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Trying to decide if Masters of Midjourney is for you?

Who, specifically, is this course for?

Masters of Midjourney is for creatives and professionals, but also hobbyists who want to have more control over Midjourney and need a more reliable framework for creating the images that they need. If you’ve been hitting obstacles left and right, then this course will provide you with the skills and methods needed to overcome most of them.

Who should NOT buy this course?

If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve an extremely specific use case or how to create a very specific type of product, then this course is probably not for you. At least not if you want something spoon-fed to you.

This course is focused on teaching you the skills and methods that will empower you to help yourself and identify potential solutions to your obstacles. It is a behind-the-scenes look at how I structure my prompts and which methods I use to problem-solve when I am confronted with a challenge.

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Is this a course on how to make money with AI?

No. While this course will teach you skills that are currently highly sought-after, it’s not intended to promote any particular form of monetization. It is fairly obvious that AI will have an impact on many different business models and for the most part allow humans to become much more productive. So, in that sense, this course can help you become more competitive in the market.

What You’ll Learn Inside This Course


Getting Started

Get up and running within no time, even if you’ve never used Midjourney before.

  • Get set up within minutes
  • Learn the basics of Midjourney’s user interface
  • Write your first text prompts and blend your first images
  • Discover the most common parameters and learn how to use them


The Foundations of Prompting

Learn how to ideate and use basic prompting methods. Understand the importance of descriptors and discover my Prompting Framework for creating images with intent.

  • Ideate at lightspeed and learn the core prompting methods
  • Discover the words of power that help you control Midjourney
  • Prompt with structure and intent by using my easy Prompting Framework


Advanced Prompting Methods

Discover advanced and often-times unconventional methods and techniques that can help you overcome obstacles or achieve very specific outcomes.

  • Learn to work with 4 advanced multiprompting techniques
  • Elevate your image prompting game with Image Stacking
  • Discover various forms of reverse engineering



Learn how to optimize your workflows, organize your prompts, and leverage other AI tools to 10x your output.

  • Speed up your workflows with batch prompting techniques
  • Use custom shortcuts to prompt fast and type less
  • Learn to leverage ChatGPT and other tools to do super-human things

Remove the Complexity and Trust the Process

Leverage the structure and process of my prompting framework and stop wondering why Midjourney won’t give you what you want.

Fine-Tune Your Images with More Detail

Learn methods that allow you to fine-tune and tweak your images without change the structure of your core prompt. Achieve massively different outcomes with tiny adjustments.

Master Any Use Case.
Service Any Client.

Harness the full power of Midjourney and its endless stylistic range. Create professional photography, illustrations, and even 3D-like renders. Truly understand what your tools are capable of.

Go Beyond The Mainstream With Midjourney’s Best Kept Secrets

Achieve outcomes that you thought were impossible. Learn to apply counter-intuitive techniques that make all the difference between just a “pretty image” and an orchestrated work of art.

Become a 10x Prompter By Combining Multiple AIs

Prompt faster and more efficiently than ever before. Turn Midjourney into your very own workshop and use other AI tools to scale your creativity to an industrial scale.

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