Maroun4x – Ultimate Day Trading Program

Maroun4x – Ultimate Day Trading Program


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Course Overview

The Ultimate Day Trading Program is a trading course designed for retail traders to view the financial markets with an institutional edge and to ultimately create a successful trading business.
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Course Structure

The course is structured with a focus on the foreign exchange market. Enrolled Students are expected to grasp the basic concepts in the prerequisite section before diving into the advanced topics. The basic concepts are the foundation to the framework that is taught in the Ultimate Day Trading Program.

Meet the instructor

Alexander Hannoun

Alexander Hannoun is a successful proprietary currency trader at industry leading firms and a fund manager at Hannoun Capital.

He successfully completed his Bachelors of Commerce in Finance with Magna Cum Laude distinction at the University of Ottawa. Alex launched his Ultimate Day Trading Program as he looks forward to share his passion of day trading with all students to develop their trading business.

Course Outline


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Market Structure

Market structure is the foundation of technical analysis. It is the overall flow of the market, and gives us a framework to read and understand price. Understanding market structure translates into knowing the behaviour of price and what direction it will ultimately go.

Efficient & Inefficient Price Delivery

The efficient and inefficient delivery of price concept is an extensive study of price itself. This topic will allow you to understand the “WHY” behind price movements.

Order Block – Supply & Demand

Order Blocks are areas where there is huge Order Flow Volume. This is where Banks and Financial Institutions are stacking their orders to push the price in either direction. They are points of interest on a candlestick chart where price is highly sensitive to.

Order Fulfillment, Liquidity Concept, Mitigation & Reason/Cause

The fulfillment of an order is a basic concept of trading which reveals much information. This is another extensive study into price itself to better understand the “WHY” behind price movements. Ultimately, you will learn to identify liquidity in the foreign exchange market and use it to your advantage rather than being trapped by it.

Entry Variations

There are many different approaches to executing in the financial market. Every trader will have a different lifestyle and tolerance for risk which ultimately determines what entry type will be best suited for them.

Daily Dealing Range & Asia Session Range

Understanding the Daily Dealing Range is the foundation to intraday trading. As intraday traders, we consistently speculate on the formation of the next daily candle, whether it is to the upside or the downside. This concept is another extensive study of price, which goes deep into price behaviour at specific market session time.

Premium & Discount Pricing – Fibonacci

Understand the concept of premium and discount pricing to filter out lower probability points of interest to ultimately increase the quality of your trading execution.

Putting it All Together

Putting it all together in one big trading example which puts into practice all of the previously taught concepts. This also illustrates how a professional trader approaches the foreign exchange market on a daily basis.

Pop-Up Educational Webinar

Pop-up educational webinars showcasing the application of the Ultimate Day Trading Program concepts. Also find highly educational trade recap summaries exclusive to the Maroun4x Trading Academy Community.
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