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The Automarketer Blueprint. The sole blueprint to create, automate and scale your digital marketing agency.

How To Create and Scale a WILDLY PROFITABLE Social Media Marketing Agency Without ANY Previous Results Or Past Experience.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Foundations

  • Auto marketer Blueprint (12:56)
  • Fundamentals of SMMA (33:18)
  • Paradigm Shift (40:03)
  • Pick Your Offer (27:00)
  • Niche Mastery (29:36)
  • Tools to Success (37:40)
  • Results First (13:25)

Week 2: Mindset Elevation

  • Curriculum Overview (11:03)
  • Ultimate Focus (27:13)
  • Health = Wealth (16:20)
  • Network = Net Worth (23:00)
  • How to Manifest Anything ft. Jake Kersey (61:42)

Week 3: The Pristine Systems

  • Curriculum Overview (6:14)
  • Perfect Client (21:40)
  • Free Trials? (29:41)
  • $1M On-Boarding (20:43)
  • Crystal Clear Communications(14:06)

Week 4: Steady Flow of Clients

  • Curriculum Overview (4:42)
  • $1M Outreach System (13:10)
  • Qualifying the Perfect Client (24:06)
  • Keeping On Top (18:08)
  • Golden Marketing Plan (11:17)
  • Mastering Cold Calls(25:21)
  • Mastering Cold Messaging(19:50)
  • Mastering Loom(12:54)
  • Unlimited FREE Inbound Leads(11:42)

Week 5: SMMA Sales Mastery

  • Curriculum Overview (3:37)
  • 4 Groundbreaking Principals (5:30)
  • Golden Sales Structure (12:19)
  • SALES CALL SCRIPT + Live Example (28:39)
  • Objection Reframing (17:17)
  • Levelling Up (10:16)

Week 6: Service Delivery

  • Curriculum Overview (3:36)
  • Social Media Management Hacks (12:33)
  • business.facebook Account Set Up (8:03)
  • Facebook Pixel (9:12)
  • Your First Ads (40:53)
  • Keys to Split Testing (10:43)
  • Personal Ads Blueprint (13:04)

Week 7: Scaling + Extras

  • Curriculum Overview (2:26)
  • Scaling with Contractors (20:32)
  • Hiring the A Team (18:28)
  • Mentorship Call (22:09)


Week 1 is all about making sure you guys can get the pristine foundations set up for your agency from the beginning. We cover everything from setting up the legal side of things to covering how the business model works. Bonus lessons we cover how to pick the perfect niche for you and all the software we will be using to scale the agency.


By far one of the most important Weeks in the course. Mindset is everything. This week consists of lessons about paradigm shifts, how to live a happier life and how to wake up early with lots of energy. Bonus lessons cover how to improve your network and get into friend circles of multi millionaires.


This week we cover how to automate a lot of your agency so you can start to free up some time and do the things you really enjoy whilst your agency is working in the background as a well oiled machine. We cover everything from the $1M on-boarding process to effortlessly receive payment from your clients and get them to sign up for 3 month minimums.


Okay so you have an agency… but are struggling to get clients now? here is your answer. This is the exact system we have been using for the last 2 years to get clients nearly on autopilot. Very hidden methods on finding qualified clients and setting appointments with them that no one else teaches.


After spending thousands of pounds out of my own money, dozens of books and mentors I have found the most simple yet effective sales system to close practically anybody. I will teach you the simple psychology that goes on in someones head when they are making a buying decision and how you can sway them towards saying yes to you. The skills within this week can be very dangerous if used unethically.


Now it’s time to deliver the services you promised. You can either hand this work over to your team member that can do it for you or you can take it upon yourself and learn the skills first hand. This week will give you the foundations and blueprint to a succesful ads campaign for your clients.


Now you’re ready to scale. This is simply how you go from those $2/$3k months to $10k +

The secret to it is scaling and automating systems in place to free up time for you to manage other parts of your agency such as closing more clients and having someone else do the service delivery for you. This is a bliss stage of your agency life because this is where the agency becomes a lot more automated and you get to travel and do the things that you’ve always wanted.

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