Master the Tarot Magick Me by Jason Louv


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Master the Tarot

Master the Tarot as a tool of meditation, philosophy and divination – and the veritable key of the Mysteries.

The Tarot is sacred.” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

In this class, you’ll get an introduction to the use of a Tarot as a tool for divination—AND an incredible chance to unlock the true meaning of the Tarot, as a tool for mapping the cosmos and the totality of the human experience.

The Tarot emerged, mysteriously, in the European Middle Ages, and evolved from a deck of playing cards to a fortune-telling tool to an incredibly advanced occult device for understanding life itself.

The Tarot isn’t just a deck of cards—it’s the primary symbolic mandala of all Western Mysticism, synthesizing within its 78 images the wisdom of Qabalah, astrology, Hermeticism, Magick, Masonry, Western philosophy, a map of the human life span, a map of the cosmos and much, much more. It can truly be said that the study of the Tarot is the study of existence itself—and an incredibly fast and potent way to expand your consciousness to understand the eternal forms and truths of the universe.

And it can tell the future.

In this class, we’ll be covering:

  • The history and evolution of the Tarot, and the differences between the three accurate and working decks (yes, there are only three real decks!): the Marseilles, Rider-Waite and Thoth packs;
  • The Qabalah, the underlying structure of the Tarot, and how the cards fit together;
  • The Grand Story of the Major Arcana, and how it explains the human life-cycle;
  • How the Minor Arcana lock together—and the elemental symbolism behind them;
  • How to perform Tarot readings for yourself and others;
  • How to get into the “oracular mindset” from which to properly perform divinations;
  • And much, much more.

This hands-on, interactive class will show how a seemingly simple topic—a deck of cards—can open up the entire universe to you, whether you’re an artist or writer looking for inspiration, a student of religion, a student of Magick or Qabalah, or simply somebody looking for a way to better understand existence and your place in it.

I contend that studying Tarot is as profound of a spiritual practice as meditation or prayer, is the tool par excellance for opening the floodgates of creativity itself, and is the veritable key of the very Mysteries themselves.

Hype? Hell no it’s not hype! Take the class and find out!

Your Instructor

Jason Louv is the author of the bestselling John Dee and the Empire of Angels, and is the author or editor of Generation Hex, Ultraculture Journal, Thee Psychick Bible, Monsanto vs. the World and Hyperworlds/Underworlds and many more.

In the “real world,” Jason works as a mild-mannered journalist. In the “other world,” he has spent almost two decades studying and practicing the world’s esoteric spiritual systems under many gurus and mentors around the globe, including chaos magick, Hermeticism, Thelema, Advaita Vedanta, kriya yoga, Masonry, Sufism, Enochian, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reichian analysis, Tarot, I Ching, Taoism, Theravada, Vajrayana, Dzogchen, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nepali shamanism, psychedelic therapy and multiple healing modalities.

Master the Tarot Magick Me by Jason Louv

  • Introduction to and History of the Tarot (26:39)
  • The Golden Dawn and the Rider-Waite Deck (9:46)
  • Choosing an Accurate Tarot Pack (10:00)
  • General Theory of the Intuition and Divination (7:27)
  • Introduction to Qabalah and the Tree of Life (14:52)
  • The Tarot Deck Laid Out on the Tree of Life (5:10)
  • Questions on the Tree, Tarot and 777 Attributions (6:38)
  • The Major Arcana (5:43)
  • A Journey Through the Major Arcana—From the Fool to Temperance (24:48)
  • A Journey Through the Major Arcana—From the Devil to the World (45:44)
  • Using the Major Arcana as Meditative and Shamanic Foci (40:43)
  • Using the Tarot for Divination—Trance States and 1, 2, 3 and 10-Card Spreads (52:34)
  • Final Wrap-Up & Thank You (1:20)

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