Leads Gen Masterclass – Agency Scaling Secrets by Joel Kaplan


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Sick And Tired Of Empty Calendars, No Clients, And No Leads?

Wish you knew how everyone else was generating leads, appointments, and client conversations on DEMAND?
— Generate 100 Of Your Own Dang Agency Leads That Want To Buy Your FB Ads Services —

Want to know how other agencies are putting up stupid simple 3 step ads that get future clients signing up and saying YES I’m interested in buying what you have to sell?…

This is a 1-hour live event, where Joel Kaplan I will teach you the EXACT Process he used to get over 1,000 booked appointments for his agency and how I’m using the same EXACT steps to land $2,000 a month clients

  • How to set up your client getting an ad in less than 30 minutes
  • The top 20 industries you can target so you get results quickly
  • The simple 15-minute process to find a list of future clients FAST
  • How to get FREE/CHEAP client emails FAST
  • The foolproof USP method to creating and AD people want to take action on
  • What to put in the ad so your target client clicks and signs up
  • The ‘ass-hole text’ you can send that make sure they WANT it
  • What to say so you can schedule your demo CONFIDENTLY
  • How much money should you have to invest before starting
  • What brings in the most ‘client getting’ leads
  • The 4 key ‘lead to deal’ ratios to monitor so you know its working
  • The proper messaging without overpromising
  • Best targeting methods for the paid acquisition
  • How to write a good message to the right person
  • How to do a good AB test on different target/audience
  • How to not get your account was disabled
  • How to put a price on different services provided by an ads agency.
  • The EXACT wording for the ads and lead forms
    How to automatically remind them of their qual call, send pre-training, and set up your qual call for success.


  • Sample client getting ads you can use and launch TODAY
  • All the tech, funnel, and walkthroughs and setup
  • All the slides, PDFs, share funnels, and replays
  • A 45 minute After hours QnA Call

This is Joel Kaplan’s expert secret that turned his agency from stuck to consistently growing and scaling to over $250,000 a month and automating 90% of his prospecting

This event is for KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want…

  • A Simple Process to GET INBOUND APPTs for your agency
  • Learn how to take yourself out of prospecting FAST
  • Get more future clients raising their hand and saying YES I’M INTERESTED

This is not free. It is a PAID event and is LIVE this Tuesday afternoon. Replays are included and this will not be resold.

By attending, you’ll be prepared to know how to generate leads for your own agency, get clients interested in paying you money, and know what to say so they are qualified to take the next step


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