “environmental NLP” approach.
  • Re-Visioning Goals & Desires – qualifying and quantifying what you want so that it works!
  • How to get your brain to run so you are always moving toward the next best step in pursuit of your goals and desires.
  • Peering Inside “Physical NLP”
    • In this section of the training, Michael will share how we don’t just have internal processing preferences but we have very strong habits in how we use our body, move, wear clothes etc. Everyone has a range of movement and default action qualities that dictate how you move through the world and act as enables or constraints on our behaviour.
    • In this section you’ll find out more about what yours are and how to work with your internal preferences in pursuit of what you want

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