Mental Warfare Strategies

Mental Warfare Strategies


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DISCOVER: How to Become Immune to Manipulation in Less Than 55 Minutes.

  • Raised awareness to spot manipulation techniques in real-time
  • Become a master at speed reading behaviour and protect yourself from unstable people
  • What to look for when you might be the victim of controlling personalities
  • Learn what makes you a great target for manipulative people
  • Get every update of Mental Warfare Strategies for Free

Can You Spot a Manipulator?

We can agree on this.

Not knowing that manipulative people exist is probably the greatest vulnerability you can have in life. Let alone that one might be intimately close to you.

Your significant other.Your Boss.Your family member.

Being bllind to what a manipulator is scheming around you is the second greatest risk. What is the consequence of recognizing the bad apple too late?

You feel that your hands lose grip on reality.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Ever tried to distance yourself from a manipulative person?

It takes only 3 weeks to find their name in your contacts again. During the distance you hit a wall of painful realization.

Any sense of identity, self-worth or self-confidence is gone.

It feels like your old self has just disappeared & died somewhere along the way. Sitting on your bed doubting yourself, your choices, your situation all day long is too painful. So you go back to them.

Staying connected is much worse. Death by a thousand cuts. Lies, Mistreatment & Codependency that chips away parts of your spirit.

If you can see the subtle or not-so-subtle signs of their manipulation attempts? You can defend yourself, feel stronger, be in control, gain tremendous emotional strength or leave the interaction before anything happens.

Long-Term Consequences of Manipulation Might Be…

Do you recognize one of these?

Isolation & numbness

You become an observer. Most of your time is spent avoiding interactions. “Nothing” may be the only thing you feel. A warm hug with grandma that is normally joyful is dismissed with 0 reaction.

Requiring approval

Excessive accomplishing, being nice to everyone, becoming a people pleaser and being overly focused on appearances are signs of needing approval.

Feeling resentful

Frustration, impatience, irritability, and blame. After someone manipulates you into pain, it can be hard to see anything but that bad behavior.

Excessive judging

You hold others and yourself to very high standards. Look at it from a bird’s perspective. The standards you set are almost impossible to reach.

Depression and anxiety

If someone tells you the same lies every day you eventually start seeing it as truth. The same goes for constant manipulation and emotional abuse.

Are You In The Presence of A Manipulator?

You should know this…

You might figure out you’re actually not crazy. There are so many people walking around damaging others emotionally on purpose.

When voicing your heartfelt concerns, manipulators will tell you “you’re wrong”“it’s all in your head” or “are you crazy?” They make you believe it’s because of your upbringing or your depression.

At one point, believing them is your only logical conclusion.

Your intuition tells you that something is not right. Trusting your intuition is no problem, but you can’t put your finger on it. So you let it slide. (Big mistake.)

Slowly your faith in your grasp of reality is undermined. You stop trusting yourself and start questioning your sanity.

You can prevent manipulators from dealing emotional damage, creating long-term consequences, ruining your life altogether. Watch the cues their behavior leaves behind. If you don’t…

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