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Do you lie awake at night knowing that you should be doing much more with your life?

  • Do you dream about becoming a six or seven figure Real Estate agent but can’t see a clear path to getting there?
  • Do you fully believe in Real Estate as a way of growing your income and personal wealth but have hit a wall in trying to get quality leads consistently?
  • Are you ready to finally stop “dialing for dollars” and facing rejection while people who are no smarter than you are out there dominating real estate by doing HALF the work as you?

During the 2 days we’ll spend together, you’ll be shown my proven step-by-step blueprint for effortlessly growing your Real Estate business in MINIMUM time with FREE YouTube Marketing…


  • We’ll peel back the curtain and show you behind the scenes of our $119,000,000 YouTube lead generation machine (it works on autopilot)
  • Shatter the mindset roadblocks holding you back from dominating in Real Estate (you probably make these simple “mental” mistakes every day)
  • Imagine having leads call you… we’ll end day one by showing you the first step of our 3 step AEC framework (Attract, Engage, Convert – we’ll cover the other two steps in day 2)


  • Unlock the secrets to effortlessly using YouTube to attract the highest quality leads (without spending a single penny on ads and even if you have zero followers!)
  • We’ll reveal our simple “engagement” process for creating instant desire for any listing we have (this is MUCH easier thank you might think)
  • And finally, you’ll discover the smoothest, easiest and fastest way to go from attracting the qualified lead to closing them
    (WARNING: if you mess this part up, everything falls apart – SO PAY ATTENTION!)

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